Sunday, September 2, 2012

Block 9 of "Promises & Borders"!

Yes, I am a day early this month!
You see, after a wonderful day out on the bike with Mr E, I have succumbed to a head cold. My nose is doing a wonderful impression of a dripping tap right now, and I have a sinking feeling that the next few days will see me laid low. 
Therefore, I thought I'd share Block 9 of my free BOM for 2012, "Promises & Borders" a day early.
I love this verse, and as it is such a simple and straightforward promise, I thought a simple border would be perfect.
James 4:8
You can download Block 9 HERE on my free BOM page

I get a lot of emails asking me how I stitch wording to look as though it's been hand written. 
Well, first of all, let me say 'thank you' for all your sweet compliments on my stitching. You are all very kind.
Let me encourage you, now!
Anyone can stitch wording well. Here are my tips...

* Use just one strand of thread in a colour dark enough that the verse can be read.
* Sew with tiny stitches. 
* Don't rush your stitches. Most of the untidy backstitching I've seen had been made by people who are rushing through their embroidery and doing larger and larger stitches so they can finish quicker and start on their next project. 
* If you want a project to look lovely, take your time with it.
* If it's not looking good, UNPICK it. Seriously, I do not hesitate to unpick a stitch that's too long, or hasn't stayed on the traced line. It's worth it in the end!
 Look at this one I've done below to show you how untidy a stitch can be when it's not made in the same hole as the stitch below. (Click on the photo to enlarge it)
I unpicked that stitch. 
When I made the stitch again, I made sure my stitches all understood they must share their entry and exit holes. Now the 'w' has lovely curves!

So basically, it's as simple as this. When you make a backstitch, you must return the needle to the same hole you made with the previous stitch.
You must not have any gaps between each of the stitches in a letter...
...and you must keep your stitching right on top of your traced line so that when you finish, all you see are the neat stitches flowing together.
I hope that has helped those who asked. 
Now, it's time to take my box of these...
...and go to bed with a good audio book and some hand sewing.
Hopefully this head cold will pass quickly, as I want to enjoy the next two weeks with Mr E home on holidays.


Arlene White said...

Oh dear Jenny, I don't think there's anything worst than a spring cold. Don't be in a hurry to drop of the book, get well first buddy.


Wendyb said...

Poor Jen.....just as well you have Mr E home to help look after you (are you listening Mark???? LOL) I've found that stitching also improves with great lighting, so always stitch with a bright lamp or light overhead....and if you need your glasses....dont be too shy to use them!!! haha
get well soon gorgeous...and thanks for the beautiful the verse!
xox big sugary hugs sweety
Wendy :O)

Annmarie said...

Jenny - hope you feel better soon. And thanks for all you do & share. Those tips you gave in this post put a whole new light on my embroidery technique!

Country Whispers said...

I am so happy that you released this a day early as it's a very rainy day here and I needed something to work on while I watch a few movies. However, hate to hear that you are down with a head cold. Hope it goes away quickly.

Teresa in Music City said...

Thanks for the sweet block Jenny! I'm almost caught up :*) Get some rest and get well soon!

Abby and Stephanie said...

Sorry you're feeling yucky. Your stitching is the neatest most precise I've seen. Always perfection.

Stitched With Prayer said...

Oh Jenny, I love all of the verses, but this is indeed my favorite. Short, but it speaks volumes about our relationship with God, don't you think? This quilt will be a blessing to so many homes all around the world, including mine. I'm also sure there are many, many smaller projects, pillows, framed hangings, etc. made from your beautiful blocks that will grace homes everywhere, because of your beautiful talent and your gift of this BOM. Thank you so very much.
I'm so sorry your not feeling well. Head colds are so, so miserable! I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Big Hugs...

Loris said...

Thank you, Jenny. This is beautiful and I love this verse. Thanks for the stitching tip too. I need those :-)

Joyce Carter said...

Hi Jenny. I am so sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well. Colds are going around in my part of the world right now, too. So I know how you feel.
I want to thank you so much for showing me how to do the letters. It has helped a lot. I really appreciate you taking the time to do this.Your work is truly beautiful and, If mine turn out half this nice, I will be happy!LOL!
I hope you get well very soon and get to spend lots of time with your hubby while he is on vacation. Take care!

Loris said...

P.S. Hope you feel better soon!

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Thank you for the stitching tips. I see on some of mine that I missed the hole, but didn't notice until it was too late. I need to be more careful.

I hope you feel better soon!!

~JoAnn~ said...

Jenny~ Please get well soon, sending get well hugs through this comment :) Thanks so much for the great tips, I learned to embroider from my grandmother and she only taught me the stem stitch so this backstitch has me scratching my head it's like learning all over again but it is much better for following curves than the stem stitch is at least for me. My stitching looks nothing like yours but maybe someday, for now I will just have to keep practising. Thanks so much for the beautiful BOM they are gorgeous and I love the verses.

Christine M said...

Hope you are feeling better soon Jenny. I've never thought of doing the "writing" stitching with only one thread. Thanks for the tip. I'm like you and always unpick a stitch if not quite right otherwise it would always annoy me! Take care of yourself. Hugs, Christine

Shirlwin said...

So sorry to hear you have the 'bug' ... hope it leaves quickly!
Many thanks for yet another block:) Almost there now!! I am loving doing your BOM, and just last week completed your 'dirty dishes' wallhanging that was in Handmade. Thank you for all your gorgeous designs:)

Denise :) said...

I love the book of James ... this is a terrific verse and another lovely block. I've so enjoyed these! October's posting will be rather bittersweet! I hope you feel better very soon -- and thank you SO much! :)

Margaret Mary said...

I'm sure it says somewhere, but I can't find it. Can you tell me what kind of fabric you're using for this project? Thanks for sharing the beautiful designs!

Michelle Ridgway said...

Get well soon and I hope the drips disappear real soon. Hope you have the honey and lemon handy.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Hi Margaret Mary :-)
No, I haven't mentioned the fabric because it was an old line and out of stock. I searched worldwide for those who asked, but could find no more.

Margaret Mary said...

Any general guidelines then? It looks like a slightly looser weave than broadcloth or muslin. Would you recommend 100% cotton?

Andrea said...

This is a lovely block, Jenny. As you say, such a simple verse but so meaningful. But I guess God is not complicated, we just have to listen for him.
Thanks for the stitching tips. I tend to split the thread when I go back into the previous hole so I've been going in as close as possible. I think I'll have another go at it because your stitches look perfect. Hope you feel better soon. God bless.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Margaret Mary, it's a Robyn Pandolph (RJR Fabrics) solid I've used for that block.
It's actually a very tight weave, but I've taken the photos close-up which makes the weave look bigger than it is.

deb said...

Thanks so much for the hints about back stitch... I do tend to rush, I need to slow down and enjoy the process more.

Ida said...

I just have to smile. Sometimes God gives me messages in three. And you were the third one to say the same thing: Draw near.
So God I get it and thanks for Jenny ... again.She is a special lady so bless her today with health and joy.

Robin in New Jersey said...

Jenny, You can not be sick again! Hope you feel well again soon.

Thank you for the great tutorial on stitching.

Sherry said...

Take care, I hope you are feeling well soon. Thank you for another lovely design. I am behind on my blocks but I will get caught up soon.

Rosa said...

Get better soon an dtake care.Thanks for another beautiful design.

warm wishes

Judith said...

Thank you, beautiful as always.

Unknown said...

Jenny you are a very dear person!

marinella said...

Hi, nice to meet you, Jenny! You are a nice person and I love your blog... is the first time I'm here. I like all your beautiful design.
Many hugs from Bologna!