Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Our home cafe, angels and cows...

First of all, let me tell you a story.
Many years ago when the children were wee little tikes, Mr E changed careers. 
After years of being a motor mechanic, he decided to become a high school teacher. This meant a 4-year University degree as a mature aged student.
We were living in Coffs Harbour at the time and had just begun to homeschool the two youngest children. The next four years were very lean, and we cut  every financial corner we could to make ends meet while Mr E studied day and night, and I poured all my hours into homemaking and teaching Sam and Blossom.
We decided that with such a tight income, and four long years of penny-pinching ahead of us, we should choose one 'special' thing we could spoil ourselves with. 
We chose coffee.
For four years that sustained us quite well as our daily treat. It was only instant coffee, but it was the best instant coffee we could find!
Moving forward fourteen years, and we still choose coffee as our daily indulgence. But just last week, my darling devoted husband made a decision that totally caught me off guard and stepped it up a notch!
You see, recently he sold one of our motor bikes (his personal solo one), and bought us a new bed and mattress. He also paid a few bills, but with the remainder of the motor bike proceeds he bought us this...

No more trips to the cafe! The cafe has come to us. 
Am I spoiled?? You bet I am. It does everything for us - just press cappuccino, or latte, or expresso, or...whatever we want, there it is.  
This is an early-to-each-other Christmas and 21st wedding anniversary gift. \o/

I am still designing and sewing my new Shabby Roses quilt, Shabby Angels, but it's not going to be ready until next year. In the meantime I thought I'd use some of my Tilda stash and make a Shabby Angel hanging....
 Once finished, I needed somewhere to display it. You see, we're in a rental and not allowed to put anything on the walls.
That gorgeous 12" metal quilt table stand my design is hanging on was a gift from my sweet friend Michelle May of the Raspberry Rabbits a couple of months ago. I wanted something truly special to hang on it, and I think this is perfect! 
It has allowed me to display something beautiful in our home at last.
(thanks Shell xxx)
I love the colours in the Tilda fabrics, and the matching Tilda threads - they made my pretty angel even lovelier. 
Final resting spot is atop my favourite book case, right between things I love.
The pattern for 'Roses Bloom in an Angel's Heart' will be in Issue 18, the final issue, of Elefantz HOME magazine.

If you'd like one of Michelle's quilt table stands she still has a few left in her shop. But hurry, they are 15% off and once they are gone she won't have any more! You'll find them HERE.
Two designs are now made for the final Elefantz HOME issue, (here is the first one) and now I am working on a third. It all started with a drawing by my grandson Cal. It's called 'Cal's Cow', and will be perfect for a Christmas gift...

What have you been making lately? Have you started on Christmas gifts yet?
I'd best go do some more stitching...after a coffee...;-)


  1. Such a nice story, Jenny! Love the large polka dot cups and saucers.

  2. Congratulation to the new coffee maker, I admit I am a bit jelous!
    The little quilt looks very nice on that quilt stand!

  3. No you are not spoiled, having fresh coffee is giving inspiration and that is what you need for your creations and the smell is so fantastic!
    Love the winged heart and I have a triple stand still waiting for three little quilts maybe I can use the pattern!

  4. After years of scrimping you both deserve to be spoiled once in a while. What a treat!
    Love your little hanging.

  5. Isn't Mr E thoughtful. I'm sure you will have many coffees together from your own personal cafe. We treated ourselves to one a few years ago and there is nothing nicer than sitting on the verandah having a liesurely Sunday breakfast with good coffee. Your latest projects are beautiful. Cal will be thrilled to see his art come to life in fabric.

  6. I love your new coffee maker. I don't drink coffeE much I am a tea drinker, but I do have a cappuccino when I go to my SIL as she has a new coffee maker as well.

  7. That cow is so cute! I do have a few Christmas gifts done, but I have more to make.

  8. The coffee maker looks great and it doesn't need a degree to work it by the looks. Love the red polka dot cups and saucers. Your new projects look lovely. Hugs....

  9. what a beautiful story Jenny,i love happy endings.xx

  10. What a terrific surprise, and a delightful story! Thanks for sharing.

  11. We all need a little "luxury" in our life. I find everything tastes yummier in a polka dot cup too. LOVE Cal's Cow.

  12. What a lovely story, darling girl, and what a lovely gift from Mr. E!!!! Don't you love the early Christmases? *G* I know you'll enjoy that! Maybe you should make some special placemats for your morning table, just for you and Mr. E....
    LOVE your shabby angel, and it's perfect for the stand. I love where you've displayed it too. Can't wait to see the new issue!

  13. Oh Jenny, what a delightful way to start your mornings, with a very special 'cup' of your choice, still in your PJ's if you so choose. I can see you, sitting and enjoying your cappuccino, Latte, or whatever your strikes your mood and thinking not only what a blessing it is to be spoiled by your sweetheart occasionally, but also about the journey you traveled to arrive at this point along the way. Enjoy sweet friend, you both deserve some spoiling in your lives. Big Hugs....

  14. So cool!!! What a great way to wake up in the morning. I am looking forward to that cow design--my serious collection addiction.
    Sad it will be the last issue, but I still have plenty to catch on.
    Enjoy a latte for me.

  15. A lovely cup of coffee is out thing too but we usually like to seek out nice places to have it. How wonderful to have your very own Cafe at home.
    Aren't those little stands just gorgeous. I love mine.

  16. Nice! Since I am only a tea drinker, I suspect I don't appreciate the machine as much as you do!

    Hurricane Sandy hit my state and my neighborhood a big way. We have been without power for 8 days now. It is too cold to live at our home, so we have been going from house to house each day of gracious church family members. We are presently staying with a single lady and she has been a blessing. Please pray our pipes don't freeze at our home tonight. The temp at the house, inside was 37 earlier today. Now, on top of all that, it's supposed to snow tomorrow!

  17. you must think you are in 7th heaven with you coffee machine, such a wonderful gift from your other half.
    The minature angel quilt is delightful, the stand shows it off beautifully.

  18. Love the coffee machine Jenny, we too love a nice coffee but cannot justify spending $4-$5 each for a cup, I too was very spoilt 2 Christmases ago when my wonderful husband bought us a lovely Jura coffee machine, love coffee made fresh from coffee beans. I love the mini quilt "roses blooms in the heart if an Angel" looking forward to seeing that in Elefantz home mag number 18. I tried clicking on the link for the metal quilt stand however I just keep getting an error message. Hugs Kaylee xx


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