Thursday, November 29, 2012

This week...

Days are passing quicker than I'd like as we countdown to Christmas!
I haven't really done very much towards gifts or decorating yet, so I guess my hands will be very busy next week catching up. 
I intend making some of these gorgeous little dolls by Rosalie Quinlan...
 ...although perhaps not as many as Rosalie made!
(the pattern card can be purchased for around $4.50 from the shops listed in the sidebar of Rosalie's blog HERE)

Last weekend Mr E took me to the Cotters Market in the city mall and I came home with 10 homemade soaps - they are in my sewing room and smell divine! These will be used in a few gift ideas Blossom and I have  been planning. 
As much as possible I want this Christmas to be home-made. What about you? Apart from the purchase of these soaps it's my hope to use only what I have on hand for further gifts. Going into debt to give gifts has become all too common in our society and it is re-reading the delight of the young Ingalls girls (in the Little House on the Prairie books) receiving a pair of knitted mittens and a candy cane for Christmas that has helped me keep my head clear about my 'present-giving' plans. 
The soaps are huge and cost me $3.50 each because I bought so many. In reflection, that's not much to pay for a beautiful gift, especially when wrapped in vintage music sheets, old book pages and covers, or a hand crocheted face washer. 
This is the sort of gift I'd personally love. 
If you have simple, inexpensive gift ideas would you leave them in a comment on this blog post, please? 

I'm still stitching the small stitchery version of Shabby Roses. 
The pattern will be available in the near future. 
The kitchen is also taking some of my time. Lots of yumminess!!


Only 12 hours until the final issue of Elefantz HOME magazine is emailed to subscribers.
A door closing ~ another opening. More about that soon.


Stitched With Prayer said...

Oh my gosh Jenny, my first comment has to be how beautiful the picture of you at the end of your post is. You look so lovely and a little pensive. So thank you so much for the joys your beautiful and inspiring magazine has given me and I'm sure, so many others. Though I dread seeing it go, I know you continue to inspire us as you follow your heart and let God lead you on the paths you will follow in the future.
I also agree that there is nothing that compares with gifts that come from the heart and the hand. Then there is that wonderful reward of inner joy and comfort as we work on these gifts that are coming straight from the heart. Nothing can compare! Big Hugs dear friend...

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Last Christmas I gave a 12.5" mini Santa quilt on a frame. The frame wasn't cheap, but, this year, the same people will get another mini quilt (hearts) to go on the frames. Each year, for several years, I'll make another mini quilt for them to hang on their frames. I just have to finish hand quilting, then binding the mini quilts for this year. I made the blocks back in January.

Lida said...

Busy, we are all so busy, now the last issue is almost done, time for reflecting and yourself! Enjoy december! Hugs

Abby and Stephanie said...

Love handmade soaps. I buy them from a friend and give them as gifts. I'm also doing a few crochet dish cloths this year and I steeped homemade vanilla. Food gifts are tasty and fun. And for my wonderful folks who print my patterns -- I'm making them key leashes (lanyards). All inexpensive, heartfelt, and certainly appreciated.

Snoodles said...

I'm making coin purses and other sewing and quilting gifts! I adore handmade presents, so I am hoping that others do, as well! :)

Farm Quilter said...

My daughter is making heat/ice packs using rice. Some are large so your whole back can get toasty or iced down, some are smaller to heat/cool your neck, "headache" size and smaller still to be used as hand warmers. She is saving up for her wedding so she really doesn't have a great deal of money and she exchanges gifts with so many friends, that this was an excellent way to go. She actually learned how to sew so she could make these! Makes this quilting mom's heart happy! She got many ideas from Pinterest.