Monday, December 3, 2012

Prayers answered...

Thank you for all your prayers for Kezzie and her family. The Lord answered and all is well again. :-)
On Thursday, she and her family are moving away, back down to Melbourne - 2,600 kilometres south of here - to start a new chapter of their God-directed life.
They'd love you to say a prayer of thanksgiving for all the Lord has done in their lives and to pray for safe travel driving to their new home.
Having them close-by the last 18 months has been a gift. Now it is time for them to move back home to Melbourne and see what doors are ready for them to walk through. 
They are going to have an adventure!


  1. Praising God for His provision and guidance, I will keep them in my prayers!

  2. Yes, I'll second Allie's sentiment!! Praise God!!
    ... And also prayers for you Jen - what with *both* your girls having moved! Hugs!!!

  3. will still be in my prayers, both for the journey to Melbourne and also will remember you Jenny, you will miss them especially at this Christmas time but no doubt you will be seeing them all again before long.
    I have visited Melbourne 3 times as my sister lives there, has been there since 1966.

  4. This is wonderful news. I'll continue to pray.

  5. I live in melbourne it can be a beautiful place. Where is she heading too.

  6. So pleased things have worked out. My youngest son lives in Melbourne and loves it. I hope that he and his girlfriend are coming to England in the spring. God bless xxx

  7. Always good to hear of answered prayers - God is so faithful!!

  8. Wish them well and a good travel to their new Home and all the best!
    And you strenght to deal with the long distance! Hugs

  9. That is great news! Blessings to Kezzie and Bert and the boys. I know you will miss them.

  10. Wishing them every blessing and happiness. I know you will miss having them close.


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