Sunday, December 9, 2012

The short holiday...

Three nights in Cairns.
From the Mantra motel balcony...
Watching a cruise liner come into port over breakfast on the same balcony...
Down at the port for a closer look that afternoon...
Mr E unsuccessfully tries to get us on to the ship...
My favourite, the Flame Tree...
Local transportation...
Blossom finds the Games Workshop store...
 (Mr E passed on a love for painting miniatures to Blossom and Sam...)
Coffee...always looking for coffee...
Waiting for more coffee...
Cairns is colourful...
...and quite alternative.
I LOVED Fusion Organics for their fresh organic meals, juices and dairy...will be going there again as soon as I can get my beloved to take me on his next working trip to Cairns. ;-)
 Blossom and I walked all day Thursday because there are so many interesting shops in the small CBD. That afternoon after Mr E finished work we walked down to the windswept Marina...
...and down to the CBD.

I caught up with Rosalie for breakfast on Wednesday at Candy, but totally forgot to take pics because we talked so much!
Friday morning it was time to leave. Too short a stay. :-(
Home via Innisfail...
...and Tully. 
As you can see, green tree frogs are huge up in the tropics! ;-)
So, 8 hours in the car (4 hours each way), was the only time I stitched...
Maybe I'll get it finished this week. I hope so!


  1. I wish you a good time

    Hugs from Gudi from germany

  2. Great pics from a wonderful time. Memories made...

  3. So glad you had such a good time.

  4. We have a nice collection of Warhammer pieces, i even did a terrain making workshop with my son,lots of fun! Sounds like you've had a wonderful holiday.

  5. Jenny dearest, it looks like you had a fabulous time with your hubby and Blossom! You know, days will come and go but our memories are for keeps. You will treasure this trip in your heart.
    Your stitchery is looking so beautiful Can't wait to see it framed!
    Hugs, Sue from Cyprus xxx

  6. looks like a lovely getaway with your family!

  7. It sounds like you had a fabulous few days. It's amazing how much can be experienced and enjoyed in a short time.

  8. I am so very glad you three got a chance to spend a great time together - that looks like a beautiful spot!!! Love you girl!

  9. Hi There, Just dropped in to let you know I was thinking of you. :o)
    Big Hugs...

  10. What a wonderful holiday. Looks like so much fun!

  11. Wow! My hubby is into the Warhammer stuff too. He has heaps of figures he has painted and they look awesome! Such fine detail. He games with some mates evey week.

  12. You sure did fill the days and have a wonderful time. It's been about 40 odd years since I was in Cairns.