Friday, January 4, 2013

Just a reminder...

Moving house is underway from today, with a lease signed and keys handed over at lunchtime.
Tomorrow and Sunday will be the big days, with all the heavy work of loading and unloading being left to Mr E and Sam. My side of things will be the unpacking and re-housing all our stuff to places I can find them. 
Blossom works all weekend, so she is off the hook. 
I was musing today about our 19th move in 21 years, and looking for a positive to stir me on during the hardest and most tiring part of relocating. Come dinner time it hit me.
No cooking for a few days! \o/
Of course, once we're fully moved in, I am ready to immerse myself in kitchen duties again. I can only handle take-away meals for a short time before the novelty wears off. ;-)
Occasionally I get emails from new blog readers asking about last year's free BOM, 'Promises & Borders'.
I thought I should remind everyone that this BOM is permanently *free* to download!


I hope your New Year is a blessing in more ways than you can count.
As for me, I am beginning a few adventures...


  1. Good luck with the move - I hope all goes smoothly and you get settled in nice and quick. My boyfriend and I are about to move out of home and even though I can't wait for us to have our own space I'm dreading actually having to pack and unpack all our things! xx

  2. I guess you just need to stay focused on the end result and hopefully that means a bit more space and a house more to your style.
    Good Luck - hope it all goes smoothly and no broken bits - human or otherwise!

  3. Good luck with the move and have fun settling into your new home! :0)

  4. Cara Jenny, in bocca al lupo per il trasloco! In fondo anche questa รจ un'avventura, ti auguro solo che sia a lieto fine!
    Un abbraccio.

  5. I can't believe I'm watching you move again, for the third time since I've become a follower and friend. I sure am not envious of you, but I know you will handle the whole move with grace and ease. No cooking? Well that's just the cream on the strawberries. Here's hoping every little thing you're moving finds the perfect new spot. Blessings.

  6. Good luck with the move. Hope the weather is kind to you while it is happening. Take care. Hugs.

  7. Good luck with the move! Love the quote about life!

  8. Lot of work this moving - just unpack your sewing room this time, lol! Hope your new home brings Los of happiness!
    Hugs - Lurline.

  9. Well my dear kindred sister, we're not alike in the takeout meal debate - I could eat takeout every day for the rest of my life, lol!!!!! I'm praying the move goes well and smoothly, and that there are no aching backs at the end of it!

  10. You must be an expert mover with all those moves, probably you do it with your eyes shut. Do we now know why you are always on the move take aways. No seriously hope all is going to plan and you are soon settled into your new home.

  11. Good luck with the move I hope everything goes smoothly

  12. Hi Jenny, good luck with the move. at least when you move fairly regularly like yourself I bet you don't take a lot of clutter with you. I would hate to move that often...and my sewing stuff would be a nightmare to pack up! I have been in our home since 1988 so there is a ton of clutter! sue~nz

  13. Good luck Jenny with the move! Don't stress! Everything will fall into place!
    Hugs, Sue from Cyprus x x x


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