Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Upsides and Downsides, and two winners...

I think with every house move (remember, 19 of them in 21 years) we find upsides, and a few downsides.
The upsides are TREES, and green places around us...
...so much nicer than the bare, treeless, bird-less, breeze-less estate we lived in before.
This house is set high, and so we get the breezes from the ocean (just a few minutes away), and with a lot of trees around we also wake to BIRDS singing! \o/ 
No more machinery and construction site noises at 5.30am!
Another positive is space...spaces to breathe in the house and not be toppled over each other; unexpected alcoves for small vignettes (still to be tweaked, but you get the idea)...
The kitchen has lots of light, but is not part of the living area any more so I feel far more inclined to cook and prepare wholesome food. It also has an air conditioner facing straight into it - bliss (!) here in the tropics. 
 Whilst still unpacking, I did take time out for grocery shopping yesterday and an evening of kitchen play. My first ever homemade Tabbouleh (served with lamb cutlets and fresh bread)...
Top of my list is always getting the bedroom made up, and though not yet finished, it is still very welcoming after a day of hot and heavy work!
The room also has a little alcove at the entrance...
My sewing room is 'underway'....
...hopefully all done by tonight. 
I have a favourite little garden friend in place near the front door...
...and my desk is just about ready...
 ...with a new little book to fill with ideas for my blog this year!
So, there you have it so far. We're in, we're half unpacked, and we're tired and sore. But we're quite pleased with our new surroundings. 
On the downside, though. 
No broadband internet.The exchange is full.
2 businesses run from home;
4 people with laptops.
Not good.
We have been told by everyone to get wireless internet, but it will cost a fortune for 4 people using it almost all day, and two of our laptops do not have inbuilt modems for dial up (the business ones!!).
But, we got dial up for the kids ($1 a month unlimited download - yep, bizarre), and they will use their phones for more download speed.
In the end we'll figure it out (our son is a computer techie by trade and knows every angle), but it will all come down to cost in the long run. Hopefully a line will become available in our exchange and we can finally get broadband again. Love your prayers about that. 
In the meantime I have a very expensive little 3G stick to use for 30 days, and will not be doing any extra internet browsing. 
Another downside is that Blossom has come down with stomach flu. Please pray she recovers quickly. 
Thank you!

Now to draw the winners for a copy of Australian Patchwork & Stitching magazine, which features an article about my journey from homeschooler to designer!


Congratulations ladies!!
Please email me your addresses and I will post the magazines to you this week.


Have a lovely and blessed week, won't you?!


  1. Adorei o conforto do quarto de costura,gosto de coisas espalhadas assim de vez em quando,mas bom também organizar e saber de tudo que se tem e o que falta.O seu amigo do jardim é tudo de bonito.Seja feliz em sua nova casa,e que Deus ilumine o seu sucesso.Beijos e Bençaos.

  2. Wow Jenny, your home looks lovely. I am sure the internet will be resolved shortly.

    Enjoy setting up your new 'nest'.

  3. Your new home is beautiful! I love the little alcoves! :0)

  4. Jenny - its looking very "Jennified" already - darn about the Internet - better add that to the list of "Must check" before the next move - hopefully you can sort something out and stay for a longer time this time.

  5. Well, it appears you've handled your move ever so much more swimmingly than I have. But there was the issue of ice and snow here to deal with, and a husband who can't lift more than 10 pounds. Not sure I'll ever get unpacked! But we were able to get internet after just a week, so I do feel for you on that front. Prayers that you can get it soon at a reasonable price.

  6. Congratulations on your move, Jenny. Beautiful little house! I love how the sun comes in, in all your room photos. Hope your Internet woes straighten out soon. We need you!

  7. So happy that you have such a lovely place to live and work in, Jenny. What a pain about the Broadband. Praying for you over that one!
    Love and blessings

  8. Hope you resolve your Internet problems soon. Your house is already looking like your home.

  9. looks like a home already, to have your nic nacs out so quickly, have you been to bed yet!

    So hope you get the internet sorted, did not realise they could not provide broadband to every house.

  10. So glad you're getting settled in your new home. It looks quite lovely! Prayers that all your needs will be met regarding any downsides you encounter in this move!

  11. Your new home looks great...
    I am .2 of a km too far away from the exchange to get broadband... I have satellite on hard drive and use pre-paid on my laptop. I find it is the cheapest to buy $180 for 10G or twelve months which is first...

  12. Home Sweet Home:-) I hope you sort out your broadband issues and your DD gets well soon.

  13. Enjoy unpacking and remaking your nest - looks lovely. I hope the broadband issue sorts itself - hard to imagine being without now.
    Hope Blossom is feeling better.

  14. So light and fresh it does not take you long to unpack. I hope you can get your internet sorted soon. Enjoy your new home. Prayers sent for Blossom.

  15. Jenny, so lovely to see your nice new home. Really modern and fresh. I just love that little blue bird on the sticker

  16. Your new home is lovely. I love the kitchen with the huge window. You have gotten it together so quickly. My sewing room looks sort of like that only maybe worse, because I am trying the 2013 organization.
    Have fun decorating!

  17. I've moved many times, also and while it is hard work, it is exciting to start over with a new place and discover all it has to offer. Take lots of breaks and enjoy the process.
    Mama Bear

  18. Good to know you are at least half settled. Hope you don't have to move again for a while - this one looks good! I envy your kitchen, mine is so tiny!

    Is there satellite internet in OZ? We had that when we lived in our 5th wheel for five years, and it's so easy - plus you would be sitting in one spot all the time! With a wifi modem inside the house (Radio Shack?), everyone can be online. But I don't know what it would cost down under.

  19. Hi Jenny Glad to see you have move in - I love the house and you have got things so beautiful already. I hope you feel settled and at home there. Also hope that Blossom feels better really quickly and you are able to get the right solution for your broadband. Take care GB C x

  20. YOu have your new home lookly lovely. All that practice put to good use. Here's hoping that the technology is sorted soon - something we never had to think about util recently.

  21. Wow, what a lovely house and I wish you a long and happy stay in it!
    Enjoy the little things, hugs

  22. Lovely home Jenny. I am curious to know why you have moved so often though!

  23. Hey Jenny,
    looks like you are getting settled in quite nicely. The ocean so close by must be nice.

    Is that me? a winner. When I click on the name it comes up as Lesley so I just want to make sure.

  24. Jenny, that's a nice house, I really like the kitchen! And the little alcoves! And ah, ocean breezes...nice. I will certainly keep you in prayer, for the broadband too. Congrats to your winners! And Jenny? Don't answer this, you don't need to waste your usage time - I know you're there. *G*

  25. Looks like you are settling in nicely. You will love the ocean breezes.

  26. Apreciada Jenny mis mejores deseos para usrted y sus seres queridos en este nuevo año que comienza, que Dios y la Virgen le brinden salud, armonia familiar, abundacia y sabiduria.
    gracias por mostrar su nueva casa todo se ve linda y confortable.
    saludos cariñosos

  27. I'm going to get a copy of that Magazine. I'm just so happy for you. Good things and lots and lots of them are yours this year Jenny.


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