Thursday, March 7, 2013

Another simple idea for using your stash!

Have you raided your stash to make any of THESE easy projects I shared the other day?
Well, here is another!
A couple of weeks back I bought these gorgeous zips from Fee's Shabby Shack...

As soon as they arrived I had an idea for a very simple, pretty project that would show them off, and I thought you may like to try it as well.
With a plastic tub FULL of doilies that I have a hankering to display in varying projects, I chose a plain white crochet one to compliment this project, as well as the prettiest piece of Pam Kitty Morning fabric...
The idea was to make something useful that also allowed the fabric, doily, and zipper to shine.
So with some basic cutting and machining, swapping between a zipper foot, a walking foot, and a 1/4" seam foot, I had a lovely hot pack cover!

(I love sewing French seams around covers as they hide the raw edges inside and give the cover more stability when washed)

Raw wheat kernels are very cheap to purchase, and perfect for this project, but you may like to use rice instead. I made a sack to fit inside the hot pack cover with some white homespun, but calico or an orphan fabric will work just as well...
Only fill the sack 1/2 way...
...and close by machine stitching across the opening.
Pop it inside the pretty cover, and you have a great gift for someone, or if it's a bit chilly at your place right now you could heat the sack in your microwave for a minute or two, pop it inside the cover, and warm your feet, your lower back, or lay it across your lap whilst you stitch. 
 My hot pack cover is 10" square, but you can make yours any size you like!

If you'd like some of these pretty zippers run on over to Fee's Shabby Shack HERE and sign up for her Daily Deals, delivered every day to your email inbox! 
I happen to know she'll be running another deal on these zippers very soon!

Mr E and I have been watching My Kitchen Rules avidly these last few weeks, and the upside is that I am trying fresh ideas in the kitchen. I'm also making old favourites in a new, improved way.
Creamy Potato Gratin was a huge hit last night!
I've also been shopping for new herbs to plant out, as we use a lot and they cost a fortune at the market...
There is no actual garden in this new rental house, but I have a lot of pots to fill and it won't take long till we begin harvesting herbs and cherry tomatoes once more.
One day we might be blessed enough to have a home of our own and I will fill the gardens with fruit, vegetables and herbs, but for now, pots are better than nothing at all!
Have a wonderfully blessed day,


  1. I love those zippers. I've never seen any like that. Are they old zippers? She didn't have any more.

  2. Não conhecia este ziper,é lindo! Como sempre seus trabalhos são sempre critivos,amei este.Quanto aos potes para suas ervas vou dizer que tenho um quintal,mas adoro potes...Então poucos canteiros aqui,mas vasos ,potes,garrafas etc..

  3. Love the hot pack. All my herbs, veges & fruit trees are all in pots. Only way i can grow them being in a rental too. Just so happy to have fresh produce i'm quite happy for everything to be in pots. :) Hugs,xx.

  4. What beautiful zippers, I love them! And you did a gorgeous work with them!

  5. Saw them zips on someone else's blog the other day..but could not find any on Fee's when I went looking...lovely heat pack-just the look of it woul dwarm you....hmmm dish looks yummy...wouldn't it be great to have a great big vegie paych to roam through, cheers Vickie

  6. Love the hot pack, will make one for my Mum! Hugs

  7. Ficou um trabalho muito bonito, o zipper é giríssimo!

  8. I have never seen such pretty zippers. Clever use. Everything is prettier with doilies. I have a buckwheat bag that I just LOVE.

  9. That zipp looks very nice
    With love Zohra

  10. those zippers are the cutest things I have seen!!!
    Pots are great to plant your herbs and tomatoes. I am looking forward to spring here in the states.

  11. hi jenny! I love those zips and your pretty cover. Now I'm convinced I've got to find me some of those zippers! xo amy

  12. wow I´v NEVER seen such lovely zippers, thanks for sharing the link where you got them from :) as always I love you blog :)

  13. This warming pad is a great idea for a gift for my mum who lives in the south of Spain but always has cold hands and feet even in mid summer. Thank you for the tutorial and idea!

  14. Que trabalho lindo e maravilhoso!!
    Fiquei apaixonada.
    Vou fazer pra mim também.


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