Friday, May 10, 2013

Oh, the sweetness of umbrellas and gumboots!

With the welcome drop in morning temperatures I've been quite productive this week!
My mornings begin with hot porridge and coffee... I read my Bible on the ipad with the Bible Gateway app. It's brilliant because I can refer to Matthew Henry's Commentaries in the same app - and the best thing?

The Bible Gateway app is FREE here on itunes. You can even listen to it as an audio while you stitch. \o/ Thank you Bible Gateway!!

After breakfast it's a quick tidy of the house, and then off to the sewing room. The designs below have been top of my list for the past couple of weeks, and even though it's still 4 weeks until the next issue of Elefantz HOME e-zine is released, I couldn't wait to show you some finished projects that will be inside, plus a sneak peek of one project still in the making...

~An English Country Garden~
I chose the thread colours to match the fabrics from Fig Tree Quilts "California Girl" range...
...which I purchased from the lovely Kris at Lavendar Quilts on Etsy, who came to my rescue after I scoured the internet for a bundle! 

Block 2 of Shabby Roses *Beauty*
 I am so in love with this quilt...

And a sneak peek of the third project inside the next issue...
"Rainy Days"
Sweet rainy day umbrella stitcheries to be used in a 'little girl' project, and I'll even have some kits available to purchase. This fabric was so popular when I showed it to you last year that I knew I'd have to make something from my small stash of it, and offer a project kit....
But, more about that next week when the design is finished and the kits are made up.

(If you'd like to become a subscriber to the magazine, just pop over HERE for the details!)

Mr E is counting down the hours till the end of his working week so we can go for a good long ride - but rain is about, and I'm not sure if it intends to visit for long, so we'll have to wait and see what Saturday morning holds for us.
What about you?
What are your plans for the weekend??



  1. Your country garden stitchery is lovely Jenny. I just love the little cloud and smoke coming out of the chimney!

  2. Oh yez weather is much cooler down here as well..can't believe I actually have a jumper on...gorgeous stitching Jen..cheerz Vickie

  3. Love the country garden stitchery - been meaning to sign up - been putting it off - just cause I never remember - this is the straw that will make me do it!! Thanks Jenny - shame about the rain but good that its a bit cooler there.

  4. the next ezine looks to be full of goodies as were the last 2.
    You ask what we are doing this weekend, well I am off to Empress Mills who have an open day with Richard Box whose work I admire. Also other demonstrators and a few sellers plus an exhibition of peoples work. Will take about 3 hours to get there on 3 buses, less than an hour if I had a car but will take some needle tatting or something to do on the bus.

  5. OMG!!!
    That "english country Garden" is so GORGEOUS!!!

  6. I am loving your Beauty BOM. Went looking for fabrics yesterday but couldn't find any, will have to find some soon as I just want to start it. Hugs......

  7. Gonna be a rainy Friday and Saturday here but sun is predicted for Sunday. Guess we'll hibernate tomorrow.

    I loved the fabric for the Rainy Day project.
    Mama Bear

  8. I LOVE the bird block, and I think those little designs will be perfect for my hexagon project, too. I look forward to the June issue!

  9. Your designs are lovely, Jenny! That little red bird is calling out to me!

    Today is Mother's Day here. My oldest daughter is coming over for dinner with her family. My other three daughter's (13, 15 & 17) are going to cook dinner for us! Grilled chicken and roasted vegies. I think they bought me plants for my deck~~ Basil, tomatoes, and flowers. :)

    Have a great week!


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