Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wrapping Roses...

Yesterday I pulled everything out of my sewing room and changed everything around in the process.
I thrive on a good de-clutter and spring clean (yeh, winter's just a few days away, but it feels like spring!), so with Mr E working away, Blossom at her job, and the house to myself, I dived in head first.
Today my sewing room 'welcomed' me with shiny newness, which inspired me to finish some on-the-go designs.
Last night I bought myself a small bunch of roses, and they are SO pretty...
...that I thought they needed to be dressed appropriately.
I had stitched a pretty block many months ago, but had no idea how to use it so it's been an orphan waiting for me to get an idea.
Last year I designed this vase wrapper for Issue 8 in my first volume of Elefantz Home e-zine.... today I chose to make another vase wrapper!
It ties at the back with organza ribbon...
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Today something shiny arrived in the mail.
New sewing shears.
My first pair.
For the last few years I have been using Blossom's, so I think the loan is well overdue.
Hence, my shiny Singers.
 Tomorrow they will begin their work-a-day life with me.
Fabric awaits them.

Before I close today, I wanted to share a simple hint.
I do a lot of sewing -  I hear you laughing.  No surprises, eh?
One thing I discovered last year was how to keep two pieces of fabric perfectly 'stuck' together when I am machine sewing them.
 I lay one fabric on top of the other, and then after aligning their edges I press them with a hot steam iron...
Only after I have pressed them together, do I pin them...
The heat from the iron almost 'fuses' them together, so that when I machine sew them there is no slipping or stretching of the bottom fabric.
 I used to find, even after adjusting my machine tensions, that the bottom fabric would usually stretch a fraction and end up a little longer than the top fabric - even when both were exactly the same length. It's more of a problem with long lengths of fabric, but is noticeable with shorter ones too.
Pressing the fabrics together before machine sewing has even made my points match up better when I am piecing blocks. If you've had a similar problem give this a try and let me know if it has helped you.

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!


Lida said...

Love the scissors, you really need a good pair! Happy birthday and a good new year for Blossom, sorry that I am so late, but was not well and did not do much behind the pc!
Thanks for the tip I hop i can use it with my newest quilt! Hugs

Anonymous said...

Where have you been to where I haven't found you before! A gal on Instagram was starting a cute pattern and she said it was your! I popped over and am amazed I haven't been here! Plus another gal who loves Jesus which gives an immediate bond! Oh I am not a stalker, just an embroiderer and a new English Paper Piecer and a follower of Jesus!
I just started a new page on FB called Miss Paula in Stitches! Well I will check out all your cute patterns!!
Really, I'm not a weird person....just have a sense of humor like you!

Chrissy said...

Thanks for the pressing tip. I'm sure it will help alot!

suz said...

Thanks for the ironing tip - I'm basically a hand-piecer, but I've been trying to do some machine piecing lately. I'm sure that will be a great help. Love the scissors - I didn't realize Singer made scissors. I'll have to check that out. Your pattern is adorable - can't wait for your newsletter! Have a great day.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

You have been busy...go girl....x

Dawn said...

Gorgeous cover...very pretty and makes a vase look fabulous... must make some as pressies...ooh new scissors,how special...enjoy cutting up nice fabric...
thanks for the tip... makes things easier..
Hugs Dawn x

Noela said...

A good pair of scissors are a must I think. Enjoy your new ones. Love the vase design, very pretty and of course the roses are gorgeous too. Hugs.....

Vickie said...

lovely to see those shiny scissors they will make cutting a sure have been busy with your uninterrupted time, well done..your creativeness is gorgeous,yep that steam iron come's in very handy-even though there is some against it cheers Vickie

Unknown said...

That's a really great tip. I will have to try that once I've cleaned out my sewing/work/storage/kids tornado area soon :D

Susan said...

Clever idea Jenny. Thanks

daisydilly (vicki) said...

Really love the vase covers-soo very pretty.Also enjoy reading all your wonderful tips. Thanks for all you do.

ps-I do hope the cold didn't hang around long

tooznie said...

Love the pressing tip! I'm fighting with that very problem now, it's primarily due to the chea homespun that's being used for the sashing, but every to can help!!!

Melody said...

Just love that vase wrap. It's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I love the block you used for the vase wrap. I love the look on the gingham. I look forward to getting that pattern!

dezertsuz at gmail

Wendyb said...

you mean, it wasn't tidy on Monday???? Well Miss sewing room could do with a little TLC....when does Mr E go away again??? LOL You are such a clever bunny Jenny-girl....gonna try that tip soon! xox
loves ya
Wend "O) xox

Gloria said...

Your roses are beautiful . The real ones and your patterns. Thanks for the pressing tip , I; give it a try.

Rhonda Cafe said...

Thankyou so much for your timely tip Jenny. I have just started sewing the strips for your Shabby Angels quilt. I tried your tip and it worked a treat - I can see the difference to the ones I had already done. Looks so much neater. So thankyou and God bless your kindness. Beautiful roses and stunning work, as usual. Many thanks, Rhonda xox

Ivy, Phyllis and Me! said...

Good Afternoon Jenny, Thank you for this fabulous tip.... I always have problems with my machine "rucking" at the beginning of my work, no matter how I adjust the tension. I would never have thought of ironing the fabric together.
Jenny, it is lovely to meet you and I see you are an embroidery enthusiast. I love embroidery and beadwork as well.
I have enjoyed my visit so I have become a new follower.
I look forward to reading more of your posts.
I would like to invite you to visit me at Ivy, Phyllis and Me! as you will be made most welcome.
Best wishes to you,

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