Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Plums, popping, and a giveaway parcel - want to play along?

My sweet grandson, Cal, has been incredibly patient with me these last few weeks as I set up the Daisy Days BOM, and wrote my magazine, but finally - I made him the apron he asked for!
He loves to cook with Kezzie and little bro Dee, and both of them have aprons I've made them, so Cal rang a couple of weeks ago to ask for his very own.
I admit that part of the problem for me was "what fabric can I use?", so yesterday I stood in my sewing room and prayed the simplest pf prayers. "Lord, what fabric can I use for Cal's apron?"
And my eyes immediately fell to this fabric, which has lived on my shelves for a couple of long years...
My Cal has a great sense of humour, and this line on the fabric really made me laugh because I can imagine him quoting it to all and sundry!
"If we were meant to pop out of bed, we'd all sleep in toasters."
I decided to use it as the feature on the pocket...
Half an hour later, I had it finished...
(Moda twill tape from fabric bundles make the best apron ties!)
...and in the post!

Yesterday I got a much anticipated giveaway parcel in the mail! I won it last month on Melody's blog. The story goes like this...
Debbie from Sweet Little Cottage had the idea for a travelling treasure parcel earlier this year. She filled it with two patterns and a fat quarter, and had a giveaway on her blog - but this giveaway had a twist. 
 If you won the giveaway you had to accept the parcel, take what you wanted out of it, but replace what you'd taken so that the parcel always contained at least two patterns and a fat quarter.
Then you post the parcel to the winner of your own Travelling Treasures blog giveaway, beginning the parcel's journey to a new home. And on it would go...a travelling treasure. Cute, huh?!

I was the lucky winner of Melody's giveaway, and after she took what she wanted from the parcel and replaced it with more goodies, she posted it on to me!
This is what was inside when I opened it yesterday...

 Two patterns, a fat quarter, chocolate, cotton lace, Christmas trim, one of Melody's own scissor fobs, floral trim, the sweetest house button, and the notebook with Debbie's original message. Wow, the parcel is getting bigger!

I have taken out the fat quarter, the chocolate, Melody's scissor fob, the cotton lace, the cute Joypatch pattern and the button, and replaced them to make up this NEW treasure parcel...

Inside this new parcel from me are two patterns, a Gumboot Garden fat quarter, a Kate Spain Christmas panel with  14 blocks, a large square of white handkerchief linen, the Christmas trim, and some wooden daisy buttons - plus Debbie's little notebook with her original instructions. 

Would you like to be the next participant in Travelling Treasures??
You MUST have a blog.
You MUST take what you want from the parcel and replace it with at least two patterns and one fat quarter.
You MUST run the giveaway/handover on your blog.
You MUST have it posted on your blog at the beginning of July.
This is meant to run month by month. 

If you can do all of that, leave me a comment on this blog post and I'll draw a winner next Monday, 10th of June, so I can get it to you in time for the next monthly travel.

Yesterday I had a recipe request from one of my older daughters, Mrs A.
Do you remember all the times I've shared photos (and the recipe) for my Blackberry Swirls?
Well Mrs A loved that dessert as a child and wanted to make it for her own family, so she emailed asking, "Mum, I want to make something special for my family - can I have that recipe for the Swirls?"

After I emailed it away I got to thinking Mr E and Blossom wouldn't mind the same for their dessert, so I opened the pantry for ingredients. No tinned blackberries, boysenberries, or blueberries ('cause you can use any of them, but you need the syrup inside the can, too). 
Only tinned plums.
Ok, let's experiment!
I added grated orange rind to the syrup because orange and plums are magic...
While that simmered away I made the dough, rolled it out, and spread the mashed plums across the top...
I cut six swirls because there are only three of us at home and we can have this for two nights. Into the dish...
Hot syrup poured over...
Forty minutes in the 200C oven, and voila! 
Blossom had ice cream with hers, whilst Mr E enjoyed lashings of custard.
Recipe can be found HERE on my recipes page!
Photos are a bit dark but that's what happens on a winter's night in the kitchen.

I have two little girl quilt flimsies on my sewing table today. Time to sandwich them and start the machine quilting.
Enjoy your wonderful Wednesday,


  1. hee..hee...Cal will love that. How about telling him "If you want breakfast in bed , Sleep in the kitchen" I bought a mug with that on for Hannah. love Karen and Hannah

  2. love Debbie's idea,what lovely goodies are in there now.Thankyou Jenny for sharing your recipe with us.xx

  3. What a wonderful post. Love the cute apron. I love what you added to the travelling treasures. I won't enter the giveaway as I've been lucky enough to have it visit me but I hope the winner enjoys it. Hugs.

  4. I'd love to play the traveling package game.

  5. What a great post Jenny.
    I would love the 'travelling stash'. I often seen them on American blogs and they say "sorry you must be in the USA due to postage costs", I always think, fair enough, but it is exciting to have this one in Australia.

  6. I love that fabric - they should re print it!! Cute apron for the little Chef.
    I love Debbie's idea about the travelling treasures - imagine how it will be in 12 months time??
    You are making me hungry for some ?anything?? swirls...

  7. I would love to do the traveling treasure is it limited just to Aus?

  8. Hi Jenny,
    Love the apron - especially the pop out of bed...Love the dessert - wish we had one like it down in Melbourne right now... And I really like the idea of the travelling package - please can I be an entry into that too...

  9. Ohh Yummm!! those swirls look delicious, I think I might just have to check out the recipe. Thank you for sharing.

    I would be interested in participating in the travelling treasures too.

    Got to love that apron too. Wonderful that your grandson appreciates not only cooking but your sewing too.

  10. Love the apron, your grandson will enjoy baking in that :)
    Love to join in the travelling treasures if it's international.

  11. Oh my! You have been so busy! The swirls look delicious. And I'm sure your grandson will be delighted with the apron.

    I'd love to enter the traveling treasure giveaway also, if it's international. (But having just mailed two international packages yesterday, I would totally understand if it is not.) Thanks!

  12. Cooking in the kitchen with kids requires patience. We definitely need to foster their enthusiasm. What a perfect print for your little guy's apron!

  13. I'd love to be part of the travelling giveaway. Great looking recipe and that apron is a hoot.

  14. Oh Wow!
    That looks absolutely scrumptious! The recipe doesn't seem to fattening! I don't eat anything that I cannot show off on my hips...oy! Lol!
    big hugzzzz

  15. I really like lour blog. I feel like I am setting across from you at the table, visiting.

  16. lovely apron...
    cinnamon rolls sound yummy too

    would love to participate in the traveling treasure giveaway thanks.

  17. "If we were meant to pop out of bed, we'd all sleep in toasters." I love that! It's SO my philosophy of life! LOL. What a great post, lots of good things in it. I'd love to win the traveling treasures. Thanks for the chance. And those swirls - I have some blackberries I put up last summer still, so I'm thinking blackberry swirls in my future! Thanks for that recipe.

    dezertsuz at gmail

  18. I have a blog and I love the bag and I would put in two new designs I made recently and have not shown to anybody!
    Further I would search for a very special thing from my country to send with the parcel! So PLEASE put me in!

  19. How exciting to see how much the Travelling Treasures parcel has changed already, wow! I do love the look of your baking too and the gumboot fabric sure is sweet. Nice post, Jenny. xx debbie

  20. I can just see Cal cooking in the kitchen, waving his wooden spoon around and reciting his sayings, giggling his head off!!! LOL How gorgeous! Love the recipe hunny.....I bet it was yummy with the plums!!! BTW, I want Elizabeth's metabolism!!! haha I'd love to be added to the draw too. How much fun??!!!
    xoxox big big sugary sweet huggles
    Wendy :O)

  21. Jenny, I love your designs and always look forward to reading your blog. I admire your creativity and ability to transfer an idea into a pattern - that is amazing to me. Thanks for the chance to be the recipient of the Traveling Treasure Box. Take care. Teresa

  22. good morning, I really enjoyed your post this morning-what a fun idea for a giveaway (can't participate this time as I may be leaving town for a bit) and loved the recipe and the apron-great tip for ties-thanks Kathy

  23. Hi Jenny,

    I am a new follower, I have only just discovered your blog and all of the other lovely things you do. Enjoying reading all of the latest posts. I love the idea of the Travelling Treasure and I would love to be included, so please count me in.

    hugs, Kaye

  24. I am very excited that I qualify on all counts and would like to participate in the travelling treasure. I think I will also suggest a similar idea to some teachers for some summer fun.

  25. What fun I have had reading your posts and soon I have to try one of your recipes - they look sooo good. I signed up for the Daisy BOM but haven't started it yet. And I would love to be part of the traveling stash give away. I have my own blog and am willing to post the next giveaway.
    Thanks and Blessings - Lynn

  26. Oh my gosh! What a great idea-the traveling parcel. I would love to do this. Pick me! Pick me! LOL I love that toaster saying. It reminds me of an embroidery pattern I saw in Hobby Lobby where the bread is popping out of the toaster, saying "Butter Me Up!"


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