Thursday, June 6, 2013

Two little girls, and my pear...

Do you remember this post about the little quilts I am making for the young daughters of my dear friend Pam who passed into Jesus' arms last June?
I explained my own grieving process since Pam died, and why making these memory quilts has been such a slow journey.
Well, the Lord is good, and it was by His grace that yesterday I sandwiched the layers, and machine quilted them both. I added the binding, and last night one of the quilts was finished...
 I've added a block I embroidered from Brenda Riddle's "Betsy's Closet" pattern to the centre of each quilt. Perfect for little girls.
Now I just need to stitch down the binding on the pink quilt...
I have taken fabrics from some of Pam's clothes to make the quilt backings. The girls will be wrapped in their mama...

Lida is a blog reader who has become a friend, and she told me a few weeks back that she was making me a pear. Now, if you regularly read my blog you'll know that I collect pears. 
The mail arrived yesterday and "my oh my" what a pear she made!
The fabric weave is very fine, so those little cross stitches are teeny tiny. Aren't I blessed!?
Thank you sweet Lida. xxx
It's now sharing my favourite shelf with some sister pears...

Blossom has a day off work today so we'll be out car shopping with Mr E this afternoon.
I can't believe it - my baby will have her own car! 



  1. Jenny, the quilts are your embroidered blocks...these quilts will be cherished.

  2. Very sweet... I'm sure they will be very happy with them...with love Janice

  3. It's amazing. I recently found my version of Betsy's Closet and am working on it now. I've already written my tomorrows blog post about it and surprise, surprise when i reach your blog I find you've been stitching blocks from it too.
    Great minds must think alike.

  4. Your quilts look lovely Jenny. How special they both are.

  5. The decor on the inside of the restaurant is absolutely beautiful.
    Anna had been looking through my phone while I was naked.

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  6. Hallo Jenny,
    Love the quilts you are making and I am very happy that the pear has arrived in good order! Enjoy! Hugs

  7. They are lovely quilts and very special.

  8. the quilts are beautiful and I am sure will help the girls with coming to terms with the loss of their Mother.
    A very pretty pear to add to your collection

  9. How treasured those quilts will be...and a lovely pear to add to the pear pool.
    Car shopping does not sound like fun to me!!

  10. The girls' quilts are beautiful. What a good friend you are and I'm sorry for their and your loss.

    The pear - what beautiful work.

    Car shopping - one of my least favorite things to do. I pray it goes well for you all.

    Have a blessed day.

  11. OH hunny, those quilts turned out just perfectly!!! I'm sure they'll snuggle into Mum with blessed hearts, thanks to gorgeous you!!!! We're going to have to get you a bigger shelf for your pears....more are a comin! LOL
    and I hope car hunting went smoothly!!!! ;)
    xox big sugary hugs
    Wendy :O)

  12. Jenny your quilts are just breathtakingly beautiful and made with such love which makes them even more special. You are a special lady and I just love visiting you on your blog. Thank you
    Lots of love

  13. The quilts are wonderful. I love Becky's Closet. I first saw it here, and then bought it.

  14. Oh Jenny, the girls quilts are so sweet and beautiful, what a special gift and blessing for them.
    And how beautiful the cross stitched pear is. So tiny and intricate. That is the kind of work I used to enjoy so much. Gorgeous. I also love your pear collection. Now I have a question for you. What kind of stabilizer do you use on your stitcheries? Do you use it on your hanky linen too? Also, is it water soluble? The stabilizer I have is a bit heavy and a bit stiff to stitch on. I'm not far on my Mondaisy and I'm looking for a different stabilizer, but having problems finding something I think is right. I don't know what Weavline or Whisper Weft are, so I don't have anything to compare with when I look for something comparable here. The Transfer Eze act's as a bit of a stabilizer so I'm wondering if that would be enough? Most stitchers here, use something heavy enough to hide threads that have been pulled across spaces...something I don't do. An old habit from my counted cross stitch days. Big Hugs...

  15. I am a new follower and love your work!!

  16. I am going to have to pay closer attention to your blog, I LOVE THOSE LITTLE QUILTS you are making and the original pattern is darling. You have such a talent for putting things together that I would never think of. And what an awesome gift. :)

    Thanks for sharing your ideas.


  17. What a lovely thing for you to do for those girls. The quilts are beautiful.

  18. Oh, how hard it is to lose a mama and a special friend too. How wonderful that you have created such special quilts for your friend's daughters. I hope that they bring all of you peace and comfort.

  19. Adorable baby quilts!
    Your pear collection is so cute :)


  20. I love all the beautiful work I always see on this site. Thank you all for sharing


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