Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Four new Elefantz designs - and time that fills too quickly...

With my four days away earlier this month, and some sewing days with friends, and a day spent with Blossom, I'm afraid I have fallen behind on my own work for the next issue of Elefantz Home.
It's actually not easy to have 'business hours' when you work from home.
Still, I will live and learn.
As much as I enjoy the company of friends as we sit and stitch, I pay later with rushing my work and choosing a take-out meal instead of a 'nourished home-cooked-from-love dinner' with my husband. 
Do you struggle with the balance of work and play too?

Due to this 'chasing my tail' month, it will be another day or two before I show you all 4 projects featured in the August 2nd issue of my e-zine, however, I can show you three that are ready!

"Pot Me Pretty"...

The cover fits an A5 binder...

The embroidery and specific pattern for this design and matching bookmark will be in the e-zine...

NOTE: I'm going to use my finished binder as a family heirloom recipe book, and next week on the blog I'll do a short tutorial on a (different) simple binder cover with dividers so you can make one yourself. All you need is a binder, some fabric, and scrapbook paper. 
Of course, if you'd like to make one the same as Pot Me Pretty with the embroidered block, you'll need to subscribe to Elefantz HOME e-zine HERE.

"Colour Your Heart" stitchery...
 Lots of cute little daisies and snails...

Block 4 of Shabby Roses Beauty, "Butterfly Blush"...

And the fourth project will be...
 "Create & Dream"...
...but I'm still finishing it. 
I think you can see how sweet it will be, though?

Now if you'd like to make all of these projects and you've not yet subscribed to Elefantz HOME e-zine, you can easily do so HERE. This issue will be published on August 2nd.

Subscribe before August 1st and I will email you the pattern for my Shabby Roses Cushion as a welcome gift!

Last bit of news for today!
My friend Dawn has just begun a Block of the Week for a pieced quilt!
This is her first block, with a sweet little stitchery inside...
You can read all about it HERE on her blog!
This will be quick to stitch and you'll have a quilt in time for Christmas. How lovely would that be!?

I'm going to chill out with my beloved this evening, and share a simple home cooked meal of rissoles and mash - his very favourite.
What will be on your dinner table tonight?



  1. Once again everything looks beautiful Jenny. I love the little snail. Enjoy your rissoles and mash (we had that Saturday night!). We're going to have good, old fashioned tuna mornay for tea tonight!

  2. Hi Jenny,
    Can hardly wait for the next Elephantz magazine - the projects look so sweet! Tonight for our dinner we're having roast pork, potatoes and pumpkin with carrots and peas - YUM!

  3. So lovely all these new patterns, I love the Daisies and even the snails! I will make them in other colours but they will be so pretty!

  4. Enjoyed your blog post - what I found interesting was what you had for dinner and had to look it up. I did a search for beef mince (ground beef!) and then the recipe! I think I'll give it a shot! Regular mash potatoes though - hubby doesn't like sweet potatoes! Thanks for a wonderful post again!

  5. Your Stuff looks beautiful as always and I am amazed at all the beautiful ideas you come up with ... But don't stop.
    I did not know what rissoles and mash was so looked it up. If I'm understanding it correctly we here in the states call it "Meatloaf" but your name for it has a nice ring. I'll have to call it that next time I make it. :) Don't over do it - and looking forward to the next magazine. Hugs from USA.

  6. They are all gorgeous Jenny!!! ... The next addition to the BOM would have to be my fav - that butterfly is just delightful!!! ... I must ask, where did you find your gingham with white dots fabric? It is just darling!!! xx

  7. Those are all gorgeous Jenny. I will have to check out your freinds Blog.

  8. Just love all of the sweet details -- like the cute snail. Dawn's block is adorable.

  9. Oh my gosh Jenny, I can't take all the cuteness in this post - absolutely in love with everything here!!! I'm really glad you got to enjoy some time with Wendy, loved seeing Cal's Cow in the mag - how awesome is that!!!!

  10. jenny eres la mejor! me encanta venir a visitar tu blog! bsts

  11. Beautiful sewing and super cute projects.


  13. so very excited about the new issue. It is an absolutely great way to start each month.

    Is there a way for those of us who have already subscribed to your e-mag to get the cushion pattern? Will it be on your Craftsy? I would love to purchase :)

    Thank you, Jenny.

  14. As always everything looks beautiful Jenny!

  15. Oh Jenny yes I struggle too but in a different work hours are very set as I care for a daughter with a disability and my playtime fits around her! Make the most of spending time with your friends and your daughter... That is very precious! I've don't have the choice of work so enjoy the best of both words! Sometimes I would love a day off but that would be too hard! Dinner tonight...I have some respite care in so I can go and have coffee with a working friend after her work and the Carer will be making spag Bol with DL's help! A couple of hours off!

  16. Everything is so lovely. I always look forward to your posts. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Your stitchery in your projects is so beautiful and I love your design for the binder cover. Nice work!

  18. All looks lovely jenny. Will look forward to the magazine. Hugs.....

  19. this is going to be another great magazine, your imagination just goes on and on and on, always so much to see and do, thanks

  20. More loveliness from a lovely lady!

    What is mash? I have no idea what we are having for dinner. :( I have to work until 5 and we have VBS at 6! I think it will be grilled cheese and tomato soup.

    Have a wonderful day, Jenny!


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