Monday, November 4, 2013


We are home again.
It was a whirlwind little break, that covered a lot of country.

Two days (Thursday and Friday) we drove south - destination Brisbane  - with a late night sleepover at the tiny town of Ilbilbie, which you miss if you blink, to break the first leg of our trip south into two days.
. We were tired upon arrival in Brisbane on Friday evening, but quickly cheered with a relaxing dinner around the corner from our motel with the lovely Joy (of Joypatch) and her hubby Darryl.
 (Joy and me...)

Our reason for this trip was to attend the Camping Show that Saturday at the showgrounds in Brisbane. 
Mr E and I are looking at purchasing a camper trailer (like this one below) in the next year...

...which will allow us to really get away! 

We stayed at a motel overlooking the Brisbane River...

...and enjoyed a room service breakfast before the long Saturday walking around the Camping Show.

After a two day drive, then all day on our feet at the showgrounds, we were pretty exhausted, so on Saturday evening we opted for a fresh Vietnamese dinner and an early night...

...because on Sunday we drove 17 hours straight to get home!

Mr E is amazing. Out of those 17 hours on the road yesterday, I only drove for 90 minutes. He safely got us from one end of the state to the other, and around 12.30am Monday morning (hey, that's today!) we parked in our driveway, unpacked the car, and fell into dreamless sleep. 

And after three days on the road, what did I create?
Just this face washer. 

This was the first road trip that I found it difficult to hand stitch. The roads were awful, and with so many bumps and unpicking of my stitches I gave up and concentrated on simple crochet instead.

It was great to get away because it clears my head, and with three of our fours days spent just sitting in the car it's amazing how good that can be for deciding what's really important and what isn't in your life and work.
We listened to a lot of good music, chatted about the future, and also found much to ponder and be inspired by through this excellent audio book...

This morning I am washing, Mr E is cleaning the car, and we're both catching up on work emails.
This afternoon - rest. Feet up, stitching, a nice cup of fresh brewed coffee, and perhaps some Poirot on the telly...

It wasn't a lovely refreshing time away, because we didn't stop, but it had a purpose and we're really glad we made the last minute decision to do such a long trip for just one day looking at camper trailers.
You see, this was about planning for 'what next', and being realistic about how our hopes can unfold.
It's all good.

Have a blessed day,


  1. Yah! Glad you are home safe and sound. It's great to talk in the car for long journeys - used to love that overseas , Mark all to myself, nothing to distract and chat, chat, chat... That Stormie O book is great. I use it a lot. The camper trailer looks great - just perfect for two! love Karen

  2. what a long trip but you had so much quality time together whilst travelling. Camping trailer sounds like a good idea although camping is not my choice, maybe in Australia it is different as your weather is so much better!. Will check out a book you have on the table in the hotel the power of a praying parent, think I need that. Never had Vietnamese food but it looks pretty tasty

  3. So glad you had a good time away and have hopefully moved a step closer to which trailer tent to buy for future getaways.
    I agree crochet is more 'do-able' on bumpy roads.

  4. And? Did you find the right camper? What a long drive, in that time you could drive all around our country!
    But you must have enjoyed yourself, the pictures are so nice and the room where you stayed was beautiful!
    Enjoy your new week, hugs

  5. If you are looking at campers, make sure you look at the forums too - they are full of people who can give you real advice about the ways they use their camper. We have a soft top one as we have two children. Ours has the off road trailer and hitch, it is brilliant and I love it. The best thing we did was to replace the mattress with a proper inner spring one - your local mattress manufacturer should be able to make a custom fit one if the trailer doesn't come with one.
    I am glad that you are home safe and that you can spend some more time crafting. What a pain that the roads were so poor.

  6. So glad we finally got to meet Jen .... it was worth the wait - and didn't the boys get along great too ;)!!! Great to hear you got home safe and sound too, that's such a long drive to do all in one go. I can't wait to continue the laughs and hugs when we get together again in March - so looking forward to it.
    Big hugs xxxxxxxxx

    1. Lovely photo of you both! Sounds like you all got along so well; its not hard to get along with you and Darryl though Joy, you're such a lovely couple!

  7. What a busy and fun sounding trip. Oh I miss those quick get always we used to have, before life got complicated. Enjoy yourselves.

  8. Just getting away, looking at new scenery, and making plans - and time to actually talk with each other - what a great deal! I love the picture of you with your friend, and the view from your hotel room was gorgeous!

  9. driving can be exhausting even though you are just sitting in the car.
    I am not sure I knew that you crocheted.

  10. Welcome back! It looks like you had an amazing trip - and wow - 17 hours !! We sometimes do road trips around the UK but those are never more than 6 hours. I usually find myself falling asleep by the end, and we stop regularly to say hello to the cows, or to get a coffee. I love the look of your breakfast table - bliss! x

  11. What a big adventure you had. Hope you got to find the right camper to buy later. Glad the trip was uneventful and you arrived home safe and sound. Can imagine your bed was a welcome sight after all those hours driving. Hugs.......

  12. I love visiting camping/rv shows. Dh Mike and I will be visiting one in January in Tampa, FL. We rv'd for 3 1/2 years with three kids, four cats and a dog. Loved it and want to do it again!
    Enjoy your blog very much! A real blessing!

  13. so glad you're home safe and sound! :O) xoxoxoxo love ya hon

  14. Sounds like fun! My hubby and I are living our dream -- we sold it all (mostly) and bought a fifth wheel RV in 2009 and have lived in it very happily ever since! My hubby and I both enjoy travel and we road trip together well. I think that's a good sign of a happy, healthy marriage! Haha! :)

  15. glad you traveled safely, planning for all the tomorrows in life is the bestest xoxo


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