Friday, December 27, 2013

After Christmas...

This was the scene that greeted me at 6am today when I rose to make my coffee and grab my Bible...

Our little Princess loves living up high because she looks straight out into the trees and you know what creatures live in trees, right? Glad she has a loud bell around her neck to warn the little warblers before she gets too close. Still, there's no harm in gazing from afar...

Have you visited Spoonflower? You can design your own fabrics through them and they will print and sell it for you. I'm not going down that road myself, but a few months back I did purchase some very special fabric for Blossom. You see her and I have a special bond with Jane Austen. We have been reading the Austen novels since she was a little girl, and can pretty much quote word for word most of the movies made from the books.
So when I found these Jane Austen inspired fabrics a while back I knew one day they'd be perfect for Blossom...

The cream background is full of quotes from all the JA novels, whilst the teal has the names of all the main characters we love (and despise) from the books. I made two very simple cushions for Bloss to showcase the fabrics, and added basic line quilting for that modern edge she loves...

I added in a very old leather bound copy of Pride & Prejudice that I have treasured for about 15 it belongs to my girl. She shed a few tears over that one. Isn't that just precious?

The Spoonflower site is HERE.

On Boxing Day I took some time to just relax, sit and sew, finishing Sedef's beautiful free stitchery...

I love it. Not sure how I will display it yet, but maybe simply hooped and hung outside my sewing room...

You'll find it HERE on her blog. 

Christmas has passed and now Mr E and I count down the hours until our 22nd wedding anniversary tomorrow (December 28th). I still pinch myself to make sure this wonderful man is truly my very own husband. How incredibly blessed I am to be his wife. Love you Mr E! xxx

But for the rest of today I need to work on the Elefantz Home 2014 calendar, which will be emailed to all subscribers by the 2nd of January...if I can, I'd like it sent out by the 1st.
It has twelve stitcheries inside, one for each month, and will also be available to purchase in my shop as an instant pdf download.
Stop by the blog in the next few days because I am going to share a simple tutorial for assembling and displaying the calendar. I want it to look really cute in my sewing room!

What are you doing now that Christmas has passed?


  1. Sophie looks just like our cast when he sees the next door cat in our garden...
    What a clever idea getting your own fabric - exactly how you want it.
    I'm in full blown holiday mode now...lots of sewing and related activities planned.

  2. It may have been Boxing Day for everyone else but at our house we celebrated Christmas today and it was the BEST. The family was together for most of the day, the dishwasher was put on twice (that always means family is home) and it felt just like Christmas.

  3. Christmas Day was family day,yesterday was tidying up and relaxing and today hubby and I went looking for a dress for me for our niece's wedding at the end of the month. Unfortunately no luck with the dress!!!!
    So pleased you had a wonderful Christmas. Hugs.........

  4. Christmas was a sick husband on the day before and the first day, but the second (as we celebrate Christmas two days in Holland) was wonderful, dining with friends and family and happely DH was feeling better! Today I will enjoy a visit to a sauna with my friend and we will relex after the busy holydays!
    I love the fabric and Jane Austen, I have a big book with all her tales so I can enjoy them whenever I want!
    Wish you and your beloved Mr.E. a wonderful and happy weddingday and many happy returns!

  5. Christmas is always busy for us - My youngest boy turned 23 on the 22nd so celebrations began early here. My DD and her family come and stay Christmas morning till Boxing day and my older boy came to stay over Christmas Eve! I love this time of year when we are all together and everyone is happy being together - just for a few days :) So happy you are settling into your new home, Happy anniversary for tomorrow, big hug.

  6. Very grande pillows!! That is such a terrific idea! I have only watched 1 of the Jane Austin movies thus far and I did like the one I watched. Wish I could remember which one it was lol:( I will have to go see if they have some Gone with the Wind fabric perhaps.

    I am interested in seeing the calendar when it is all finished:):)

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  8. Thanks for sharing the pillow idea. We are Austen fans here, too. Thankful to have our adult children and spouses here. Waffles for breakfast and board games for the day!

  9. The pillows are wonderful, and it looks like you still have more fabric for another project. I might adapt that design to make two - one that says love without fear. =) Today, life is back to normal. Both yesterday and today I worked to finish a soldier quilt - parts were donated to me. I just finished the top! Now it goes on to the person who will quilt it. It's a gorgeous sunny day and God has blessed me greatly the last week.

  10. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary. My parents were wed on the same day - 56 years ago !!! Sadly Dad has passed, but Mom is still enjoying life.
    As for what I'm doing with the rest of Christmas break (Honey Do is home thru the 1st and Newton until the 5th), I have been stitching kitchen towels (one is completely finished) and crocheting a new rug for my kitchen. Nothing heavy, but using up stash.
    Enjoy a blessed day with your beloved :)

    1. Love the sound of the rug, Edi! Send me a photo when you finish...I'm inspired!

  11. Princess Sophie looks so happy - like she even wants to be friends with those birdies! Ha! Come closer!
    Love without Reason - says it all - wonderful!

  12. Oh Jenny the embroidery has come out so beautiful, I think I like it better than my version! :)


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