Thursday, February 6, 2014

Dreams, and a visitor...

I missed out on my sewing day with the girls last Monday so by Wednesday I was in serious 'friend' withdrawal.
My heartstrings were yearning for a dose of laughter, love, and inspiration - the kind offered in abundance when Heather, Michelle, Wendy and I get together. 
Well, God was doing something really cool. He was pulling on Heather's heartstrings too, and when she emailed Wednesday morning to ask if I'd be home for a coffee later in the day I couldn't type 'YES' fast enough!
It was the best two hours of the day. We laughed, drank good coffee, and dug through my box of UFO's after a big discussion on what to do with orphan stitcheries.
I love this gal so much!

Another wonderful thing about having a trusted friend close at hand is being able to bounce ideas off each other. As I shared with you yesterday, I am currently stitching my brand new © 'rosedaisy' designs, ready for an April release. My plan is to present each © 'rosedaisy' project in different colour combinations and fabrics, so having Heather at home in my sewing room yesterday gave me that extra set of eyes needed to choose fabrics and threads for this beauty...

She swooned over my sketches for the © 'rosedaisy' designs and as she's an excellent judge of projects to stitch I'm pretty sure you will love them too. \o/

There is something about this house that has given Mr E, Blossom and I a well needed lift to our spirits. 
Totally sapped of emotional health over the last year or two, we all wondered if there would ever be a rainbow to draw our eyes upwards again.
We still worked, prayed, celebrated special occasions, enjoyed things in our lives - but a deep sadness we shared would keep rising to the surface, casting a dark shadow over our hearts.
Moving house in December was a huge step for us. After 19 house moves (four states and ten cities) in 22 years, adding a 20th wasn't really high on our list of things to aim for in life! 
But we each knew that it was imperative to a refreshed and hopeful future as individuals and as family.

Since moving into this home...

Blossom has become a bit of a gym junkie (after never being one) and is thoroughly enjoying decorating her three rooms downstairs. Her creative flair for interior design is fresh and exciting!

I have found my walk with the Lord deeper and more fruitful than ever before, and I honestly believe the designs being sketched from my pencil are the best I've ever done. The internal peace I feel here is indescribable, but as soon as Heather walked in the door on Wednesday she felt it too. It's real.

Mr E, who has always worked hard (sometimes at jobs he hated) to keep a roof over our head and provide enough income so I could be a stay at home mum and we could home-educate the children ourselves, has decided its time to start his own blog and explore a new business for our future.
You can visit him HERE.

We each have dreams, we each have a hope.
And we each have God in our corner. 
I see the rainbow...




  1. Having a good friend is the best a man or a woman can have, my man is beside being my husband also my best friend, but there are also a few woman friends, creative and contributing to my creativity and making my days filled with laughter and joy, but also sharing the more difficult times in our lives is what makes those friends the best a woman can have!
    Love the new creativity you are sharing with us and I think that yoy finally found a place where your heart has found a home too! Enjoy!! Hugs

  2. Good morning Jenny. What lovely positive vibes jumping out from your blogs. Hugs to you and your family. I am so happy all is well on the new home front. I envy those sewing friends you have. I have very few real life friends and 3 of those 4 are family members. Besides my husband who is first and foremost my best friend of all. I am hopeing our 2014 will be a very positive year as well. as our last 2years have been horrible. The last year dealing with my cancer and several surgeries . This year I am taking a break from most everything to concentrate on me, family and my home which needs a major cleaning and decluttering plus loving touches.

  3. Jenny - love your new look, And how blessed to have a friendship like that - you are a fortunate woman! Looking forward to more of your inspired ideas!

  4. Jenny you are a true inspiration! Love your work and your words!

  5. Beautiful post today, made me cry but a joyful cry. Thank you for introducing me to GMG.


  6. Having a friend who enjoys your past times is truly a wonderful thing! Sounds like you're exactly where you're supposed to be at this point in your life :) Love the sneak peak

  7. Thank you dear Jenny, you have encouraged me greatly with your words - hugs x

  8. Wonderful post and I'm so happy to hear that you and your family have found a renewed peace, hope and dreams!

  9. Hello Jenny - so glad that you have made the right move and are feeling more settled. Catching up - I love the cup and saucer set, your new header and I think the pin book is a brilliant idea. I have ordered the book you reccomended too! xx

  10. How wonderful to have such a solid friend in Heather, her support & love is truly wonderful....
    And that's wonderful to read of you all feeling happier about your new home, now maybe no more moves for a while?!


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