Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Recipes and a refreshed sewing space...

After I played around with the doilies on Saturday (see HERE), I spent a couple more hours refreshing my sewing room. A 'declutterer' by nature, I viewed my space to see what could be removed, what could be donated to the op shop, and what could be sold off. 
The end result was much more pleasing to my eye.

Let's start at the front door as I welcome you in to my home, shall we?
This is the entrance area which has huge windows overlooking the street with lots of greenery on very side. This area leads straight onto the lounge room...

When I had my 'doily day' on Saturday I also set up other little vignettes to make this house a true reflection of the atmosphere I most relax in. I can't believe we've already been living here two months and it's taken this long for me to have a break from my schedule and create a 'home'...but at least I've finally made that start.

(for those who read my magazine and now wonder why I have glass in this frame its because it sits by a window and there was too much dust coming through so I had to bend my own rule and replace the glass. sob.)

 Of course, there will always be some messy spots, but messy can still look sweet...

 Now let's turn to the right from the entrance and we'll go through the little dining room which is just off the galley style kitchen...

...and straight through the French doors to my sewing room!


 I love a tidy sewing room, and it's not hard to keep it this way.
Regular decluttering is fun, refreshing, and quite simply inspirational.

I have all my fabric right in front of me, plus labelled boxes and containers with all my notions, projects on the go, and special trims like vintage lace and buttons.

This week is all about playing in my space again! \o/

As requested, here are the recipes for the dishes I made the girls at our sewing day yesterday...

Gluten Free Matrimonial Slice HERE

Quick Chicken and Mushroom Risotto HERE

I was going to share the next two Shabby Roses Home blocks today, but realised when I woke this morning that it would have been a day early!
Tomorrow...I'll have them for you tomorrow. But right now...
I'm off to play with some fabric!



  1. Oh so beautiful & light & airy & fresh looking Jenny - I have a crink in my neck from peering so closely at all your lovely photos - I can spot a few things similar to my home too. Your sewing room is certainly a crafters dream come true :-) Thank you for the little tour & for sharing those recipes. x0x

  2. Your sewing room looks great thanks for sharing it

  3. Such a pretty room, I have started making my room prettier, collecting things I love to go in it.

  4. There is much love to your space and house! I just adored it and linked it to my blog, because I got a new sewing table yesterday! Now I will try to catch up, thnaks for showing
    Sanne from Germany

  5. Das sieht ja wunderbar aus bei dir und so viele schöne Dinge und ein tolles Arbeitszimmer.
    Liebe Grüße Annerose

  6. Pretty Room. Neatly arranged. i used to arrange my craft cupboard but within two days everything will be messed up again. I had a dream of setting a craft room for me. Thanks for sharing your space.

  7. What a lovely home you have. I am particulary envious of your immaculate sewing room. Mine is in such a mess that I don't know how I'm going to start getting it back in order lol. I will eventually, hopefully by the summer, so I can take advantage of the lovely sunshine that lights this room almost all day. At the moment we're experiencing such dreadful winter storms with massive flooding, that all I want to do is snuggle under the duvet on my daybed (I have MS) and doze the days away! Blessings

  8. Such lovely light in your home. I really crave the light!. My sewing room is in the basement, so light is sometime lacking. You have inspired me to straighten and declutter. We have live in our home for 26 years, I am trying to use up my stash to make that fabric shine instead of hiding in a pile on a shelf. LOL

  9. I love your home and the sewing room! What space you have, wow. I love to organize and cannot work in my small sewing area if it is messy. Thank you for the recipes.

    Patricia C

  10. I loved seeing your pictures - I always learn new techniques for organizing from seeing the sewing rooms of others. And thank you for the recipes! blessings, marlene

  11. Love all your pictures! Everything is so nicely organized. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Jenny -
    I LOVE, with a capital L, your sewing space! It just screams "Jenny". Your home is so lovely and SO PEACEFUL. I can feel the peace through the photos. Someday maybe I will have a home that is peaceful...I hope.

  13. It all looks positively wonderful and so inviting! Love your sewing space, I need a serious declutter too. It's way overdue. x

  14. You put a big smile on my face, because you still have the Tilda angel hanging on your door!
    I like your sewing space a lot, what a beautiful place to be creative!
    Have a nice week

  15. I would love to live there.....:) Lovely Jenny.

  16. Lovely home and sewing room. So bright and open.

  17. Jenny, your zone Sewing is a charm, loved. Very beautiful!
    Like to have one like that.

  18. A belated Happy Birthday Jenny.

    Your house is so lovely. Can't believe you've only been there two months! Makes me feel ashamed! My problem is I'm a hoarder. When I do have a bit of a de-clutter I can guarantee that within a couple of weeks I'm needing something I've chucked out!

    I'm trying to get up the courage to face clearing out & decorating our little spare room which is meant to be a work room. It was until grandchildren arrived now I can hardly get in! It's become the dumping ground. My sewing & knitting are all stuffed in what used to be the airing cupboard.

    Your post has inspired me to get cracking once the daylight improves so I can paint. I think I'll take some before pictures & hopefully the after ones will be an improvement. Mind you it won't be a patch on yours, pardon the pun!

  19. I love seeing the changes you've made. After this second tour, I have a much better idea of the layout. Your sewing room is wonderful. I'm jealous of all that natural lighting! It makes me dream of enlarging window spaces. =) With all the changes I'd like to make to this house, I should probably just buy a different one! LOL

  20. Sewing room looks great and the recipes look yummy, thanks for sharing..

  21. Thanks for sharing once again, Jenny. Your pieces are so beautiful and a real inspiration. Both for the sewing and designs and the scriptures! I just wonder... how much time do you spend in the embroidery? I'd love to do so many of your designs but am afraid at this point in my life, I just don't sit down and take the time for handwork like this. Do you have a general schedule you follow? With the designing, sewing, maintaining the website and orders, etc! How do you manage it all??
    Your rooms are beautiful and welcoming as well. Blessings in all you do!

    1. Hi colomom,
      I guess for me it's a bit different, because embroidery is my job I have no choice but to sit and stitch a few hours every day. I stitch slow so the finished result is worthy of a pattern cover, and I'm also not afraid to unpick and restitch as I go along.
      I have a random schedule depending on the day of the week. Tuesday's schedule is very different to Friday's - on Tuesdays a lot of stitching gets done, but on Friday it's predominantly computer time and rarely a stitch is made.

  22. Hi Jenny .... I made your Risotto last night - yum - so easy as well. Hubby said are you experimenting on me again and after a few mouthfuls said "mmm you can make this again" and believe me that is a great compliment as he is not a lover of risotto. so thank you again for the wonderful recipe...hugs LindaB. Have a lovely time in Melbourne.


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