Saturday, February 15, 2014

The translate widget is back!

Thank you to Blogger for listening, and restoring the translate widgets!
Bliss. We can all stay in touch again. 

If you lost yours and then deleted it, go back to your layout page and add it in again.

Did you have a lovely Valentine's Day yesterday? Ours was quiet, but Mr E gave me the sweetest carnations for my desk, and then took me for a long motor bike ride around town later that night when it was cooler. 

 Today I will be performing the unromantic task of cleaning the house, but really, when I think about that, it's an act of love towards Mr E and Blossom that I subdue this house to be a home, isn't it?
I think I'll focus on that for my motivation. Love.



  1. I'm tackling housework too. Hope you have some fun too.

  2. My translate is back too! I did all the housework yesterday. Today was quilt guild day so it was lovely to sit and stitch with friends.

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  4. Liebe Jenny, hab gestern ganz vergessen Dir zu sagen: Der neue Haarschnitt steht Dir super gut und macht Dich noch jünger als Du schon bist. Demnächst maile ich Dir auch eine Foto von der fertigen
    9-patch Tischdecke. Ich glaube ich muss mal englisch lernen um Dir besser schreiben zu können.
    Aber soviel kann ich schon: Have a nice Weekend and sweet Greetings from Christa


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