Saturday, March 1, 2014

A farewell...and a free design!

Goodbye summer!
It was not nice knowing you.
But thanks for the abundant corn you gave us...

Last night's farewell to summer dinner. 
"Mexican Superbowl" from Kemi's Raw Kitchen dvd...

Delicious doesn't adequately describe it.

So, I woke this morning and it was autumn.
The idea of that just makes me smile.
But the truth of the matter is that here in the tropics it will be at least another 6 weeks before this dratted heat subsides and an actual hint of autumn will fill the air.
And yet - summer is officially over and that pleases me no end because being on the way out of summer is sooooo much better than being on the way in!

Because I love to celebrate my favourite season of the year, for the rest of March you can download an older design of mine HERE in my shop for free!

...the autumn tree...

This wall hanging now lives over in the USA with my sweet friend Nancy Jo.

It's the perfect project for scrap threads, and scrap fabrics (remember that 2014 is your stash fabric's "Moment to Shine") and apart from hand stitching the words 'autumn falling' the rest of it is made with your sewing machine...

I rarely do machine applique because I love to blanket stitch applique on my designs, but the raw edging on this was just right for the look I was after at the time.

This took me only a long afternoon to make, so if you have the day free perhaps you can stitch it yourself and celebrate autumn's arrival in the southern  hemisphere with me?




  1. Thank you for this lovely design. I'm very happy to say goodbye to summer too. autumn in Melbourne is usually delightful. Cool mornings, sunny days, mild temperatures. I' m really looking forward to seeing you soon

  2. Thank you for the lovely tree Jenny! It is winter here so this is just the cheer I need right now! Hugs

  3. Thank you, Jenny. Enjoy the new season. I always enjoy the changes. This beauty is just in time to do now and prepare for our autumn - in 6 or 7 months :) We are dead-centered in winter and expecting a foot of snow over the weekend. Have a safe trip to Melbourne.

  4. Thanx Jenny for your gift. Always appreciated. Its rain heaps here at mo - cooler - that goodeness (sic)

  5. Oh, Jenny, I just love this. So beautiful!

  6. This Autumn Tree is really lovely - Thank you Jenny!

  7. So funny to think that the southern hemisphere counts the seasons differently. Here spring doesn't start until around the 20th of the month! That's a great little tree. Thank you so much. Anything containing avocados is good, especially the bumpy skinned Haas ones. =)

  8. What a lovely design. Thanks for offering it for free.

  9. I have just got into raw edge applique and love it so will definitely give this a go, thanks for sharing.

  10. Thankyou for the lovely design Jenny, I just downloaded it!

  11. What gorgeous designs you make Jenny.

    Well I for one am glad summer is coming even if it isn't a good one. We don't get the best of the weather here in the North East of England but thankfully we don't get the worst. Sometimes summer isn't a lot different to winter, apart from the dark days! We've had some gorgeous sunny days and not too cold this year. The ones I hate are the dark days when you need the light on all day! No good for knitting or sewing, only coffee drinking & telly watching.

    Hope you enjoy a lovely autumn!

  12. Thank you Jenny, I hope it cools down a little for you

  13. Beautiful design. Thank you for sharing it. As you anticipate the temps cooling off, I'm hoping for a warm summer. It rarely gets too hot here on our west coast Canadian island. I'm always wishing for more heat. Enjoy what autumn brings you.

  14. lots of people in the US are wishing they could say hello to summer!
    that corn dish looks super yummy.

  15. Hi Jenny--I was behind in my blog reading--and so I just read some of yours to catch up--
    love all those projects--pretty work--
    and I just ordered the cook book--was looking for something as I am trying to go gluten free--
    plus was just told that I am per-diabetic--diabetes is very high in my family and I thought that
    it would skip me as I don't eat hardly any sweets--but have been a bread and carb lover--
    sooo--here I am--revamping the diet once again!!
    hugs, di and miss gracie

  16. Hi Jenny, your food looks delicious, clever yummy recipes to enjoy, thank you for sharing, lovely photos and give away, I also enjoy the change in seasons and we are experiencing a taste of what is to come in the early morning but some days the heat sneaks up still, we are enjoying wet wet wet last few days. Congratulations to Blossom, she has the creative gene also. Hope the rest of the weekend enjoyable, Melbourne getting closer, will be a very exciting time catching up with like minded ladies, sharing and having much fun in Melbourne. Hope your recent way of eating sends you off feeling very well, I will be looking forward to hearing about the get together. All the very best, Judithann

  17. It seems so odd hearing you say farewell to summer when here in the US we've been having one of the harshest winters in a long time. We should be welcoming spring, but as I write this, it is snowing again and we are supposed to get another 8-10 inches tonight. We've already had over 80 inches this winter and the temps have been so very cold. Enjoy your change of seasons!

  18. That supper bowl looks delicious! Well we have had two days of sunshine to welcome in spring but sadly it is not set to last - we could still get heavy frosts and snow has been known in March! xx

  19. Sweet Jenny, I am still completely smitten (as is everyone who sees it) with the Autumn Falling Wall Hanging and when it doesn't hang on my sewing room door, it is displayed in my hallway. Thank you again and again! Big Hugs....Nancy Jo

  20. I hope you're not headed for the kind of winter we've had in most of the USA. Even now, it's sleeting and snowing and around 10 degrees. Burrrrrrr........I think I'll spend tomorrow sewing and looking forward to spring. Thanks for all your beautiful patterns.

  21. So sorry, the last comment from Gabriel was actually me. I hadn't realized my grandson had used my iPad and signed into Google. Teresa

  22. Hey Jen! I couldn't have the recipe for that Mexican Superbowl Could I??
    I looks delish!
    Barb :)


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