Saturday, March 22, 2014

Blossom, me, and many hats...

This is Blossom's 3-day weekend.
It only happens once a month, so she makes the most of it! 
We'd already planned to spend Friday together, but as we sat opposite at the breakfast table this morning, freshly brewed coffees in hand, we still hadn't decided exactly 'where' to spend our day.

Spying the latest Spotlight catalogues which had arrived in the mail the day before, we both began flicking through those enticing homeware and craft laden pages...and a plan formed. 
We had a destination. 
We needed to get ready for a girls day out!

Cheekily we both sent surprise bathroom 'selfies' to each other on our phones...

...and that dictated the tone for the day!

Now, truth is, we went to Spotlight for sheets, shot cotton, and a few threads - but as we wandered the aisles we discovered our own little fantasy world, and out came the iPhones again!
Have I ever told you we are a family of crazies??

I love that we can laugh at ourselves without the hang-up of worrying what we look like to others.
I love that my best female friend is my daughter.
I love that I am hers too.

After filling a few bags with goodies at Spotlight we crossed the road and went for a wander through Freedom Furniture; and out came the phones again!

Can you believe we only had one coffee all day?
Not even chocolate. Or lollies. Or cake even!
We were on a natural high.

My princess certainly gave the laugh muscles a workout in her mum, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Is stress bringing your mood down and squeezing the joy out of you?
Call your best friend. Plan a day out and really do it.
Laugh at yourself, laugh with each other, and don't take life so seriously.
The best days are to be had when you let go of your worries and just grab what's right before you with all the love and laughter you can muster. 
After a while there's a shift in your attitude and the eyes of your heart expand with joy.
Rather cool, yeh?

Have a happy day!


  1. Um.......and you are calling ME crazy? What a fun day .......

  2. This is special. This is what my mom and I would do growing up. She is my best friend too. I love that you shared this with us! It brought back many memories and a few tears too! I so enjoy reading your blog posts and I am in love with your alphabet embroidery that you gave away at the beginning of this week, I missed out on that one. Time to save the pennies to get the pattern for myself. Thanks again.

    Bless you, Jenny!

  3. Awww !!! You Guys brought a Smile to My Face...Enjoy the rest of your Weekend xx

  4. Oooh what a great day.....two of my favourite shops!!!! See that bedhead?'s been on my want list for a it! Thanks for sharing your fun day, I'm off to S/L today!

  5. Who says you have to spend money to have fun? Looks like you two had a blast! One of my best memories is my mom, my sister and I being silly in a touristy hat shop, and then a condom shop - yes, we dragged my mother in there! - in Victoria, BC, Canada just a few weeks before she was diagnosed with cancer. 14 years later, I still giggle when I see the photos!

  6. what a lovely fun day you 2 crack me up,love the way you girls think Jenny.xx

  7. You always say the right thing at the right time. :)

  8. It certainly looks like the two of you had a wonderful time.

  9. Looks like you are both having so much fun, you scallywags.

  10. Love and laughter-the best medicine in the world. xxx

  11. Looks like the two of you had an absolute ball!! So glad you have such a fabulous relationship with your daughter!! You deserve to have such fun and laughter more often my dear!!! Hugs xx

  12. Ok, you two are just way too adorable. .this brought back so many memories of my mum and me! Thanks for sharing your fun day!

  13. You had a happy day with your girl, you should do that more often!

  14. So so cute!! My 2 daughters are my best friends too!

  15. Lovely post Jenny - thank you. xx

  16. What a pity we're almost a world apart (I live in Spain) because I'd have loved to share that kind of day with you two, next time give me a ring please! jajajaja. Love your blog!

  17. You guys sure know how to have fun..... Gail XXX

  18. Oh Jenny, That was funny. Blossom is a beautiful girl and you are so special as well. I am with 2 retired work mates tomorrow. Hugs. Lynette B

  19. Beautiful day and you all are so fun with each other!

  20. Wonderful post, and so completely true! Loved ALL your pictures!


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