Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ginger Slice - my gluten free version...

A couple of weeks ago I was back in the kitchen again playing around with recipe modifications to turn a family favourite from wheat based, to gluten free.
I'm pleased to say that it was huge success, and not just by Mr E, Blossom and my standards, but Heather also gave it the thumbs up when she dropped by and offered to taste-test as well!

Let me share this beauty with you...

GINGER SLICE with dates and lemon

This GF version has more of a cake-ish texture than the original wheat recipe, but it's still rather delish.
Download my recipe HERE.

If you like thinkers, why don't you drop by Mr E's blog over HERE for a visit. He has 'real' food for thought'.

Two more sleeps and I'll be flying home to Mr E, Blossom, Princess Sophie and Bob-the-dog.
I miss them. xxx
I have mentioned that I'm a homebody, haven't I?


Лилия said...

С праздником 8 марта!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much Jenny for the GF Recipe it will come in handy or a road trip next week...Hope you had a Lovely time in Melbourne catching up with all the girl's.

Unknown said...

So totally delicious! Just perfect for a Sunday tea-time treat :)

Anonymous said...

That looks so good, and what could be wrong with being cake-like?

elliesue said...

I am going to try that recipe, it looks and sound delicious. I just had to tell you, we have a Bob the Dog also. He is a Jack Russel cross.
Hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday.