Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Part 2: Sleep Soundly...

Part 2: simple ideas for a restful sleep

Did you read the first part of this list in Monday's blog post? 
If you are struggling with a good night’s sleep I hope you found something 
there that will help to bring you closer to a normal and 
rested sleep pattern again.
If not, you may find one of the ideas in the second half of my list 
to be your answer…

1.      De-clutter your bedroom. If the room you sleep in makes you groan because
 it’s constantly messy or over-crowded, it’s definitely not helping your mood 
as you head to bed each night. Let your bedroom be a calm sanctuary 
that invites rest.

2.     Don’t watch or read anything ‘exciting’ before heading to bed. 
Instead, make time to go outside and let the cares of the day fall away; 
breathe deeply of the night air; look up at the stars and pray for all in 
your home to have sweet rest; listen to the sounds of the night; 
let go of tomorrow’s to-do list; forgive those who have upset you today; 
then lights out, and tip toe off to bed.

3.     Do you need a new pillow? 
I discovered two years ago that my pillow was too fluffy and this was why I 
woke every day with a stiff neck. Now I sleep on a very thin pillow and no 
longer have any of the neck problems that left me exhausted each dawn.

4.    Many of my children would stave off bedtime because they were hungry. 
I didn’t believe them for the longest time, but when I got down to the last 
couple of kids, I would butter them a plain piece of bread as they toddled off 
to bed and they’d gobble it up and sleep soundly afterwards! 
Since then I have learned that a small carbohydrate meal before bed helps 
many people sleep well - even me. If I’m particularly restless, and nothing 
else has worked, I have half a honey sandwich or a couple of plain digestive 
biscuits (cookies) with a herbal tea. It has worked 'many' times.

5.     Avoid all caffeinated drinks and foods for four or five hours before retiring. 
I enjoy my coffee, but am strict with having my last cup at 5pm each day. 
Whilst many know that coffee, cola and caffeinated tea are a no-no before bed, 
do you know that chocolate can be just as sleep objective? 
Keep the chocolate bar for daytime treats and choose something fresh 
and fruity after dinner instead.

6.    Lastly, make the little treat I’m sharing below – Lemon Posset. 
It will definitely assist your night time travels to the Land of Nod and 
those sweet dreams!

I discovered this recipe in Jane Brocket's marvellous book of recipes from children's literature, and it has proved to be a favourite 'comfort' drink for my Blossom ever since.
Lemon Posset

600 ml full cream milk (about around 2¼ cups)
1 egg, beaten well
Grated rind of a lemon
Freshly grated nutmeg - about ½ teaspoon
3 teaspoons brown sugar
1 tablespoon of brandy (or a teaspoon of brandy essence for children)

Warm the milk until just below boiling point, and remove from heat. Whisk in the lemon rind and nutmeg.
Whisk in the brown sugar. Add the brandy or essence.
Add the beaten egg slowly, whisking as you drizzle it into the milk mixture to avoid the egg becoming scrambled.
Pour the posset into tea cups or mugs.
Grate a little more nutmeg across the top before serving.
Sip slowly. And thoroughly enjoy.

 I think I'd better go to the fruit shop.
I need lemons to make something...

hugs (oops! I mean, sweet dreams)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny, more great tips, the drink sounds lovely, wonder if milk substitute would also work if dairy free. A dear friend uses bananas as her go to if sleep interrupted, also eats a banana every day. I am one who has difficulty sleeping if I am too mentally alert, craft included, and computer screen is the worst offender of all and I am with you regarding the pillow situation. Thank you for another interesting blog. Have a good day, looks like a lovely sunny one here and autumn is in the air this week. Judithann :-)

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Judithann, it does work with milk substitutes. Thank you for jogging my memory. xx

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jenny for your tips. I tend to do a bit of Yoga before going to sleep. This truly has helped :) m.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for sharing Jenny,it makes a world of difference if you get a good nights sleep.xx

Lin said...

Thank you Jenny - mostly things I knew but have forgotten (except the carbohydrate one) so it is good to have them listed. Lavender handcream is one of my favourites - in your last post - and I always nip off to bed sharpish when my husband starts playing his rock videos late at night! xx

celkalee said...

Dearest Jenny, thank you so much for your great tips and sharing your beautiful work, it certainly brightens my day after a long, miserable winter here in the US. Sometimes I think that the world of blog is profound in the friendships and skills it promotes. You certainly do your share. Good thoughts and blessings to you and yours.

Lorrie said...

More great tips. I find that a few simple stretches before climbing into bed also help me sleep better. The lemon posset sounds delicious.

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drMolly, the BeanQueen said...

Mmmmmmmmmm that posset sounds wonderful - I shall have to give it a try. Thanks.