Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Time well spent...

It's odd to me, but when I shared last week about needing a break from the blog to face some things I'd been covering over with busyness, I think a few of you imagined that would mean I'd be retreating into myself, and doing nothing.

And that's okay, 'cause that's how some people manage similar confronting situations. But I am a person who when given 'space' begins to potter around the house, looking with fresh eyes at what is precious, dabbling in things my busyness prevents me from otherwise enjoying, and muttering away (seemingly to myself) in interesting conversations with/to God. I imagine Him sitting 'up there' having a little chuckle as I share my ideas, silly jokes, and occasionally getting serious and expressing my hurt and confusion...but mostly, I share my gratitude because this time away from the blog and 'must-do' projects has been exactly the right thing to allow me to breathe again.

Anyhow, enough of that - my personal time of 'make do and mend' will continue on for months, perhaps years - but know that I have been hugged by your prayers, your care and concern, your love, and your kindnesses. Thank you. 

I'm back, but have decided not to blog every day; just when the mood strikes me - which will probably be 3 or 4 times a week instead of seven. 
Wow, a 50% less blog life.
So apart from personal mending, this is what the last week brought my way:

Blossom was 20! We celebrated with a Princess Cake and big pot of Korma Curry...
A bag that spoke to me...

Plenty of healthy food...

...and a return to some quilting.
Last night I sewed 5" pieced blocks from the remaining 'Primrose Sands' fabric Helen sent me, originally used in my Gratitude Bag
These blocks were destined for life as a table runner...

It will be quilted tonight...see the little Shoo Fly block?

When I went to Spotlight to buy the grey thread to machine quilt my runner I discovered they were selling out of all their Anchor threads. Normally they are priced at 89c a skein - today they were 25c!
Anchor are my favourite threads to stitch with, so...

And isn't it great when you have in your possession a $40 off voucher?
When I left Spotlight I had 340 skeins, which after using the voucher cost me just 17c each, a total investment of just under $58.
I was served by the lovely Jennie, who had to scan every skein individually and smiled the entire time. Now that is the nicest service you can ever receive. Thanks Jennie!
Mr E was mighty impressed as thread is my most essential tool of trade and economy is pretty important at the moment...

I also found a few fat quarters at Spotlight to match these gorgeous green vintage buttons I've been waiting to use. I see a sweet sewing set in my imagination and I think I may have threads to match, don't you?

Time was also spent chilling out with Mr E watching his favourite DVD boxed set...

...and naturally I stitched at the same time. You get that, right?

Working my way through the 26 blocks in my new free Block of the Week, which starts here on the blog on Monday June 8th...

Found a new magazine that I *love* and which had my writer's heart pretty much captured forever by page 3...

And you know it's so nice for me to make something I didn't design, so I spent $2 on this gorgeous pdf pattern to make Jane's 'Nested Churn Dash' which finishes up at 24 inches square...

Thought I'd use my bag of Tilda scraps and if I have enough I might make two, or three blocks - perhaps finishing as an end-of-bed runner?

If you're interested in this block, Jane is hosting a "Nested Churn Dash Quilt-along" on her blog, so you may want to drop by HERE and check it out. It starts on June 1st, and Jane has ten of her favourite quilters also playing along. They will be sewing mini quilts of their own from her block design!

And WHERE would I be without FRIENDS?
Last Friday I drove up the mountain to spend time with Heather, Barb and Michelle - a day of side splitting laughter with dearest buddies. Perfect medicine for the blues if you ask me. 
We ate well, in between stitching of course. Actually, we always do...

I'd best start looking for a place to store all those threads. I think a couple of drawers with dividers might be worth experimenting with...



  1. So glad to catch up with what you have been doing. Don;t you just love a super bargain.

  2. What a wonderful week. Blossoms cake is quite cute as is your sewing. i am glad to hear someone got to enjoy their spotlight. The 4+ hour drive to our closest is just too far for me.

  3. That pie of mine was yummy and you didn't tell everyone you had the first bite of it ! LOL ! Glad to share with you my friend. Always great to preview your wonderful creations. We are so blessed to have you in our lives!

  4. My goodness - what a wonderful post! The food looks so yummy….and I'm so looking forward to the "Block of the Week"!
    Take care

  5. As always...there's so much that's good in your posts Jenny :) Happy Birthday to Blossom! That cake looks soooo good! Glad you got to spend time with your that a lemon meringue that looks so scrummy? What a great bargain for you! We don't have a Spotlight here..... but if we had I'm pretty sure that they would have seen me there very very often! Do you not wind your anchor threads on bobbins?

  6. I so enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I'm glad to see you back. You were busy during your time off! What a good deal on the floss. I also discovered that magazine awhile ago and really enjoyed it.
    Have a great week!

  8. Gosh, now there' s a sweet wifely thing to do.....watching that, bit like me, the WT and The Lord of the Rings, lol!

    Glad to see you back and I will take as many posts as you can write without you feeling pressured, then it's no fun. What a bargain on threads. I often send a care package back to the UK of is a ridiculous price there, well all the threads are.

    Happy Birthday, Miss B!

  9. Good for you, take your time and create those pretty things! Love them! Hugs

  10. Jenny, Love your posts. Blossom's cake looks delicious! Wow, nice stash find!

    Patricia C

  11. Boy do I understand the need for down time. I've discovered that blogging can very quickly take over things and become a have-to instead of a want-to. So much goodness happening for you in your down time. Good, healthy things: time with family and friends, eating well, doing the things you love. So very excited about your new project and your red and grey is absolutely gorgeous. You always give us so much to look forward to. :) Love and hugs.

  12. Think that's a good idea. No need to burn yourself out.

    I don't know how you manage to fit so much in to your week! Take some more time for yourself Jenny!

  13. So glad you will still be around 50% of the time! HA!HA! Those threads! Those fabrics! That pie! I am drooling!

    You are such an inspiration, Jenny! Off to do a little stitching. I am using one of your patterns to make a pillow for my oldest daughter for her birthday in June.

    Keep the faith!

  14. Oh, forgot to say Happy Birthday to Blossom!

  15. Oh my you have been a busy busy girl. What a fabulous deal you got on the embroidery threads. Wow how exciting so many new threads at once. Now time to sort and organize....enjoy it...I know you will. Hugs that you have a lovely upcoming weekend.

  16. Well what bargains you received and i just love what you have been busy making.

  17. A lovely post filled with good things - the thread deal is wonderful, laughter with friends and family refreshing and time with God inspiring.

  18. Whoa! that is an awesome bargain on the threads! Happy Birthday Blossom!

  19. What a FABULOUS score! Even my local thrift store only sells them for $.25! Enjoy all the wonderful hours of stitching that they will bring.

  20. A great post Jenny, love those fabrics and isn't a good feeling to get such bargains with the threads, I also purchased some last weekend when in Melb for a quick road trip visit to see friend, funnily Spotlight was more convenient there for me than home, though I did get lost, overwhelmed, bought 20 or so threads and they had been picked over well in that shop, great colours in your collection, and wasn't it great having $40 voucher, allowed me a return visit before we left Melb on Monday for some pieces of homespun I may need in future. Lovely fat quarters you purchased too I will have to try and look more artistically, hopefully learning as I go along, maybe selecting one and building. Looks like you had a wonderful week of change, doing what needed and you wanted to be done and wonderful to spend time with friends and yummy food.
    Thank you an all the best, Judithann :-)

    1. Wanted to add Happy Birthday greetings to Blossom, hope she has a great year ahead and all her wishes come true, oh and that gorgeous princess cake makes me want to eat cake too. Judithann :-)

  21. Happy to see your time away is helping you heal. Happy Belated Birthday to Blossom. Great haul on the Anchor floss. It is always great when you find that perfect something that you have been holding on to, but don't know what you are going to do with it. Glad to see you back.


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