Monday, June 30, 2014

Block 4!

Thank you for the lovely emails many of you have sent me, every one excited about stitching this Lord's Prayer quilt!

Today I have block 4 for you to download, "hallowed"....

That one word says so much, doesn't it?

~ hallowed : to render or treat as holy ~
This word appears only once in the New Testament, here in the Lord's Prayer. 

Block 4 is a free download HERE 

I received some photos via email this week too!
Colleen Speed has finished the first two blocks and I have to say that I love her choice of fabrics!

Kim McCool has also made a beautiful start, choosing to change from my use of the Geneva Bible to her own favourite version of the Lord's Prayer (I've added an alphabet to the pattern so you can do the same!)...

Ava Wright sent me a photo of the soft floral fabrics and thread she is using for this project...

...and Karla Caldwell showed me the richer tones of her wine and olive fabric choices too.

I can't wait to see how these come together after all 26 blocks have been shared - such a variety of colour schemes, and all so very lovely.

If you'd like to have your block or fabric photo for The Lord's Prayer Stitchalong featured here on my Monday blog post it's as simple as sending me an email.

Have a wonderful new week everyone!
See you tomorrow with an idea I had for using those lengths of leftover quilt binding...



  1. This is really looking beautiful! I love "Hallowed" and the flower!

  2. Thank you for the new block.

    It is so nice to see other's progress and beautiful fabrics. Very nice ladies.

  3. So pretty and always looking forward to the next section! :)

  4. I can hardly wait to start the fourth block!!

  5. They are all so pretty!!! I really like Colleen's color choice, too! Beautiful design, Jenny!

  6. Everyone's projects and fabric, threads look great...Good combinations ladies. Thank you Jenny for Hallowed


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