Thursday, August 14, 2014

Brown paper packages, and sunset...

First off, let me tell you that as a rule I rarely enter giveaways.
I host them here on my blog, but don't feel quite right about entering them on blogs I follow.
But you know the thing about personal rules? Occasionally you break them.

I'll back track a little...

Many years ago I purchased some of Lila Tueller's "Woodland Bloom" after falling madly in love with it. I made a quilt and a bag, and saved the rest for a rainy day. Last year I used some of the leftovers to make a gift for Wendy, which also became the fabrics 'shining' in my Moment to Shine button (I finally remembered to add it to my sidebar)...

So you see, I kind of have a soft spot for a bit of Lila Tueller fabric.
Recently Lila had a giveaway on her blog. I wasn't interested in first prize, but I was very excited about possibly winning second because it was a bundle of fabrics from a few of her fabric releases.
And you know what? Dreams do come true.

A few weeks later the postie delivered a parcel from the USA...

...and waiting inside were...


Blessed. Blessed. Blessed.

Some people are storm chasers. We are not them.
We are, however, sunset chasers....or at least we're becoming sunset chasers.
Last night Mr E drove us to the top of Hervey's Range to watch a cloudy sunset fall over Townsville...

It's quite breathtaking to look down upon the valley from the mountain, and over the course of just twenty minutes our cameras captured the sky changing from muddy grey and blue...


...until a hint of orange tinged the curves of the clouds.

Then, the final glorious red curtain fell...

We're thinking of chasing a sunrise tomorrow.
I wonder if we could chase moonbeams too?
And shooting stars...



  1. Congratulations on a win of really gorgeous fabric

  2. What a wonderful surprise and lovely fabric.
    Thanks for the sunset pictures, beautiful.

  3. Gorgeous fabric and gorgeous sunset.

  4. Very pretty sunset! And a very nice winning:)

  5. Beautiful fabrics! Blessed indeed. Sunsets are the best - I am not such an early riser to see the sun rises.

  6. Congrats on your win!! Thank you for sharing your lovely photos.

  7. congrats on your win. Lovely pictures.

  8. Oh Jenny I just bet your heart was beating really fast when you opened that gorgeous brown paper package & saw all those fabrics inside. Mine was beating pretty fast just reading your post !!! Congrats - you so deserve the win with all that you share. Beautiful sunset, I love them too x0x

  9. Hi Jen,isnt it awesome when dreams come true,oh those pics are magic jen,hope you have a lovely day my friend.xx

  10. Well you never know Jenny, keep chasing and can definitely see a great photo book. Congratulations on your win, beautiful fabric, and thank you for the link back to an older post showing all those beautiful items, love the wall hanging gift you made, gorgeous. Thank you for sharing, Judithann :-)

  11. An absolutely breathtaking sunset Jenny! Chasing moonbeams and shooting stars and rainbows is what keeps the soul young and hopeful :) And what a fabulous load of bright and cheery fabrics! I have no doubt you will create something really gorgeous with them :)

  12. Very lovely sunset and great fabric win
    Hugs x

  13. What a beautiful sunset to capture!! I can understand why you'd want to do it more often - The Lord certainly does enjoy painting a dazzlingly gorgeous display just before the day's end in which to bless us humble few who'll take the time to stop and take it in!! ... And congratulations on the fabric win sweetie!! I look forward to seeing what your creative mind comes up with for such pretties!!! Bet it is spinning away on overtime!!! Hugs xxx

  14. Oh those fabrics are beautiful! So too are your pictures!

  15. Lovely sunset picture. Lovely package to have. I last spring was gifted to win some lovely fabrics in much the same colors. By carefully adding matching solids and white I have extended the win into three baby girl quilts. The first is ready for me to quilt this afternoon. Have fun with the fabrics. I especially love the bird one and hope I find some of that here on this side of the world.

  16. Yes! You can chase all those things! Gorgeous sunset pictures. I see one every once in a while here that's worth photography, but I'm out of the habit of carrying my camera around everywhere. In the desert, it was a nightly treat, but here, it's rare. Yes, the sun sets every day, but it rarely has beautiful colors. No dust in the air, I'm told, and I believe it with all the rain. Congratulations on winning exactly what your heart desired! Beautiful fabrics.

  17. This Sunset is so worthy of you chasing it. Beyond Beautiful!

  18. Beautiful.... Love th4e fabric and the photos....Enjoy your win.

  19. What a gorgeous collection of fabrics - so pleased for you. I love sunsets - and sunrises. I have a growing collection of pictures too. Yours was super. xx

  20. Congrats on winning the fabric that you love!! I love your "fire in the sky" picture - looks like many sunsets here on the farm!!! Gorgeous!!! God definitely paints with a master's hand :)


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