Tuesday, August 26, 2014

More colour and fussy cutting...

There was no adventuring for Mr E and I this last weekend.
We have a sick motorbike that needed attention and it became a rather huge undertaking as the more Mr E dug into the engine, the more troubles he was met with. I'm so thankful he is a mechanic by trade...

No matter what, though, he always has a smile for me. xx

Whilst Mr E continued with the bike repairs I wandered around the garden to find colour.
Specifically, I was looking for colours which nature had provided as a contrast to green, and in my garden this last week of winter it appears pink and red rule!


I also found this little guy and studied his personal apparel for colour combination, but it was his cute little spots that caught my eye! He almost looks like a living button...

So why was I outside searching for green companion colours?
Design inspiration!
 Here's the result...

And I think I see a new opportunity for more fussy cutting...

The floral is a print from "Sew Cherry" by Lori Holt, and the green pindot is from "Ruby" by Bonnie & Camille. Both orphan fabrics from my stash - and I think perhaps twins separated at birth. Aren't they a perfect pair?!

When I finished my photo expedition and the subsequent fabric foraging it was time for some lazy Sunday baking. A pot of tea and some fresh sour cherry scones for lunch...

...but before we had our simple meal outside on the back deck, I remembered I'd not yet shown you what I'd made with the small pile of leftover scraps of grey and red fabric from the Gratitude Bag tutorial I shared back in May (here). 
I'd used them to make this little table runner for the middle of our old outdoor table, so before I put out the lunch these photos were quickly snapped...

Because I only had narrow lengths of the fabric to work with, and barely any red, these six feature blocks are just 5" square. The small pieces of red tonal actually gave the simple table topper some pop which may have been lost if more red had been used. It finished at 17" x 10" - perfect for where it sits.
There are three Shoo Fly...

...and three with a 1" red square in the centre of a floral border.

It's amazing what you can make from scraps, isn't it?!
I'd best away to that fussy cutting...oh, what will I make I wonder...

TOMORROW: Drop by and meet my very first guest blogger! 
You are going to love her...I promise. ;-)



  1. I love that fabric by Lori Holt and the green dot. I'm sure you'll make something cute with them:) Hope the bikes get fixed soon!

  2. What a beautiful Table Runner!! It looks so pretty and inviting on your table!
    Would you post your scone recipe again? It looks so delicious - I tried it once from a previous post, but somehow it didn't turn out - not sure what I did wrong. Thanks so much!!

  3. I love and have some of that fabric! LOL Whatever you make with it will be awesome!

  4. Thank you Jenny, very creative you are, love the fabrics and your table runner, very inspiring with what is possible. Have fun, Judithann :-)

  5. You are very lucky Mr.E is a mechanic. Looks like you still had a nice adventure around your home. Your orphans will make lovely companions. Love the table runner.

  6. The table runner is lovely Jenny, I've never made one - on my "to do" list.

  7. The colours in your garden is so beautiful! Love that red.
    That fabric is so cheery...I just know you'll make something amazing with it!
    Now...it's breakfast time here in South Africa and I feel like scones.....wonder why that is? :D

  8. Love the fabrics, can't wait to see what you make and those scones look so yummy!

  9. Hi jen what a bummer with the biuke hope Mr E fixes it without to much trouble.Love your flower shots and look at that blue sky and wow that table runner is awesome and i so love the colours that you have made it in,enjoy your evening my friend.xx

  10. I can smell the scones........ Beautiful runner too; can't wait to see more fussy cutting xx

  11. Sour cherry scones sound delicious! I usually go for orange, but sour cherry would be one I would love, I know. The table runner is wonderful from those scraps. I like it's simplicity very much. Scraps are the best thing, and somehow I don't have to work very hard to get a lot of them. =) Mr. E. is such a good match for you - talented and creative in different ways - and smiling!

  12. I love everything about this post. You have the most beautiful foliage and bugs. Such a unique little creature.

  13. Oh my that foliage is eye popping....Love all the colors. And your table runner is gorgeous.

  14. Fabulous photos and your little bug is charming.


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