Thursday, August 28, 2014

New things in design and life...

One thing I have discovered about myself these last couple of years is that a deep shock and trauma can tip your health over the edge and if you have little or no emotional or physical support from people outside the situation it is very difficult to consciously make yourself a priority. 

Mr E and I have seen our health dip quite dramatically since 2012 and after much prayer, education and soul searching have made the decision to get 'real' with recovering our vitality and physical health that we may best serve the Lord and our family in the future. 

A couple of real eye openers were these dvds...

...and a book I'm reading about reversing auto-immune diseases (both Mr E and I have Hashimotos Disease)...

This week I've been undergoing a personally directed detox with raw vegetable juices and  nutriblasts, plus lots of herbal teas that have actually been quite delicious...

...especially these! No sugars or anything artificial, just wonderful flavours and oh, so easy on the digestive system.

This year I'd already made a big (for me) change by cutting off my long hair and letting it grow through 'natural'. After twenty years of habitually dying it each month I cannot express the delight of never having to use those nasty toxic chemicals anymore. In fact, I genuinely love my hair as it is now with it's shock of white across the front. Don't you love bathroom selfies?! LOL!!...

And can you see the t-shirt I'm wearing? I bought a few from Target that feature motivational messages and wear them every day with my black workout pants and my joggers because it's important that I inspire myself to better things. This one says "always rise to the challenge" and right now my challenge to is give health a priority ranking in life and not to feel guilty about it...

We do eat quite healthy as a rule, but we eat too much,  plus we add a good serve of sugar and refined carbs on the side far more than we should.
I'm sitting at the heaviest I have ever weighed in my life right now, 78 kilograms (172 pounds for my non-metric readers),  and as I'm a mere 5'1" tall that's a heck of weight to balance on my knees - hence the torn patella tendon a few months back. 
I'm not ashamed to confess my weight to you - it's a health issue I'm choosing to confront and part of that is telling you I have it. 
So I think you can see why I'm taking the path of detox this week and then carefully balancing my everyday food intake from next week and into the years ahead. I desire to be free from disease as much as I personally have control over it  - through food choices and exercise, my mental and emotional and spiritual health, and a sprinkling of accountability and encouragement.
And the best part?
Mr E is along this path with me. x

Whilst my body is ridding itself of nasty toxins during my detox this week I'm taking things easier and resting a lot in order to avoid unnecessary physical stress because this body is stressed enough right now.
In fact this time of rest has been remarkable in sparking new designs for my September Christmas pattern release! There are five patterns in the set, all with a single theme. Here's a few sneak peeks...

I can't wait to complete this set and show you, so I guess I'd best sign off this post and get back to them.

bless ya heaps, and have a happy, healthy and smiling day..


  1. Jenny, it's a tough thing for a giving mom to put herself first but a wise doctor told me that when you listen to the safety blurb on the airplane, they always tell you to place your own oxygen mask first before you can help others.I wish you well and will continue to read for inspiration. I am on a similar path although we may not be using the same plan, the desired outcome is the same.

  2. Good for you... I hope you share some of this health journey with us. I have started exercising and trying to eat better but it is a struggle. You fall back into bad habits quickly. Best of luck to you and your hubby.

  3. Jenny, Your health plan looks quite delicious. I am inspired to follow your example. I also love your new hair. I think it makes you look younger. I always tell people my blond (not silver) streaks are God's gift. As a (former) red head, my hair has just become lighter and lighter. Best wishes to you both for a healthy happy future.

  4. Thank you for the first paragraphs in this post. They have stated in a way I could never do for myself just what has been happening to me. They jumped off the screen and into my head and I see things so differently with this new viewpoint. Again, thank you.

  5. I'm really interested to see where your health journey leads. Please keeps us updated through your blog!b

  6. Very interesting Jenny, you have put a lot of thought into this plan and I wish you and Mr E well, you will succeed. I love my Nutriblasts and grandson loves a green smoothie whereas he won't eat green veges plus some others, lol. I formed a daily habit of doing a few stretching and easy beneficial exercises last year and walked and felt so good for it, just the stretching helps, stretching the muscles, breath better, posture improved etc, but its too easy to get out of the routine and I keep saying got to do it, so hopefully your post will help inspire that. I find when I am in the crafting mode I feel like I put weight on/and or feel very unfit. Its achieving a good balance, is all that's needed, and obviously making the wise food choices. Winter often brings craving for carbs too, and once hooked becomes habit. Your natural hair looks lovely, suits you, same for me. More money for craft too, lol. Thank you and bless you Jenny, Judithann :-)

  7. I have been on a health journey for about a year and a half. I had some extra weight and some other health issues that needed to be addressed. I am so glad I did. Now my moods don't swing as easily, and I'm able to view things differently. And I know that my faith in Jesus helped me on this journey. I lost about 35 pounds and have been able to keep it off. I used a book called Trim Healthy Mama, which is similar to paleo dieting with a few differences. It shows you how to combine foods to benefit your body the most and lose weight. You may want to check it out. Sisters wrote the book, they're Christians, and they have a website, plus facebook. It's great that you and your husband are on this journey together, and I pray that your health will improve as you take this journey.

  8. Hi Michelle, so happy that you have found what works for you and that the Lord is guiding you! \o/
    I have had the THM book since it was first published and use some of the things to my advantage (love the Singing Canary as it is perfect for adrenals which are in need with Hashimotos) but I know it's not the path my husband and I want to take 'as a whole'. Like you, God is guiding. Be blessed dear lady! x

  9. I certainly hear you about the health issues.

    Miss H is already in love with the Christmas stitcheries - red and aqua.

  10. Wishing you all the best in your journey.

  11. Interesting post, will rad again later to really adsorb it. And great pic of you, you look just like Blossom! I love your hair, I think it is great.

  12. It's funny that you should write about your health journey to day because today is the day I have decided to do something similar. With the threat of diabetes looming I thought I had better start NOW!
    Your Christmas stitching is so pretty. I'm not ready to give up our summer, but I do love holiday stitching!

  13. Thanks for sharing.. My husband and I are facing the same thing... I hope you will continue to share your tips and thoughts. Thanks for the inspiration .

  14. Thanks for sharing.. My husband and I are facing the same thing... I hope you will continue to share your tips and thoughts. Thanks for the inspiration .

  15. We have to learn the hard way that we are not made up of separate independent pieces, that our body & mind & soul is a "global" wholistic interconnected system. A shock to the mind/spirit can throw us out of balance & show up in poor physical health. And then it's a struggle to find the balance again. The first step is recognizing that we are out of balance and taking steps to address it. I am so happy for you :) a couple of years ago I received a deep spiritual wound that tipped me out of balance. After much work I am nearly back to good.

  16. I'm always happy to see people dealing with health issues by eating healthier and exercising and not just depending on pills to take care of things. I've been watching what I eat and exercising regularly for the last year and it's made a huge difference in my life. I also added yoga recently and that's been tremendous. I was reluctant to try at first because I'm 66, have arthritis and I'm a pretty large woman - I can't believe the difference it's made and it's low impact, which is perfect for me. Good luck to you and your husband going forward!
    Love the sneak peaks of your new designs - you are a very talented lady.

  17. Oh...and in the North, we call those grey hairs "Arctic Blonds" lol!

  18. Good luck with your new eating plan, healthy is good.

    Thanks for the peek at your new design!

    Patricia C

  19. Kuddos to you for going natural with your hair. I used to color mine too but stopped. Then I colored it again this past May and had trouble recognizing myself in the mirror!! So the last time I had it cut I went real short. I need one more appointment for a short cut and I think I will be back to salt and pepper. Love your hair!

  20. yo te deseo mucho mucho ánimo a ti. Yo creo que es una excelente decisión , y yo pienso que tu trabajas mucho y te mereces cuidarte mucho también. Gracias por tu blog. Besos.

  21. Ah Jenny - here on "the other side of the world" I, too am choosing to live a healthier lifestyle. Although I do not have large weight issue I have knee & leg problems (partly due to the serious accident suffered in the past) so the extra weight needs to go. Life is way to short to be hurting most of the time because one can't seem to get the message.
    Good luck on your journey & my prayers are with you & yours (as I know yours will be for me & mine).
    Love those designs.

  22. It is so much more encouraging when you have a partner in a life change! So glad you and Mr. E are working together on this - it will help both of you stay on track and resist temptation in all its forms!!! May God richly bless you, as you have blessed us - who knows who you have inspired with this post and who will be going along this path with you...silently and far away!

  23. Thank You for sharing your journey of getting healthier.
    Look forward to seeing you christmas

  24. You are such an inspiration Jenny, taking charge of your own health...

  25. I love your hair, Jenny. Detox is good, but I have to do those things without tea. I'm so excited about the sneaky peeks of your Christmas patterns. Between yours and Wendy's, I'll be stitching for the next year! =) I might need more hankie linen! Hint, hint. =)

  26. I just want to thank you for being such an inspiration!! You don't know how much your blog has helped me.

    You have encouraged me to pick up my embroidery needle again and have inspired me to want to get back to quilting.

    I am also the same height as you and am at the heaviest I have ever been. Now we too are in the process of getting back on track to healthy eating and exercise.

    I wish you and Mr.E all the best on your healthy journey.

  27. Hi Jenny,

    Good for you. I was diagnosed with Graves' disease 3 years ago and since then I have been trying it take better care of myself. Good healthy food, exercise and good sleep. I struggle some times of course and am no where near perfect in my plan but I am trying. best wishes to you and your husband in your journey. Don't you wonder how your thyroid all of a sudden goes out of whack! I certainly do. I am no spring chicken and yes, I stopped dyeing my hair too!


  28. How very smart and brave of you and Mr. E to put your health at the top of the list. I just know you both will succeed and feel ever so much better. I embarked on my journey a few years ago and I am proud to say I am doing well. Oh there are set-backs that I cannot control and of course I still indulge too much in the sugar department however my weight is a lot better and as a result I have much more energy. Congratulations Dear for putting yourself first...

  29. Wishing you health and happiness in your new endeavor. It is a big decision which might be hard at time but I know you and your hubby will do great.
    I really like your hair natural and short.
    congrats on the new grandbaby.

  30. Love the new hair colour sis! and that Xmas stitchery.... looks sublime - can't wait to see it! xo

  31. Hello Jenny, looking good dear girl! Can you tell me where I may get the red material with hearts on it that the sneak peak has of hexagon shapes you have coming up for Christmas designs shown on this page? Hugs Bet

  32. God Bless as you start your detox journey!


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