Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Show and Tell...

Time to share photos that have arrived in recent emails of Elefantz projects some of my readers have made! These are always fun because I get to see what fabrics, colours, and tweaks you make to my originals...

Ju made a cute phone cosy from this tutorial...

Heather was quick off the mark with my new 12 week Shabby Roses Churn Dash stitchalong! 
Love her colours for block 1...

...and she also stitched "The Sparrow" (available here)...

...and followed my tutorial to make a pincushion!

 Karen made a pretty fabric basket from this tutorial...

Lin also made a lovely basket!

Maureen made a beautiful basket of "Sweet Somethings" mini pillows...
(the pattern for these little pillows of affirmation is here)

Illene made my Sweet Rose bag design from 2010 'sing' in purple!

Tammy has been very busy stitching four tutorial designs (all are in my shop as free downloads)...

I also received more photos of fabric choices for the Lord's Prayer Stitchalong -
From Joy, some cheery 'sidewalk cafe'...

...and from Dequita, a pretty spread of Nancy Halvorsen!

Thank you ladies, it's very encouraging to see what you're doing with Elefantz Designs in your own way!



  1. Olá Jenny,
    Muita gentileza postar uma foto do que fiz inspirada em sua criação! Obrigada, você é um amor e seu elogio é muito importante!

  2. Such lovely work. Great job everyone!

  3. everything is so pretty,well done ladies.xx

  4. Wow! lots of people have been busy making lovely things from your patterns - how nice!

  5. Such beuatiful stitcheries!! Just gorgeous! You touch so many lives Jenny :)

  6. What pretty projects they have made. It inspires me, thanks ladies for sharing and Jenny.

    Patricia C

  7. Ladies, you have all inspired me to "get to it." Like you,I love all of Jenny's ideas...wish she was my neighbour!

  8. What a lovely collection Jenny - you are such an inspiration! My basket now has a matching pincushon/scissor keep. xx

  9. Everyones projects look so pretty. You inspire so many of us Jenny.


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