Saturday, August 2, 2014

Sweet web projects I found...

Before I begin the actual blog post I want to say something from my heart - thank you...
You give me such wonderful feedback on my blog posts, designs, tutorials and ideas - and you know, it's that encouragement which daily inspires me. When you leave a comment to a blog post you validate my desire to create beautiful things, and though I try to respond to every comment (via email) it's those who are 'no reply blogger' who miss out on my gratitude, so if you're one of those lovely ladies who leave comments here but don't want to disclose your email address let me say to you today, "thank you, you've blessed me".

About once a month I take a couple of hours on a Friday or Saturday night and do a bit of blog hopping. It's not as often as I'd like, but when these opportunities occur my personal level of awe and inspiration goes nuts. There is seriously so much talent out there in Craft-dom, and today I thought I'd share a few blogs, tools and projects that caught my eye last night...

Rose at Threadbare is sharing a gorgeous mini quilt pattern and her choice of fabrics made me swoon!
She has named it the Star Cluster and by visiting her blog here you can download her free pattern...

Sweet and generous Cori Blunt is spending a year with her readers teaching them to do the most exquisite needleturn applique with a series of free patterns to make a kitchen themed quilt! Her "Become a Stitching Queen in 2014" will have you polishing up old applique skills and learning new ones. Her tutorials are very detailed, and  she makes it look so darn easy. You'll have to scroll through her posts here (not many, so you'll find them quickly) to gather the blocks shared so far. I love these jam jars...

Have you been bitten by the 'hexie' bug that I'm seeing all across Blogworld?
Take a look at this needlebook made by Natalie from Sewing Room Secrets. She shows how to put the outer cover together but not the inside, however, it's fairly easy to work out the rest yourself. Take a look over here - I think I see a triple row of hexies in your future...

Lisa and Sarah over at Spoonful of Sugar shared a tutorial to make a pretty crochet-edged hand towel, and it's suddenly jumped to the top of my to-make list for August. Maybe it's the Tilda fabric trim? Maybe it's the crochet? Maybe it's Tilda and crochet side by side! And then there's those sweet little red spots...anyhow, I fell in love.
You can make your own by following this tutorial...

Do you ever wonder how much binding you'll need to finish your quilt? I came across this site recently and it's so simple to work out because you just type in the size of your quilt, the width of your binding and the width of your fabric, and voila - you have the magic number!
Visit Quilters Paradise here and take advantage of their free electronic Binding Calculator...

Mr E and I are looking at increasing the amount of Paleo recipes in our menu at the moment, especially after a recent relapse into gluten foods and the ensuing weight gain, bloating, and tummy upsets. We were not well.
For a treat this weekend I'm going to make Cassy's paleo Blueberry Scones - they look delicious and the 'flour' is really just cashews. Her recipe and tutorial are here...

 I think that's enough to keep us all busy for a little while, don't you?


Congratulations to Linda from Jusmom1 who won my little birdie door hanger...

It will be winging it's way across the ocean to the USA next week.
Thank you to everyone who entered.

Before I go, let me show you the beautiful earrings Mr E gave me last night. We were wandering through the night markets down on the Strand and all the stall holders were about to pack up for the evening, but then we lingered to browse over my favourite silver jewellery stand on the way out; the one I usually swoon over and walk past empty handed, but this time it was different...

...surprised, blessed, loved.


  1. Congrats to Linda. Those are beautiful ear rings - lucky you!
    Great sharing from other blogs too. Have a great weekend!

  2. You are such a sweetie to share such beautiful projects. I adore them all. Those blueberry scones look delicious. How very wonderful of your Mr. E to treat you with those lovely silver earrings. Love is the answer...

  3. Actually Jenny ... thanks must go to YOU for all the pleasure your blog brings & the wonderful tutorials you share with us all. I always enjoy my visit to your blog no matter what you are posting about.
    Congratulations to Linda for winning your lovely giveaway. And those silver earings ... just beautiful. What a lovely gesture. Happy Weekend to you Jenny x0x0

  4. Thank you so much for sharing my free pattern Jenny, that was so lovely of you :) xx

  5. You are the one that inspires. Thanks for sharing with me and your ear rings are beautiful.

    have a great weekend.

  6. Jenny - what great sharing - and lovely earrings.
    Congrats to the winner, too! Lucky, Lucky Girl ;)

  7. Oh my! I was just looking at that exact same crochet edge tutorial last night! I need to know how to crochet!! It is my one stumbling point when it comes to needlearts!! But I love those vintage edging on tea towels and pillowcases-swoon!
    Those earrings are lovely-I adore silver so much!

  8. As usual...such perfect timing! Dear Hubby and I are trying to do a Paleo diet. I have been DYING for blueberry scones and have a container of blueberries in my fridge. I have walked out to the kitchen to make scones twice...and my will-power won and I walked back out of the room. Thank you. Now my will-power and I will both win!

  9. As usual...such perfect timing! Dear Hubby and I are trying to do a Paleo diet. I have been DYING for blueberry scones and have a container of blueberries in my fridge. I have walked out to the kitchen to make scones twice...and my will-power won and I walked back out of the room. Thank you. Now my will-power and I will both win!

  10. Thank you for these links Jenny - I love the needlebook and the mini quilt. xx

  11. Thank you for all the great links Jenny! You always have such lovely interesting goings ons here :)
    Congratulations to Linda -what a beautiful prize!
    Those earrings....beautiful!
    Have a lovely, blessed day tomorrow ...or is that today in Australia :)

  12. Thank you for the lovely projects in Blogdom you shared. Love that needle book for sure. And I love your earrings. Those are gorgeous.

  13. From my heart I thank you Jenny, for your generosity in sharing all that you share, I agree with the above comments. You have inspired me, though is sometimes difficult with family&life, trying to achieve lots and being nowhere near as fast a worker as your dear self, so many ideas, thank you for the links too and the recipe will definitely appeal with my G F daughter and family, must admit my tum feels better for it too. Hope you and Mr E get your health back on track, so easy to stray with all the yummies out there, pity G F isn't more widely offered as there are many good options. Beautiful earrings too. Thank you and hope you have a peaceful rest of weekend, Judithann :-)

  14. As usual, lovely work. Really love your choice in fabric and colors.
    Hope you and Mr E are feeling better soon.
    Barb :)

  15. Hallo Jenny,
    das sind ja wunderschöne Sachen die du uns da zeigst. Ich werde auf jeden Fall mal bei den verschiedenen Blogs vorbeischauen. Tolle Sachen.
    Und deine Ohrringe sind sehr schön, viel Spaß beim Tragen.
    Liebe Grüße Annerose

  16. Thank you Jenny for sharing my little hexie needle caddy on your beautiful blog. That was very sweet of you. Natalie xx

  17. Hope you have had a wonderful weekend! The blueberry scones look amazing - must give them a try.


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