Friday, August 1, 2014

The 12 week Shabby Roses Churn Dash invitation!

Late in 2012 I designed and stitched an embroidered version of my very first quilt design...

It was large, 10" x 15", and so pretty in the softest pastels...

 But you know, nearly two years have passed since then and my style and colours have changed a bit. I'm a little brighter and happier with fabric choices these days...

So you know what I've done?
I've given those twelve small designs that were inside the larger Shabby Roses Stitchery a new lease on life; a fresh Moment to Shine!

Over 12 Fridays I am going to be embroidering and piecing my little stitcheries into the centres of bright and cheery 7" Churn Dash blocks!

Would you like to join in? 
The finished blocks will be sashed and made up into a 27" x 35" quilt. 
The fabrics I've chosen are...

Each Friday for twelve weeks I will put one new stitchery in my shop as a $2 purchase so you can stitch right along with me and make all twelve, or you can pick and choose just a few.  It's up to you. :-)

OR you can purchase the original full stitchery pattern (top of this post) which already has the twelve small blocks we'll be using along the way!
Both are HERE in my shop today as instant pdf downloads.


As this is the first Friday I'll take you through the process of framing Block 1, "Peace", inside a 7" churn dash. This block tutorial will be the base for all 12 blocks so you can run ahead if you have the larger pattern, or wander along with me over 12 weeks if you want to take your time and gather the individual designs one by one.  
In fact, I might veer off and make some different blocks (with tutorials) but for now the plan is to use all Churn Dash.
On October 17th I'll share the assembly instructions for the whole quilt. 

Note: The small weekly individual patterns have a list of threads used and all the fabric requirements inside.

So enough of my chit chat, let's make the block!

You will need...

Trim the Peace block to 3 1/2 inches square.

Draw a diagonal line behind the two floral 2 7/8 inch squares;  lay them face down on the coral squares of the same size; sew a 1/4 inch seam down both sides of the line; cut along the line; open out the sections and press your four half-square triangle blocks open...

Sew a 1 3/4 inch strip of the floral fabric to a 1 1/4 inch strip of the coral fabric.
Make three more of these.
Press the seams open...

Sew two of these pieces down the sides of the Peace block, the coral edge next to the stitchery...

Assemble the remaining six pieces into two rows of three, one above and one below the stitchery section.
Sew them together...

Final step - sew the three rows together!

So what do you think? Will you join in?
Leave a comment if you are because it's so nice to stitch in a group of friends, and if you have a blog we can all come visit you!

I'm drawing THIS giveaway later today and will announce the winner tomorrow.
 Hurry over and enter while you still have might win!



  1. Olá Jenny,

  2. Ohh I really love the looks of this new twist of the orginal design....

  3. What a great idea! You are always coming up with the best ideas.

  4. Love your makeover. Very cute. Wish I could join in, but I already have too much piled up. Look forward to seeing it progress.

  5. Looking forward to this stitch-a-long. I enjoyed the Daisy Days stitch-a-long. Thanks for doing it.

  6. I just love all of your patterns. I would love to stitch this pattern. Thank you.

  7. I'm looking for a new project and here it is!

  8. Perfect timing. I needed some hand work to do at the fair. Our county fair is going on these 2 1/2 weeks and I offered to sit a session at our quilt guild's booth and tell people about the guild. In between we sew on whatever we bring.I'll prep this, figure out my colors and be ready to stitch away.

  9. I just love this Jenny! I'm not quite confident to start a project this big will be drooling over the next 12 weeks :)

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  11. Oh Jenny, I love this idea AND your choice of fabrics and of course my favorite block, the Churn Dash. I'm going to do my best to join in as I already have everything I need including the stitchery patterns. Thanks so much for sharing your gifts of such beautiful talent and inspiration with us. Keeping you and yours always in my thoughts and prayers. Big Hugzzzz..... (Nancy Jo)

  12. ciao Jenny i tuoi lavori sono bellissimi, mi piacerebbe partecipare.
    grazie Dorella

  13. I would love to work on this project. Probably won't have time to do the complete set but I will try.

  14. I just love the colors that you picked for this project. This has always been one of my favorite quilts.

  15. Thank you Jenny - this is a lovely block that I am definitely making. xx

  16. Oh my - another stitching project I can't live without - THANK YOU, Jenny!!

  17. Alô jenny, que trabalho maravilhoso! Você tem sido fonte de inspiração prá mim e muitas outras!
    Parabéns pelo capricho, está lindo.
    Que Deus continue abençoando suas mãos (e tudo mais também!).
    bjsss, Eva

  18. That is lovely & as you say different from the original. Love them both!

  19. Ooh, so pretty ! I love your choice in fabrics and flosses! These are beautiful designs!

  20. Peace and sew pretty. Why can't we all live in Peace! Blissful Peace...

  21. Hi Jenny, I already downloaded the first block and I can't wait to get started (have to do a little shopping first and love that too). Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. I visit your blog often and I Always like what I see !! I will certainly post a 'follow up' on my Belgium blog.

  22. Jenny,

    I love this project and I have purchased the entire sett of designs! Now to pick out fabric!

  23. Love the idea, love the embroidery, love the fabric choice, love the entire idea.
    Its beautiful


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