Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Scripture ~ Ephesians 4:1

On the first day of each month I ask the Lord to give me a Scripture that I can take deep into my heart during the following four weeks; a Scripture that will teach me something I may not have fully grasped in the past; a Scripture that teaches me more about my relationship with Him and His with me.

Ephesians 4:1 is my October homework.

There's so much to ponder, pray over and take on board in this passage from the apostle Paul. 
He was a prisoner for serving Jesus, and right now in some areas of the globe other Christians are prisoners for Jesus too. They really live it out, they genuinely walk a life worthy of the high calling God has placed on the life of every Christian. Many have not chosen to be prisoners for the Gospel, but so often in life what we imagine will happen simply does not. The unexpected meets us at almost every corner, and for my own experience, I am rarely prepared for it.

Ephesians 4:1 calls me.
God calls me.

God has called you. 

Am I living a life worthy of His call?
I doubt it.
But does that stop Him reaching out to me? No. 
He made me for a purpose. His purpose. And every day as I sit at His feet, even the quiet times when  my mind is loud and determined to distract me from His Word and my prayers, He is there. Waiting, loving, reaching out, calling me to fulfil His purpose. Reminding me that I am made in His image, and I have value and a reason to live. 

So this month I'm looking inside myself and I've asked God's Holy Spirit to guide me closer to the heart of Jesus and to show me what needs to change within and without so that I can grow into a life worthy of my holy calling. 
If I follow and listen? Life can only be more of an adventure than it already is, even around the corner.

I pray you are already on that journey...



e said...

God's timing - perfect as always !!
May God continue to bless you and yours.

Tanya Hughes said...

Hello from Perth Western Australia
I just want to say that I love your blog and particularly I love checking in on a Sunday morning and reading your scripture choice for that day.
You are so generous Jenny with all that you share and I just want to say THANK YOU!
I have particularly loved your tutorials where you break down step by step in easy to understand instructions and photos that are so clear and easy to follow. This takes time and you take the time to do this so graciously. THANK YOU! you make a difference to many. God Bless
Tanya Hughes xxxx

Jenny of Elefantz said...

That's so kind of you, Tanya - and such an encouragement to me. Bless you! xxx

Yes, tutorials are extremely time consuming, but I believe in sharing whatever knowledge I have gained because that is how we pass this wonderful craft on to the next generation. :-)

Corinne said...

He is the way the truth the life ♥

A nice day !

Teatime Creations said...

Thank you. I love your Sunday AM postings.

Farm Quilter said...

Amen!! Timely reminder of where we need to be...all the time. You are obviously following His will with your scriptures!! Thank you for ministering to me when I am unable to get to church.

Wallie said...

I check these too on Sunday AM and am encouraged and want to keep going because you continue to keep going. Love and blessings today!!

Anonymous said...

Good and thoughtful post, Jenny. It went so nicely with our Relief Society lesson today, which was essentially about the verse being in the world but not of it. Something I had not thought about before is the reason we are not to be of the world is because we are called by God for higher things - we are not to be thinking of a worldly life, but an eternal one. Many of us are prisoners, not as Pastor Saeed is, but of one or another, or many, worldly things that could keep us from the presence of God. Your October verse made me think more on that aspect of being a prisoner.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Inspiring post as usual Jenny, but particularly appropriate after a sermon I heard today. Jesus asked Simon...who do YOU say I am. That is a question we each have to answer for ourselves. The easy answer is "the son of God" but there is so much more.... blessings, marlene