Saturday, November 29, 2014

7 days of free gifts for you!

Beginning today and running through to next Friday I'm going to be giving all my faithful blog readers a free Christmas themed gift every day!
You can make these for yourself, your family, friends, or for swaps - and they're all really sweet!

Today's gift set is perfect to begin my 7 days of pretty presents to unwrap because it's...

"All Wrapped Up With A Bow"

This is a really easy bag to make, and it comes with a matching notebook cover! 

The pattern will be HERE in the shop as a free pdf download until December 10th  so head over now and get yours.

Feel free to click those social media buttons under this blog post so your  friends don't miss out on the free week of gifts!

Wonder what I will have for you to unwrap tomorrow??



  1. Olá Jenny,
    Você é a pessoa mais doce e generosa que conheço! Obrigada por compartilhar, amei!
    Em 2015 pretendo fazer a Oração do Senhor, que já guardei no meu computador. Também agradeço por compartilhar.
    Adoro você e desejo que Deus cubra sua família de bençãos todos os dias!

  2. Wrapped with a bow and super cute. The little notepad is an extra bonus. Thank you sew very much for your gifts to us. Sharing the Joy...

  3. Thank you, Jenny, this will make such a cute wrap for another gift and so useful. You are a dear to share so much with us.



  4. Oh how cute. Thank you for the lovely gift.

  5. Thank you. Du gestaltest die sachen immer so liebevoll. Ich schaue immer gern bei dir vorbei. Eine schöne Adventszeit Manuela

  6. Danke. Du gestaltest die Sachen immer so liebevoll. Ich schau sehr gern auf deiner Seite vorbei. Eine schöne Adventszeit Manuela

  7. Super cute and very festive :)
    I love popping in and out of your blog.. I love what you do... Thank You :)
    Smiles :)

  8. Lovely idea, Jenny, thank you very much. ^^

  9. What a sweet bag. Thank you so much for sharing.

  10. That's a great bag, thanks! It could be used for so many things, even wrapping a special Christmas present.


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