Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas break-up with the girls...

 On Thursday I added the finishing touches to my gifts for our sewing group girls - Michelle, Heather, Barb and Wendy...

 Though we've only been able to meet up a handful of times throughout 2014 our annual Christmas break-up lunch at Palmetum Tea Rooms was not to be missed - except by our Wendy-friend who was off helping her beloved with a long distance work run. We hope to catch up with our dear Wendy early in the New Year as she was missed. x
The remaining four of us - Michelle, Heather, Barb and myself - gathered for coffee, cake, laughter, and a present exchange.

We had one secret swap where we made something extra special for our partner, and there were some smaller gifts for everyone.

Michelle made for Barb.
Barb made for Wendy (but she wasn't there)
Heather made for me.
I made for Michelle.
Wendy made for Heather (but she'll post the pressie to her)

Enjoy our pics.

From me to Michelle...

From Michelle to Barb...

 From me to Heather...

Waiting to be opened!

From Heather to me...
 Barb, me, Heather...

Michelle made one of these for all of us...

From me to Barb...

Michelle playing with her new camera...

Michelle and I...

A special day with very special friends.

I'll share my regular "20th of the month" Rosedaisy tutorial on Monday...

May you have a blessed weekend!
My husband is finally home and will no longer be a traveling man, so I'm going to enjoy every moment with him while we wait on God for 'what comes next'...



  1. Looks like a wonderful get-to-gether. Beautiful gifts too. (Just bought yr rose daisy pattern as my Xmas present. Have printed it out and my daughter is going to wrap it up for me and pop under the tree).

  2. It looks like wonderful fun, and such beautiful gifts! Someone knows you well, because I thought YOU had made the gift you received. =) It's too bad someone there couldn't have gotten a picture of all four of you together, but I love every picture you showed. I can only imagine how awesome the food was! Poor Wendy! Waiting for the future can be such an adventure! I know God will bless you.

  3. Wow, what an amazing group of such talented ladies. Glad everyone had such a wonderful time.

  4. The Joys of Friends and sharing handmade gifts is truly a Blessing. Merry Christmas Peace...

  5. Hi Jenny wow what beautiful gift you all made for each other,cant beat time with awesome friends,thankyou for sharing your special day and fingers crossed for work to come M's way.xx

  6. Wow such beautiful gifts, all of them!

  7. Hi Jenny, gosh such beautiful handmade gifts both given AND received by you all. Looks like you enjoyed a wonderful outing with good friends. Glad to read your hubby is home safe now.

  8. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. So many gorgeous presents given and received. We've just had good news. Hopefully Mr E will have some soon too. xxx

  9. You ladies are so talented! How much fun to get together with friends!

  10. Always enjoy seeing you and your ladies having fun.

  11. Such wonderful are blessed my friend! I loved them all and was so glad to see you having a great time.
    I love what Michelle made for all of there a pattern for that? I would love to make one for myself.
    Love you my friend!

  12. Gosh, you're a crafty lot, Miss J! Hugs to you and Mr E. We are off to Wyoming on Monday for time with the Cowboys!

  13. fabulous gifts, such a wonderful talented group of women

  14. What talented ladies you all are. You all look like you had a wonderful time xx

  15. By any chance, do you know the pattern of those delightful triangle pincushion/tool holders?

    What lovely gifts and what special friends.

    Merry Christmas!


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