Monday, December 15, 2014

Getting some order and Blossom comes to visit...

Mr E was away this weekend so I spent Friday night and most of Saturday working on a rather large UFO.
After sewing six, 14" patchwork sampler blocks (for a total twelve) and adding the first border, my sewing room was a mess...

...and I don't like messes. 
It totally causes my head to spin and and fill with confusion. Not a good thing for this Jenny-girl at all!

So yesterday I switched on some music and for seven hours worked my way through everything in my sewing room. The rubbish bin overflowed more than a few times as I threw caution to the wind and tossed out all those things I'd stored away this year just in case one day they prove useful.  I decided they'd had their chance and had never proved themselves useful, so not even a tinge of regret crossed my mind about showing them out the door.
And you know, that was liberating!

Would you like to see my peaceful sewing space now?
Welcome in...

It's all neat and my brain. 

I've also been able to display some of the gifts friends and acquaintances have sent me over the years,
the newest being this precious ornament that Shez surprised me with this past week...

The peace of my refreshed room is glorious, and there's nothing more special to me than looking over at my mama and daddy on their wedding day. She was not long for this world, just 21 when she died, but in their 4 years of marriage mama made daddy very happy...

Just as I was taking these photos my sweet Blossom arrived for a visit, and with her was Bob-the-dog who has come back to live with us for a while....
She also brought her crochet bag to show me! My dearest friend Ruth made me a purple one like this for my birthday and Blossom had been eying it off so much that one day she came straight out and asked if Auntie Ruth would make her one too.
Well, she's a very blessed girl because Ruth did, and Blossom takes it everywhere with her!
Isn't it beautiful...

For the rest of the afternoon we lounged about watching episodes of this...

...whilst drinking tea and nibbling on Christmas cake.

And that UFO?
You'll have to wait until tomorrow.

Enjoy the new week!


  1. Seus trbs sao lindos!!!!Seu atelier ,é uma graça!!!!!!!

  2. Your room looks wonderful. I need to tidy up mine too. Lots of things not in the right place after a busy time getting Xmas things ready. Hugs....

  3. Oh Jenny, you have inspired me to tackle tidying up my bombsite of a sewing room this afternoon. Yours looks so serene & peaceful & inviting. Blossom & Bob-the-dog take a gorgeous photo. We had a Bob-the-cat for a little while.
    I gasped when I saw the Kirstie's programmes as I just adore all her handmade programmes. Happy week to you dear Jenny x0x

  4. What a lovely bright inviting space you have there Miss Jenny no wonder you are able to create such gorgeous works- it puts mine to shame. Thank you for sharing.

  5. My goodness Jenny - you would have an absolute ball in mine!!!! Up for the challenge ;) Like you, we are on the move come Feb. My stitchy space has turned into the 'box room'. My trouble is that I tend to be a bit of a bower bird and have lots of 'someday' bits and bobs... Looking at your spaced makes me feel calm - if only for a nano second!!!! May you and yours have a grand Christmas and a easy 2015

  6. Hi jenny your sewing room looks awesome,i have nearly finished cleaning mine out to,it would be a good feeling for you to have it all clean,i cant wait to have that feeling,lol.So glad you like the little deer ornament.Oh Jenny i didnt realize you lost your mum when you were so young,that is so sad.Oh how good to have a visit from Blossom and her furry friend,hope you are having a lovely day my friend.xx

  7. Your room looks great. Glad you and Blossom had a nice day together.

  8. I do this with every project, lol - I CANNOT start something new until everything is tidy!!! But I really do need to get into drawers and see what's fallen out of favor....

    Cute pic of Blossom! And your space looks so lovely!

  9. Sewing room envy here Jenny :) It looks amazing. What a beautiful picture of your parents, they look so happy xx

  10. Wow Jenny is that the West Country postcard I sent you a while back? Love your workroom, I have to work on the kitchen table. Much love Gill, UK x

  11. Oh my how glorious to clear your space and have it fresh and clean and ready for your wonderful creative talents. Blossom is adorable and how special for spending quality time together. Pure Bliss...

  12. Oh my Jenny! You certainly had a bit of busyness going on there! Your room looks WOW! Would you like to fly over here and tackle my space? It's a lit smaller but probably ( ok I lie.....definitely!) a lit messier :D
    Blossom looks lovely! A beautiful tote for a beautiful girl :)

  13. Oh how I wish my sewing room looked like yours!! I need to get rid of some furniture in my lounge so I can move some bookcases out of my quilting room first! Ah well, one of these days!!

  14. Well done, girl! Good job!!
    And how loving is it to sit with your daughter, zipping tea en eating Xmas-cake. I wish you a beautiful day.
    Love, Rya

  15. How exciting to see what you've done with the sewing room. I should probably take that attitude toward some of the small scraps I've saved! And maybe some other things, too. I'll think about that. I could use liberating. ;) Sounds like a wonderful visit with your daughter, too. The reward for working so hard!

  16. Hi Jenny! I have been crazy busy working 30 hours a week, so I haven't been here in awhile. It's fun to catch-up on what you are up to these days! My sewing area is a wreck too!

  17. Yes, Gill, it is. This is my favourite postcard and always features somewhere in my sewing space. :-)

  18. Your sewing room looks great - mine looks like a bunch of animals escaped the pound and have been living it up for a few days in there! Ha! Think Baa joined them.

  19. Muy hermoso tu taller Jenny. Por eso siempre estás tan inspirada. Un abrazo!!!


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