Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Life in a zoo and making gifts...

We live a quiet life - Mr E, Princess Sophie and I.
Well we did. 

On Saturday Bob-the-dog moved back home so our numbers increased, and though Princess Sophie was a little miffed at having to tolerate him in our midst once again, all-in-all she remained relatively laid back by assuming the Royal position across the dining table...

Bob-the-dog chose the lounge rug, just outside her gaze, to be the safest position during her mental adjustment phase...

Next morning all was well. She knew she was boss, and he knew she was boss.
But a few hours later along came a new visitor to stay for a few months and challenge her imperial feline disposition.
Meet Private Charlie...

His owner has been deployed to the Middle East so we have taken Private Charlie in for a while.
He is an outside dog, so is sleeping up on our large deck amongst the trees, close to us. 
His regular visits to the kitchen door have not yet met with Princess Sophie's approval ... fact she hisses and spits, and Private Charlie runs away in fear. 
Very strange, she has this power over him but is yet to understand she can wander around outside freely if she chooses. Instead, the litter tray is back inside and she's not budging from the table.

Bob-the-dog enjoys some play time with Private Charlie...

...but only whilst Mr E or I am around to supervise. He was mauled a few years back and is hesitant to get too close to big dogs. 
But Private Charlie really is a softie, so in time Bob-the-dog might not fret so...

Of course, number 1 priority is loving all three, giving them individual attention, and allowing each their own space so that they feel secure and safe.

I don't think I've ever been slobbered on so much. Love is messy, yeh?

Between playing Pet Mama to three very different personalities at the moment, I've been working on some Christmas gifts...

...and a dozen or so of my "Stitcher's Friend" needle-books to post away in cards.

If you missed my tutorial for making these needle-books it is HERE and there's a free downloadable printout for the cover...

Month 3 of the Stitchery Club has been emailed to all subscribers, but if you're not a Club member you can still grab this pretty set of patterns HERE in my shop until December 31st. 

I think this afternoon I might sew the final border around the quilt I showed you yesterday, and then do some hand stitching whilst watching another episode of 'Kirstie's Handmade Britain'.

What about you? What are you making at the moment?



  1. How nice of you to let Charlie stay with you. Hope his owner returns safely. I'm in the middle of Christmas baking. ;)


  2. What a lovely story about the Cat and the dogs. I love animals, especially big dogs. Wish you much fun with the three.
    Love, Rya

  3. I loved the pictures of Princess Sophie. She is a proper cat! It almost makes me wish I had a cat again and then I realize all the work that pets are ... and I'm not really in a position to do that work atm. I love that you are letting Private Charlie join the zoo. Taking care of children is plenty. LOL Even if they are middle-aged ones. I'm working to finish borders on one quilt (for American Hero Quilts), catch up with the November Sew Sweet Simplicity block, finish my poinsettia table topper, and make a block to swap for the Quilter's Garden Row by Row Mystery. Sounds like a lot when it's put that way!

  4. Lovely post Jen,hope you had a lovely day my friend.xx

  5. I love this post Jenny. Animals are so funny and tend to wrap us around their paws so easily. I am looking after my daughter's dog Rusty at the moment. He and my cat Oscar get along so well which is great. I must admit I am not doing much sewing at the moment just trying to work out a plan for 2015. Just need to stick to it unlike 2014.

  6. Dear Jenny just received month 3 stitcheries thank you they are all so beautiful

  7. The animals will sort it all out and find their way. Bless you for giving Private Charlie a loving home during a stressful time. Prayers for a safe return for his owner.

  8. The dogs and cat are so cute. I miss my Mandy and can't seem to want to get another pet right now. She was with us for 16 years. I know that your friends will love those cards, so look beautiful.

  9. Ah Jenny :) Cats just amuse me with their regal know it all attitudes! My three keep me entertained to no end. It's a lovely thing you're doing to let the private stay...even tho it doesn't have the royal cat seal of approval!

  10. Oh my, feel she should be upgraded to Queen Sophie......! What a girl! Do hope the chaps really bond and Mr E can let up on the supervising.

  11. I must admit I'm partial to Private Charlie. He has a tail like my Lucy, who had to be put down in May. Her tail would wag with such enthusiasm that as it struck the kitchen table leg or whatever else she was near that was hard, it would begin to bleed! I used to have to hang on to her tail to get her to stop. She was a Blackmouth Cur. Do you know what type of dog Private Charlie is? I just love his face :)

  12. Oh My you do have a Zoo of loving family friends. Life is interesting!

  13. Charlie looks a real sweetie - I am sure Princess Sophie will soon sort him out and be able to have him eating out of her hand/paw! Bought some linen at the op shop today for Miss H to do the white button switcher. She is looking forward to it.


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