Tuesday, January 27, 2015

ufo progress tuesday....

You noticed, right?
This is not my usual UFO Finish Tuesday.
This is 'fessin-up' Tuesday if the truth be told.

You see way, way, way back in 2009  I began sewing sweet churn dash blocks to make a large bed quilt for Mr E and I. 
The date is even printed on the churn dash block pattern I printed off the web that first day...

I actually declared  on this here blog that I'd sew two blocks every day until it was finished. 
Now if I'd carried through with that promise to myself we would have been snuggling under this dream quilt for about 5 years by now. 
It would have that frequently washed, loved intensely, can't-believe-I-made-it-myself feel about it.
But no. 
I kinda got side-tracked with becoming a designer, and that beautiful vision I'd held so dear to my heart got lost in a wall of thread, fabrics, blogging, and hundreds of patterns to write.
The few times it came to mind (usually when moving house the four times between then and now)  I told myself it wasn't the right season because Princess Sophie was moulting and cat hair would over the quilt, so I'd best wait till the following autumn.
Do you make excuses like me? 

Well, I've wanted this quilt so bad, and because this is my Year of Gentle Domesticity - bringing my heart all the way back to the love of homemaking - I'm going to finish it. True this time.

The box where I store the fabrics and blocks is unhidden and sitting in my sewing room...

I'd forgotten how many beautiful repro and 30's style prints were in there...

...until I went searching through layers of them to find my churn dash blocks!

In my head I thought there might have been about 14 blocks (haven't been inside this box to count them for at least 3 years)  but when I took them out from under the fabric and counted them I had 23!

I'm in love all over again so I've decided to put any more UFO finishes on hold until this one is complete.
I've got the original block pattern to make more 8" blocks, and if you're wondering where it's from you can still find it HERE...

What's your longest waiting UFO?
Are you ready to finish it?


I've been nominated for best embroidery photography in the Craftsy Blogger Awards!
If you believe my pics are the best in that category I'd love you to vote for me over HERE.
Voting closes midnight Wednesday.
Thank you. xx



  1. Lovely quilt blocks, Jenny. It took me over 12 years to finish my children's Wind in the Willows birth sampler but it was worth the wait!

  2. Your blocks are gorgeous, Jenny. My longest UFO would probably be my Double Wedding Ring quilt. I can't remember exactly when I started it but it was a few years ago.

  3. I forgot to say. Good luck in the Craftsy awards. I've already voted for you.

  4. Congratulations on your nomination.

    I have a hand-pieced, hand quilted wall hanging that I began in the early 1990s that still isn't finished - and no, I'm not ready to tackle that UFO . . . yet, but soon :) Love your fabric choices for the churn dash. Can't wait to see it finished.

  5. wow there are some gorgeous fabrics in there! can't wait to see it all finished
    good luck in the awards!

  6. I love the photos on your blog, so of course I voted for you. Good luck. Can't wait to see the finished photo of your quilt.

  7. Congratulations and my vote is cast. I admire your Churn Dash blocks and will be very excited for you and Mr. E when you have finished this quilt. It fits perfectly into your Year of Gentle Domesticity. Creative Bliss Dear...

  8. Those blocks are lovely and I am sure you will complete it eventually. I hand piece most of mine and that's why I make little quilts lol. I do have my EPP Insanity quilt awaiting borders. I started that 5 years ago, zoomed along really well then put it away. Hmmm Must get back to it. Oooo there's another EPP quilt too. Gotta go and stitch now.

  9. It doesn't seem like that was 3 years ago! I'm so glad you're going to work on this one. I love churn dash blocks (if you didn't know!), and can never see too many.

  10. Bet you were pleased to re-discover your box of treasures. What gorgeous fabrics you are using for your blocks.
    My oldest UFO is from 2010 and its a 1 1/2 " postage stamp quilt. Not sure if I will ever finish it......
    Congratulations on being nominated and I was happy to vote for you.

  11. I've already voted for you, lovely quilt blocks

  12. Love the blocks, so fresh and 'Happy'! Right I'm off to vote for you!

  13. That's almost a whole quilt done already...almost. Good for you!! I love those sweet small prints. Well done to you!!

  14. I love churn dash. simple but effective. I have voted for you with pleasure :)
    my oldest UFO... got too many I think HA! I think it might be over 10yrs old... will have to dig it out

  15. oldest ufo? Oooh there would have to be a tug of war for that honour...there's a few! So proud of you honey....congrats on your nomination...I've voted exclusively! Can't wait till you're announced the winner! xox sugary hugs :o)
    PS....lovin the churn dash blocks - can't wait to see them all together!

  16. Churn dash is my favourite block. Not sure what my longest UFO is but I've been quilting 12 years so about that long xx

  17. Hi Jenny. One of my blogging friends gave me the link to your blog today as I had done a post about a blog which is very similar to your own. You might like to check it out if you haven't seen Val's blog

    I think you and Val have a lot in common. If I am mistaken you live in Townsville. I live in SE Qld and my daughter went to JCU and I used to love visiting Townsville and walking on the Strand.

  18. Felicidades por ser finalista. Ya te he votado. Vas ganando. Ya nos dirás. Mucha suerte. Besos

  19. Nanna Chel, I know Val and have featured her work here on my blog before.
    Nice to meet you. :-)

  20. I am currently finishing my first quilt, from a class I took in 1988! I am more than 2/3 done hand quilting it, and should finish in a couple of months. Amazingly enough, I still love it. So, you see, I have you beat by a "few" years! :) Love the churn dash blocks - it will be beautiful!

  21. My oldest UFO is a quilt I started in the 80s. It's all put together but I got stalled in the quilting. It will get finished since I really like it. I hand quilt so that's why it's still not finished. My problem was trying to decide whether or not to quilt it in the colours of the fabric or just use white.

  22. I voted for you. I had nominated you for best embroidery tutorials which sadly you didn't get. But I was happy to see this one for you.

    I should jump on the bandwagon with you and finish two quilts I have the fabric just waiting for my sons.

    I did finish a christmas UFO. It was your design...the give thanks wallhanging.

  23. Congratulations Jenny!!! I hopped over there and voted as soon as I read your post and was delighted to see that at this point you have a whopping 42% of the votes. But regardless of what happens, I have always told my dear hubby and often shown him the pictures on your blog when you show your ideas and new designs. You have such a talent for setting up a homey, inviting photo that really shows your beautiful and inspirational designs in such a way that says "stitch me! I will look wonderful in your home". Big hugs my sweet friend, and Good Luck!!!!

  24. Good luck Jenny - it's going to be a super quilt. At the moment my oldest UFO is I think my Dear Jane which is 12 years and counting. A couple of years ago I finished a quilt that had taken me 25 years though! Oh and I have been to vote for you. xx

  25. Swoon, swoon, swoon on your fabrics. I am in love. When you finish it I just might walk the oceans to come and steal it. lol. I voted, your in first place at this point....yea! I hope Mr. E's first day at work was a success. I've been thinking of and praying. I have so many ufo's but the worst ones are the children's smocked outfits that didn't get finished with the smocking before they were outgrown. Alas!

  26. I absolutely love your work! You have inspired me to try hand embroidery. Just do know where to begin. So much on the internet.
    A question, if you do not mind...where to you get your fabrics? They are very remincent of fabrics I remember my grandmothers used all over their houses. I like it as it has a relaxing and beautiful feel.
    Thank you so much for all your hard work and I thank the Lord for giving you this gift.

  27. J'ai voté pour vous !
    Bonne journée

  28. Oh my, that's a lot of beautiful fabric!! You'll finish this in no time, I'm sure of it. Just think of all the pretty scraps you'll have leftover to use in your stitcheries; that will spur you on to finish!
    ps - I voted for you :)

  29. Karen, they are mostly by Judie Rothermel, but google 1930's fabrics and you'll find so many!

  30. Querida Jenny: Ya te he votado. Deseo que ganes. :)
    Mi UFO más grande es el Dear Jane. Me he propuesto terminarlo , haciendo un bloque por semana. No he calculado cuanto tardaré. Me conformo con ese objetivo: Uno a la semana. Muchos besos.

  31. Oh.... my oldest ufo is 18 years old and only last year I made it into a finished top, but it is still a top and I will finish it this year, I also want to finish my Farmers wife, my Civil War Diary and the two I started last year! So I have plans enough for 2015! Hugs

  32. I think my oldest UFO is the one I'm working on now. 8 years. I think it's time. I hope to finish it before March. Most of the projects I have been working in the past 8 months were 2 years old so I decided it was time to tackle the oldest one.


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