Thursday, February 12, 2015

ANZACS recipe and the story behind it...

Last week when I shared photos of the yummy ANZAC biscuits I'd made for Mr E there was a flurry of emails asking for the recipe... HERE it is. Simply download the pdf file and you can save to your computer or print it up and start baking today!

This is Mr E's most favourite  biscuit.

If you're not an Aussie or a Kiwi perhaps you don't know why these biscuits are called ANZACS?

Back in World War 1 concerned Australian mothers of soldiers fighting in trenches overseas came up with this recipe for its nutritional value and also its ability to not spoil during the very long months of transport between Australian shores and wherever their menfolk were fighting.

They chose staples of oats, sugar, coconut, plain flour, butter, golden syrup (or treacle), bi-carb soda and a touch of boiling water to create "Soldier's Biscuits". As eggs were scarce during the war the recipe does not use any.
After the landing at Gallipoli (read about that HERE) they were renamed ANZACS in memory of the Australian and New Zealand soldiers who fought and died there. 
The biscuits were transported in air tight tins, such as those used to store tea leaves, and groups such as the CWA (Country Women's Association) would gather to bake thousands ready for packaging and sending to our troops.


Today they are a beloved biscuit in our nation and you can usually purchase vintage/commemorative style tins full of them at the supermarkets in April as ANZAC Day draws near (April 25th).

I was out visiting 'Marci's Quilt Shop' yesterday for a look at Marci's new Tilda room (it's gorgeous), and on the way home I stopped at the Salvo's op-shop to see if I could find some useful treasures.
I'm still smiling over what I discovered...

Isn't this THE cutest elephant?!
Look at his ears...

As I handed my $2 coin over to the counter attendant a plan was forming to use this sweet guy as a thread holder for stitching projects. Those ear holes looked perfect for securing lengths of floss cut from different skeins.
But alas, that plan did not work out as the ears are thick and it's not easy to thread the floss through them after all.

Plan 2...

His official position has now been elevated to 'Guardian of the Earrings'...

Obviously he was made for greater things.

On the stitching front I've made a start on my secret project  for Mdm Samm's April blog hop using Cori Blunt's "Tea For Two" stitchery....

...but that's as much as you'll see between now and April!

Have a day filled with blessings,


  1. ANZACS biscuits are one of my favourites too. Thank you for the history of the biscuit recipe, I enjoyed reading it.

  2. Many thanks for the history and the recipe! I'm looking forward to making some...have to find a substitute for the syrup. Have a lovely day!

  3. g'day
    i recently made a muffin version of the anzac bikkies, as i couldn't get those delicious looking morsels out of my mind since seeing them here lol. though mine were sugarless, wheatless & i threw in an egg too
    thanx for sharing!

  4. I like your colors and background fabric for the secret project. I also enjoyed reading about the ANZAC biscuits.

  5. Great post, Jenny. Your little elephant is very cute. Can't wait to see what you are stitching. xx

  6. Oh, how cute is Jumbo! Love he is the keeper of the ear-rings almost having a stream punk moment there!

    We have the series Gallipoli started on TV last night - we recorded it. And recently watched Anzac girls - true stories of a number of Aussie and Kiwi nurses in the first world war.

  7. Thank you for sharing your Anzac Biscuit recipe with us. Oh that tease of Cori's stitchery does not show enough at all. Alas, April will be her all too soon. Sweet little elefant "keeper of the earrings". Creative Bliss Dear...

  8. Oh how sweet your little find is! He is adorable, and makes such a cute earring guardian. Those biscuits look really good... I must try my hand at an Anzacs. Love your color choices for your stitchery...ooooo, it is going to be a pretty one! Hugs, Cori

  9. Yummy!!! Thanks for sharing the recipe and the story behind them Jenny :) I knew with a name like ANZAC they had something to do with Aussies and Kiwis....but no idea what! I'll be trying these hopefully this weekend!
    Love the little elefant :) Too cute and so very appropriate!

  10. Hi Jenny oh that elephant is so very cute love him,I am glad you found him,he looks right at home with you.Thankyou so much for sharing your Anzac bikkie recipe,you have a sharing heart my friend xx

  11. Neat story about the biscuits! I love your new little elefantz, what a darling - great addition. They might have made it just for you! Your stitching looks lovely, what pretty fabric!

  12. Love your stories behind the stories ....I have never heard of these before but they sound are such a treat

  13. When I first saw the ceramic elephant, I thought of it as a jewelry holder as I have seen other items similar to it here in the states. The ears are for ear rings and the trunk would hold finger rings.

  14. I live in England and I've always known these elephants as being made to hold earrings, so you got it right in the end :)

  15. Thank you so much for the recipe. I used up my Golden Syrup over the holidays and haven't replaced it yet. Being in the states I can't just run down to the nearest store to do it either. At least there is a store within a reasonable distance that carries it. People here use corn syrup which I will not use. I usually have Golden Syrup on hand. I have tried making Anzac Biscuits before but they have never turned out looking anything like yours. I'm excited to have your recipe now. Love the elephant. To bad about the floss. He looks cute with earrings though. Why are we all calling him a him? Couldn't it be a she? Your embroidery looks wonderful. Hope you will show it to us when you are done. I am off now to make Jim a linen handkerchief and then monogram it for his Valentine present. Ironing his handkerchiefs lately I have realized how ratty they are becoming. He is due a new special one.


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