Friday, February 20, 2015

TUTORIAL - the rosedaisy birthday stocking!

Wow - this is my 9th Rosedaisy Tutorial since the full set of 10 patterns was released in May last year!
I wonder how many of them you've made?
Every tutorial is free here on my blog, and the patterns for the stitcheries used in each one are available as single patterns or one complete set HERE....

This month is my own birthday month (in fact I'm just 24 hours away from the blessed event!) so today we'll be making this truly cute birthday stocking.
It's just a ruler's length from the edge of the cuff to the toe-tip when hung like my photo above - perfect for every pretty gal to hang all year round, right?! 
It's the perfect size to fill with jewellery, make-up, perfume, soaps, scarves...girlie gifts.

First you'll need to download the free stocking templates and if you'd like to stitch those pretty Rosedaisy designs on the heel, cuff and tag, you can purchase the pattern for them as well.
Both are HERE in my shop now....

Materials Required:

I stitched my embroideries on white linen, but any solid white cotton fabric would be perfect. 
You'll also need a 13" x 17" cut of feature print (mine is the green) and a fat eighth of a contrast print (mine is the spot), plus 13" x 17" cut of lightweight fusible Pellon.

Okay, let's start!

Cut out the printed shapes from your template sheets. The dotted lines on both pieces of the stocking show where they overlap. Use clear tape to stick them together...

Trace and cut three of the cuff sections from your spot fabric.
Trace one cuff section over the bouquet stitchery block.
(if you're not using the rosedaisy stitchery then you'll need to cut four sections from the spot fabric)

Lay your green fabric down onto the fusible side of your Pellon, and with a warm dry iron fuse the two together.
Lay the stocking template on one half of the fabric...

Draw a pencil line around the outside of the template, 1/4" away from the edge.
This does not have to be perfect, just as close as you can to 1/4"...

Cut the fabric/Pellon in half.
Cut out your stocking shape along the pencil line...

Sorry about the next step as I did not get photos, but - lay the stocking toe over the embroidered rosedaisy toe block. Draw a line around the template onto your stitchery. Remove the template, and draw a free hand curved line over the stitchery from the left edge to the right. Cut away the fabric on the drawn curve, and add a 1/4" buffer to the toe as you cut around it...
Lay the stocking face down on the other half of the green fabric.
Place the embroidered toe section under the stocking toe facing up towards you...

Pin the stocking and stitchery to the fabric below.
Sew around the stocking with a 1/4" seam but leave the top open...

 Cut away the excess fabric and Pellon so that you have just an 1/8" seam all around. 
Cut straight across the top opening.
Turn the stocking right side out...

Now we'll make the cuff.
Sew two fabric cuff sections together down the sides and press the seams open.
Sew the other fabric cuff section to the stitchery cuff section, the same way as above...
 Turn the stitchery cuff right side out.
Place the fabric cuff inside it, wrong sides of both cuff sections together. Line up the side seams for accuracy and pin the pieces together.

From your remaining spot fabric, cut two lengths for  binding.
One should be 2" wide, and the other 2 1/2" wide. 

Fold the 2" wide piece in half like normal quilt binding and press. 
(If you have never made or attached quilt binding before, watch my tutorial HERE to see how to start and finish as that is important to this design)
Sew the binding around the bottom edge of the cuff (the widest part) just as you would attach binding to a quilt...

Press the binding away from the bottom of the cuff...

 ...and turn over to the inside of the cuff and slip stitch using the machine sewn line as an anchor.

Slip the stocking inside the cuff and pin so that the top edge of the cuff and the stocking are sitting equal...

 Use your sewing machine to secure both sections together with a very scant 1/8" seam.
Now pin the 2 1/2" wide length of binding around the top edge of the cuffed stocking and sew in place with a 1/4" seam as you would normal quilt binding...

 Before you press the binding away from the cuff, make a small loop from a piece of your leftover binding lengths. Press the fabric flat again, fold in half wrong sides together, sew a 1/4" seam down the side, turn right side out and press flat.
(I used a 5" length from the 2" wide binding)

Fold in half and place the raw edges of the loop into the top left corner of the stocking with the loop hanging inside the stocking. Sew in place along the raw edge with a 1/4" seam...

Now fold the binding to the inside, and secure with slip stitches as you did previously.
Press the loop up and out of the stocking.

The Label!
Trim the "my birthday stocking" stitchery to 2 1/4" x 3".
Sew a narrow piece of ribbon 7" long and folded in half to make a loop, into the corner as shown...

Lay your label face down on a scrap piece of spot fabric.
Carefully fold the ribbon up so that it is hidden between the fabric and the stitchery. Pin these together.
Sew around the sides of the stitchery with a 1/4" seam, leaving a small opening along one narrow end for turning out...

Trim the excess fabric away from the label.
Turn right side out, press and slip stitch the opening closed...

Final Steps!

Blanket stitch across the curve of the toe stitchery with a single strand of white thread, just catching the fabric and pellon of the stocking front...

...and sew a line of running stitch around the inside edge of the label.
Sew  or pin the top of the ribbon under the cuff to hang your label...

All done!

I hope you enjoy making this pretty gift!



  1. birthday stocking ...YOURS I would fill it with that is what you give me every time I visit...
    what a jolly idea...Happy Name Sake day...on your day...I am thinking it is around the corner?

  2. What an adorable idea and gift !!! Wishing you the most blessed of days filled with all the things and people that make you happy and special.


  3. What an adorable idea! Happy Birthday, Jenny!

  4. Oh Jenny it is gorgeous. You are amazing - who do we petition to offer you a book deal! All your things are so, so lovely!

  5. Cute stocking!!! Happy Birthday!

  6. You always make the most adorable things! Thanks for the tutorial. I hope you have a spectacular birthday!

  7. A brilliant tutorial, Jenny! I have your rosedaisies and will be attempting this over the next few youngest has her birthday in May and I hope I can get one done for her :) Thanks Jenny! Your tuorials are always so well written!

  8. Very pretty.
    Happy Birthday Jenny.
    best wishes Julie.C

  9. belíssimo bordado e trabalho de costura...parabéns, com votos de muita saúde e paz!

  10. Jenny, thinking of you during the Cyclone!!!


    PS Happy birthday too!!

  11. Happy Birthday. Love your stocking and tutorial...

  12. Happy Birthday. Love your stocking and tutorial...

  13. What fun! I can probably do that with your photos and careful directions. Thanks! I knew I'd love it. And Happy Birthday since I probably will forget when it's Saturday in OZ. =)

  14. What a cute idea!! A birthday stocking! so pretty! Happy Birthday, Jenny!

  15. Thank you Jenny, and I hope you have a wonderful birthday. xx

  16. ¡¡¡fELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!!!!
    Que pases un feliz día y recibas muchos regalos. Te los mereces todos. Un beso grande. Ague.

  17. Jenny: I am a long time follower and just want to say how much I enjoy your blog and all that you share with us. Your tutorials are wonderful and so inspiring. I think I will be making the Birthday Stocking for my grand daughters (4). They will love them. Hope you have a Happy Birthday.

    Christine Gibbons

  18. Happy Birthday Jenny! I hope your day, and the year ahead is filled with many blessings! You are such a beautiful soul. Thank you for sharing your talent and inspirations with us.

  19. This is simply darling! Thank you for sharing with us. Happy weekend to you!

  20. Happiest of Birthdays to you Jenny
    You are so incredibly generous with your blog.
    Thank you so much.
    Enjoy your special day and may all your hopes and dreams come true
    Tanya Hughes
    Perth Western Australia

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  26. J'adore les broderies et finitions Marie-Claire

  27. Thank you so much,really love this :-)


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