Thursday, March 26, 2015

Stitchery pattern to celebrate TEA Week...

Are you enjoying Tea Week at Elefantz? 
It's been loads of fun for me because tea is such a lovely thing to talk about, think about, plan for, and indulge in - perhaps because tea time represents a period of rest. You know, downing the work tools and resting your body on a comfy chair to 'indulge' in a moment of leisure and peace?

What do you  do when you take your tea break? Sometimes I wistfully turn the pages of my favourite English magazine and dream of being surrounded by a cottage garden or on a picnic by the river; and other times I just sit quietly and think deep thoughts about life, the universe, and everything.

Yesterday I showed snapshots from the progress of a pretty little stitchery I was working on for you.
Today you can see it finished and already displayed on a project...

No surprise that this became a feature on the third tea cosy I've made in a week?!

For this Cosy I worked to compliment the circles in the fabric design and add dimension. The stitchery was needle-turned onto the front, then a line of hand quilting sewn around the shape. For more interest an assortment of red buttons were positioned inside a few of the flowers...

I decided a Tea Cosy must look as interesting on the back as it does on the front because when it's placed at the centre of your table it will indeed be seen from all angles - so here's how I finished the back of this new Cosy...

A piece of the striped contrast fabric made a narrow stem for one of the flowers on the fabric print, and then I added long lazy daisy stitches inside the petals before sewing a large button to the centre.
What do you think?

And to finish off my newest Cosy there is a useful loop for lifting it off the teapot when pouring...

If only I had time to make more and more Tea Cosies. There's a million ideas roaming through my little grey cells! 
Maybe when I have finished all my current projects...hmmm....

Enjoy stitching the "Tea Leaves" design. It's available HERE in my shop. 
How will you be using it?

If you missed my tutorial for making a Tea Cosy it's in THIS blog post.

 Te Etiquette number 4...



  1. Thank you Jenny fro the lovely tea pot....This is very vintage looking so it deeply appeals to my heart. I usually drink my tea while reading blogs. Very relaxing indeed.

  2. Oh Jenny, its hard to choose a favourite teacosy, they are all so beautiful & gorgeous. I often drink my tea while reading blogs too - its kind of like a good magazine & can be very inspiring. Sometimes I take a cuppa with me to the sewing room but have to be careful as have had "accidents" before. I did laugh at todays tea etiquette, I have been guilty of plonking the jam jar down before!!!!

  3. Thoroughly enjoying this weeks tea theme. I too remember afternoon teas spent with my English Grandma. Twice a week after school my mother and I would drop in to visit her. My Grandma also only ever used leaf tea. She had a pink and white tea set which was trimmed with gold. Grandma always put boiling water into her teapot then swirled it around, tipping it out once the teapot was warmed through, only then would she make the tea. Grandma was a dap hand at making jam filled Victoria sandwich sponge cakes. She would sprinkle icing sugar over the top of the cake. Sometimes she would use one of those paper doilies which has the pretty pattern stamped through it as a template and then the sponge would be topped with a beautiful icing sugar design. As she had been born in 1900 she was very much from the school of children should be seen and not heard. I didn't mind that on afternoon tea days because I got to have an extra piece of cake!! Afternoon tea at my place is VERY casual compared to what it was like at my Grandma's. Now it's just a teabag in a coffee cup - Oh boy, Grandma would be horrified!!!

  4. Such a lovely project, thank you so much.

  5. am really enjoying your week of tea
    love the new tea cozy! very beautiful & very vintage. tea etiquette is quite 'posh' don't you think? though very practical & very homey at the same time.
    i too swish a little boiled water round the pot to heat it through before making the tea, it warms the pot so it doesn't crack also i reckon it makes the tea taste better.
    i drink tea when i read blogs & sometimes when i'm not having the sweats i'll sit & knit with a cup of tea to sip inbetween rows.
    a lovely post
    thanx for sharing

  6. I really love that tea cozy, it is so adorable and red is my favorite color.

  7. love your newest design hon. just perfect! xox

  8. Yes, and none of those ugly big plastic containers of milk either!! Ha! I love it when everything is served just so..... It makes me feel so posh! I too remember my mum doing what Sarah's grandmother did with sprinkling the icing sugar on a doily on top of the sponge to make a pretty pattern. It was so lovely. Karen.

  9. You really are becomming the tea cosy queen! Love this one and your sweet stitchery. You come up with great ideas girl!

  10. Ooops, blew that etiquette from the start! Each cozy you make, I think this one's the best. This one really is! LOL I love the red buttons and the back decoration and the darling stitchery. Thank you!

  11. Such a fun tea cosy, I like they way you have embellished it!

  12. Jenny,
    this is so lovely! Made with love! Thank you for the wonderful old fashioned tea pot!!! Will try my best!
    Happy spring

  13. Love your new designs..śo perfect and cute xx

  14. I am a coffee drinker but I am so enjoying your tea tales and projects. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Anything that includes buttons is a happy piece of work!

  16. Beautiful tea cozy, Jenny. Thank you for the design. I've been enjoying your memories and tea etiquette.

  17. Thank you, Jenny. It has been a very soothing week.

  18. Jenny,
    I have to say, this is my favorite tea cosey yet...not only am I a red person, but the combination of the fabric, the buttons, the stitchery and right down to the lift off tab made me fall in love with this one. I wish I were more of a hot tea drinker, but I guess it's what you've grown up with. You may have me drinking hot tea yet...I certainly love my iced tea, especially here in Texas. No sugar though!! I have loved learning the etiquette for tea, and especially hearing your story about your grandparents. How very special... You are special...😊

  19. What do I think? I think you are one clever stitcher! Your fabrics are always so thoughtfully chosen for each of your projects. Love how you embellished with buttons and a few daisy stitches. Cute cute cute!

  20. Sometimes I'll have a cup in bed while reading on nights where I'm late coming home from somewhere and need to unwind before sleep......Sometimes, I'll just make a cup and sit and day dream...I especially like little ginger shortbread cookies with tea.
    Thanks for the free patterns.
    Mama Bear

  21. Thank you for the lovely pattern! I usually drink my tea reading blogs or just sitting quietly.

  22. I love it, and the fabrics are very beautiful.
    Thank yor so much for the free pattern

  23. I love it! This fabric is so nice. Thank you for the embroidery!


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