Monday, April 20, 2015

Other people's great ideas...

On Saturday afternoon I spent time browsing the internet for some fun craft, home-making and sewing ideas I'd like to try - some simple, some not so simple.
Maybe you're interested too?

The simplest of all.

Vintage doilies + rocks = paperweights!
Clever and easy tutorial here @ country living magazine...

Fairly simple.

Key fobs. Perfect for gift giving (especially for hard to buy for people or guys, right?).
A use for that favourite little fabric scrap perhaps?
Clover & Violet have an easy peasy tutorial here on their blog...

Everyone needs a drawstring pouch, right?
These are so darn cute that I think I'll make a few for storing my vintage laces and buttons in. I could stitch a little tag or maybe sew a sample onto cardstock to swing from the ribbon ties?? (will think more about that idea)
The girls at Spoonful of Sugar show you how to make their pouch over here ...

Moving along in the skill level, but not too difficult.

Stina has this really sweet pincushion pattern on her blog here, and she's made two versions. 
One is Christmas themed with a Redwork stitchery as the centre, but I love how she's used brighter colours and a recycled embroidery for the second version. 
I was thinking this would be perfect for using portions of old embroidered doilies, especially if most of the doily is damaged and unusable. This would give what is left a second life...

Do you have a stash of old Christmas Cards? 
If you can do some basic crochet you just might want to dig out those cards and turn them into work-of-art-gift-tags in time for next festive season.
Aren't they gorgeous!
The step by step tutorial is here at the Dutch Sisters blog...

How about some quick quilts made just with squares?

Love this scrappy heart quilt from The Hopeful Homemaker. You could make the whole quilt, or just one block as a mini or a pillow.
She shares a great tutorial here....

Blue Elephant Stitches shares an easy to follow tutorial for making this Granny Square quilt.
Same as before, make the whole quilt or just one block. Either way you'll use up your scrap squares and create smething special!
You will find it here...

And last of all, how about something to bake?
Something E A S Y.
Redfly Creations has a really simple recipe for Amazing Amish Cinnamon Bread.


It's a new week, and if we begin with a positive and generous attitude we're off to a good start.
 So let's do that together and I'll think of you being all sweet and singing 'round the house today,  and you can think of me doing the same. 
'Cause I love  to sing, and it's baking day, and imagining you being cheerful too will just make me smile more.
And I think that Amish bread would definitely put a skip to my heart...

Bless you heaps!


  1. Thank you! I love, love, love your blog, your creativeness, stitcheries and inspirations. Truly a gift from God. I look forward to reading your blog each day, and receiving your stitchery club patterns each month. My daughter who is 12 is learning to stitch using your patterns! You brighten my day.

  2. You brighten my day too! The preacher ( from OZ) last week used the scripture being filled with the Spirit and the term 'being optimistically orientated towards life'. Both Hannah and I loved it - a joyful, positive attitude indeed!

    I think beautiful tags are in order - luggage, drawstring, drawers, everything needs tags! Ha!

  3. what wonderful ideas there
    thanx for sharing

  4. Thanks for those links. Some lovely work there. Have a wonderful week full of the joy of the Lord.

  5. Lovely ideas Jenny. I have enjoyed reading through your blog past and present. I will subscribe to your stitchery club as soon as I can. Really loved your armchair sewing pocket tidy you showed us last week. Hugs Shirley

  6. Heaps of inspiring ideas. Hmmm doilies framing old cards perhaps? LOve the pincushion.

  7. What wonderful crafty ideas. That bread looks amazeing...

  8. Some great ideas, Jenny, thank you! I made your drawstring bag that you showed a bit ago...the one you store your sheet sets in. Well, mine holds my knitting nicely in a bigger bag that goes with me every time I leave the never knows when a delay or wait will occur....the devil finds work et!

  9. Thanks for taking the time to find and share these - there are some great ideas there. xx

  10. What great projects you found! That cinnamon bread does look quick and easy. There is at least one project here I'll try for a little gift. Thank you!

  11. What lovely projects you have found. I especially like the paperweight. My paternal grandmother was forever crocheting doilies. They are in my linen closet as they are such horrible dust collectors. They get so dirty so quick and then need to be re-starched. Making paperweights and doorstops out of her very large ones would mean that I would have them out to look at as a constant reminder of her sitting with her crochet hook making those tiny stitches. I think I would probably sew them and then use Mod Podge to get past the dust problem. Thank you so much Jenny!

  12. I just can't believe the cards - I think my grandmother had some of those, lol!!! Everything old is new again. May you have an inspired and uplifting week, dear one!

  13. Just thinking of you singing and backing made me smile.
    Can't wait to see what you make

  14. I follow your blog faithfully; what a wonderful, creative stitcher you are! And so generous to share with us. Thank you!


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