Monday, June 8, 2015

Girl time and sewing...

The girls dropped by for the day last Friday.
Wendy just turned 50 so we gave her lots of wonderful pressies, and naturally we ate well...

...and because we had so much fun talking, stitching, drinking cappuccinos and eating, not a lot of photos were remembered to be taken!

However I did manage a few pics of something rather gorgeous because Barb and Heather arrived an hour before Wendy and Blossom with this beauty....

The quilt pattern is called Cake Walk and I literally drooled over Heather's handiwork - it's absolutely gorgeous!
Every feature block is a basket of blooms, each one prettier than the next...

Heather's workmanship and piecing is divine which meant I could not hide my gushing "oohs and aahs" at all, and knowing me too well  she would not let the quilt top out of her sight so my plans to kidnap it permanently were sorely thwarted.
She told me it is a difficult pattern to track down, but I did think it might be worth some time and effort so I went internet hunting on Saturday morning and found only one supplier HERE in the USA.
I'm sure my fingers would be happy sewing Cake Walk, wouldn't yours?

It's a public holiday here in Queensland so Mr E has a day off work and I'm shutting the office door too.
I wonder where he's going to take me?
Adventuring to be sure...


  1. Looks like everyone had fun - LOVE, LOVE the quilt!! It's amazing.

  2. This is stunning. I would love to make this too.

  3. Heather's embroidery reminds me of the pieces my grandmother used to make. Just lovely

  4. Heather's embroidery reminds me of the pieces my grandmother used to make. Just lovely

  5. Well, that cake walk is no walk in the park! Beautiful stitching! Hope you had lots of fun on your QB weekend adventure!

  6. Oh my what a gorgeous pattern, and her handiwork is stunning!!! Hope you had a fun adventure, hon!

  7. Nice girl time with a yummy looking cake! Wow that quilt is stunning, lots of hours of work. I Made one similar several years ago only they were handbags rather than baskets by Crab Apple Hill called heirloom Romance.

  8. e you are having a wonderful day

  9. Glad everyone had a wonderful time. Beautiful quilt. Hope you and Mr.E had a fun adventure.

  10. What a beautiful quilt. Those stitcheries remind me of work that my Nana and Aunt did. Lovely. And a great day had by all I imagine. xx

  11. What a beautiful piece Heather is working on.....Just gorgeous.

  12. I hope you went somewhere peaceful and joyful. I'm sure you did! Lovely to see the delicious food you ate, and the Cake Walk quilt. It reminds me of some old transfers a woman gave me in the seventies. I was an Avon lady in my neighborhood while I finished my BA in education. One elderly lady was a widow of a man who worked for the company that sold the blue embroidery transfers and she just gave me a handful of them. Baskets with flowers and looking much like these. I enjoyed them several times before they were out of ink. Good memory, thanks!

  13. The embroideries look just like some vintage pieces I have seen. How wonderful they are enjoying a renewal.

  14. Sounds like you girls had fun. That quilt was so pretty.
    Hope you and the hubby had an awesome adventure


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