Thursday, July 9, 2015

Gentle domesticity in blue...

This week I have been turning the house inside out and setting the domestic homemaker inside of me free to scrub as hard and as thoroughly as she wants.
Townsville is a very dusty place so my house needs frequent attention in order to vacate the forever invading family of dust-bunnies which claim the right to live within it's walls.

With a 14 month old toddler arriving in just 4 sleeps I have given extra attention to this task and it occurred to me that when we love someone it's natural to push the extra mile isn't it? 

That's why I arise joyously each morning before dawn to prepare a hearty and healthy lunch for Mr E to take to work. His fellow employees call him 'spoiled' but my dear husband knows that he is quite simply 'loved'  and I too am blessed because every day he goes the extra mile for me out of that same shared commitment to our relationship, our love and the vows we made at the altar almost 24 years ago.

Last night I returned to my half finished Bluework version of A Year of Gentle Domesticity and within a few hours had it finished and ready to be bordered and framed. 
Stitching the words "gentle domesticity" once again stirred my heart and as I settled under our quilt at bedtime I let my thoughts fill with grateful thanks for all the changes which have come to pass so far this year, for all the gentle adjustments that have brought peace to my heart and my personality, and for how those changes have re-ignited and re-inspired my natural love for homemaking, wiving and mothering.
Then I renewed my desires for more life-giving-home-inspired-heart-adjusting changes still to come and offered them to the Lord with a request that He would bring them to pass.

It's so important to look back and see the good in our lives, yet many of us spend too much time reflecting on the bad. Letting go of my failures, grievous hurts made against me, and people who bring me down - that has been, and still is, LIFE GIVING.
And you know, as I grow into a better Jenny the mistakes of the past fade more and more and the things to give thanks for increase and shine brighter.

I treasure all my hopes for the future and safely entrust them to Jesus, but I remind myself often to examine my motivation for needed adjustments because there must not be a self-serving pride in those hopes and dreams, but a humble and gracious desire - always. 

  I don't think my journey to Gentle Domesticity will finish when 2015 rolls over into a new year because I've only just scratched the surface so far, and that's rather exciting.

Want to know what prompted my Year of Gentle Domesticity? Read about it HERE.
As a blessing to the domestic heart in all of us the embroidery pattern for "Gentle Domesticity" is free HERE in my shop until Monday 13th July, so be quick to download it, okay? 

This is how I stitched it the first time, in colours on a vintage linen doily...

Have you noticed changes in your own year of domesticity thus far?



  1. Your blog is one of such inspiration in a weary world. I admire your love for our Savior! Your needlework is so lovely. Thank you for offering this pattern to us.


  2. Yes I continue to embrace my domestic skills and improve them. Everyday I strive to please not only myself with what I get done but of course please my loving husband. I am learning to also embrace a simpler life with less stuff. My stitching fits perfectly into this as the supplies are minimal and I am grateful for that. And for you Jenny and your wonderful patterns and prose! Blessings Dear...

  3. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous pattern with us Jenny. Your blue version is lovely. xx

  4. It's an up and down process. =) Changing one's attitudes and personality flaws, for me, is very difficult ... not the desire but the actual success in doing so. It's happening slowly, but it's happening. =) I love that design.

  5. Un bordado bellísimo Jenny ,la tela de flores es maravillosa.!!!!!!!!!!
    Besos y feliz día.

  6. I particularly love blue and white and it is a theme in my bedroom. Being a sleep deprived person, I am only just getting to sleep when you rise! Domesticity is much the same here as it always has been, with me doing what I can when I can due to health problems and being a carer for my hubby. I recently had a month's break going overseas with my youngest daughter . It is good to be home knowing I have a place to rest my head safely with the man I love, a roof over my head and food to put on the table. Domesticity naturally follows. We are so blessed.

  7. Thank you for the pattern. Want to do it soon as a reminder of what we love. I'm a retired home economics teacher and want to spend my retirement in a more organized and happy way. Have overworked and over worried for too long. You blog is truly an inspiration to me. Sorta a morning devotion that I love. All your patterns are wonderful and I also enjoy keeping up with your instagram posts.May you be blessed as you are a blessing to so many of us women.

  8. Such a beautiful design Jenny, thanks so much for sharing, I have been over and downloaded it. It is so easy for those household jobs to become a chore rather than a work of love. Thanks for the reminder. xx

  9. Such a delightful pattern! Thank you for sharing it.

  10. Jenny thank you for your generous sharing of your work. I have been following you all year. When you started the year I could so identify with how you were feeling. I still have a teenager in the house but even as a teenager myself before I even met the love of my life I knew I was meant for domesticity. It is in my bones, and I believe it is a high calling from God. I am so enjoying following your blog. Blessings to you for sharing this journey with us.

  11. The blues are beautiful. I just love how you repurpose the vintage linens and find a whole new life for them. You are so good to share your pretty drawings.

  12. Thank you, Jenny, for your generosity. I love the version in blues.

  13. Thank you for the lovely pattern. I admire your talent, your generosity and you.

  14. Jenny, you are simply the BEST!


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