Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Simplifying projects...

I'm still full up with this head cold, and it's made me slow down a lot.

Slowing down is something I need a refresher course in on a regular basis, so I'm thanking the Lord for grounding me this past sneezy, croaky week and for however long it continues.

Slowing could also describe simplifying if you looked inside my sewing space. I put this fat quarter of "Wiltshire Daisy" fabric aside a little while ago with the idea of using the floral in one piece, no cutting or patchwork - just letting it shine.
Feeling the need to freshen the living room with 'spring' I chose to sit down with my tissues and numerous hot cups of tea to create my vision of a simple vintage style cushion cover.
 After fusing cotton quilt wadding behind the fat quarter I hand quilted around the five floral sprays with Perle 12 thread. 
This 30 minute task took about 120 minutes because I was watching one of those 90's disaster movies at the time (Sudden Impact) and being interrupted by frequent sneezes so my head was bobbing up for extended periods.
When the quilting was done I sewed an envelope back and added a French seam around the four sides to enclose the raw edges.
 The resulting sweet vintage effect was just what I'd hoped for.
Simple, yeh? In style and in the making.
Love it.

Just as this cold kicked in last week my precious 16 month old granddaughter Frankie was released from hospital after four days of a mystery illness. She'd had an extremely high temperature and needed constant monitoring, though the doctors were at a loss to find the cause. Aisha stayed at the hospital with her and waited for her little girl's fever to subside over those four long days, but then just as the doctors were preparing to do a lumbar puncture her temperature began to drop - praise God!
Once they were sure she was stabilising Aisha was allowed to take her home with strict instructions to keep her away from other people in case this was just the start of something else.
Now they've both got bad colds and needing even more rest.
As a get well gift I thought I'd use a new little stitchery I'd done a few weeks back as the centre of a small quilt for Frankie's dollies.

Again, I chose a simple display because children love simplicity, which is why toddlers are more interested in playing with the wrapping paper on Christmas Day than their gifts. All seven of my babies were like that, and when Frankie was here in July I discovered she is just the same.

So a bunch of 3" squares plus the stitchery became a quilt for Frankie's beloved dollies to share...
It's already posted and on it's way down south to put a smile on her angel face. 
We'd love it if you'd pray for her full recovery please? xx

Do you find yourself delaying the making of gifts for your family, or never feel you have enough time to create a fresh home display from your stash?


More and more this year I'm drawn to simplicity when it comes to making for the home or gifts for those I love. 

Next year you'll see even more simplicity in my decor because I feel most relaxed and content when things aren't fussy, and as I'm slowly sorting through the contents of our house this spring it's becoming easier to let go of all those knick knacks and excesses because  of the contentment growing in my heart.
As a very visual person with a touch of life-long organisational OCD, having 'free' space around my home, and areas that don't crowd me in, is soothingly therapeutic. I think more clearly, breathe calmly, and my spirit lifts. 
But you know, some people thrive in clutter. I'm not one of them but I know people who are, and really, it comes down to knowing what gives you a peaceful state of mind.
Have you thought much about that?

Well, I must be off to hunt down a fresh box of tissues and pour another glass of fresh veggie juice...I've expended as much energy as I can today. Rest, simplify, slow down...bliss.

Have a lovely day,


  1. Love the cushion and the quilt for Frankie. Hope you are both on the mend now. Keep up the fluids. {Hugs}

  2. Hi Jenny i hope you and your daughter and adorable Frankie are feeling better soon,its been a bad year for flu's and viruses.
    I love your new cushion and Frankie's little dolly blanket is so cute,take care my friend and my prayers are going to you all xx

  3. beautiful blanket & cushion
    hope you all feel better soon
    thanx for sharing

  4. I hope you, your daughter and granddaughter all feel much better soon! What a beautiful doll quilt you have made to send! Christine x

  5. trabalhos lindos!!!!!!!!!! Parabéns e obrigado por deixar o meu dia mais colorido com seus trabalhos.

  6. You and little Frankie are in my prayers.

  7. Do feel better, I really do feel God is telling you to slow down. Head colds could take about 10 days. Sinus infections are no good - I usually get that after I'm past the 10 days. Prays for you grand child, that is scary. I love your blog and your the work you do, my bucket list for 2016 is making more pillows. Rest now.

  8. Saying a prayer for your family. Hope you have a speedy recovery. Sometimes these forced breaks are a good thing. I too am one that enjoys free space, less clutter. I find that life makes enough clutter on its own so I like simplicity. The more I let go of the freer and more relaxed I get.

  9. My prayers for you, Frankie, and her mom. We have seven, too. They are wonderful, and it tickles me to hear about other families with more than 1.8 children. May yours see in you, and mine in me, Christ, whom we love.

  10. My prayers for you, Frankie, and her mom. We have seven, too. They are wonderful, and it tickles me to hear about other families with more than 1.8 children. May yours see in you, and mine in me, Christ, whom we love.

  11. Jenny,
    I will be in prayer for your precious granddaughter and for you! Thank you for your encouraging and beautiful blog. I so enjoy clicking on it each day to see the lovely things that you are making as well as reading about the journey the Lord is taking you on with Him. May His great name be glorified in your life!
    Blessing and joy in Christ, Elaine

  12. Both wonderful projects. I know your little sweetheart will love the quilt. I'm so sorry she's been sick like that, but thankful that she is home now. I hope your cold soon is a thing of the past. Paul and I used to have the clutter discussion. I'm fine with clutter in my environment, but I need things straight in my head. Paul was the opposite. It took many years for us to find a happy medium! LOL

  13. Such a scary time for you and your family with Frankie being hospitalized like that. Thank God her temp came down when it did. I don't know what a lumbar puncture is or what it would solve, but it does not sound like something I would want my loved one to go through! Prayers for you and your family. And that little quilt is adorable.

  14. Oh Jenny I am SO sorry to read about little Frankie. I pray she makes a good recovery as does her Mum & YOU too my dear friend from your head cold. I am sure she will love her little dollies quilt when it arrives in the post. I adore your new cushion & find the fabric quite vintagey looking. As for simplifying .... I am still a work-in-progress on that one but I have grand ambitions if that counts !!!!!

  15. Oh Jenny, poor little Frankie, what a worry for you all. Of course I will pray for healing for her and Aisha and you too!. The dolly quilt is adorable, so special and I love the simplicity of the cushion. I have cut out some cushion covers today and now I am wondering if I have enough seam allowance to do french seams, it just makes it a bit more special. Sending get well Hugs. xx

  16. Hi Jenny, hope you feel better soon! Also hope that Frankie and Aisha are improving soon. Love your cushion and the simple and sweet☺

  17. Prayers and Healing Energy for you and your family. Lovely new pillow and the simplicity of it is beautiful. Using the fabric's design and stitching around the flowers is very subtle. Frankie will adore her new Dollie quilt all stitched with love. Simplicity is freeing...

  18. Your new pillow and quilt are fabulous! I find the urge very often to also do simple and for whatever reason, it always ends up being a very special project. I am sorry about your granddaughter, but glad that she got to go home. I will say prayers for all of you! Although it is very late here, I will wish you a wonderful creative day!

  19. What a beautiful little quilt! Angel hugs and blessings to little Frankie, her mum and granny.

  20. Such a lovely cushion and I adore the little quilt and its colours - Frankie will be so happy.

  21. I hope that everyone is feeling better. I love your pillow and the little quilt!


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