Friday, September 18, 2015


It seems I have caught a mild spring cold, the first head cold I've had in a couple of years.
In fact when I went to find tissues the box was empty.
 "Now why had we not noticed that?" I ask Mr E.
"Because we don't get colds anymore, so we don't have a reason to check the tissue box" says he. 
I remembered a few handbag size tissue packs stored in my sewing room, waiting to have pretty covers made as Christmas gifts, so I decided these will suffice because my intent is to fully recovered by Saturday and no longer in need of tissues.

Fortunately I spent time earlier this week tidying the house, de-cluttering, sorting and dusting, and it's lovely to sit back this morning and see everything sparkling still!

After removing every 'in use' table-runner, quilt and cushion cover from the house, I had loaded the washing machine three times over and filled the clothesline. While everything dried in the midday sun I vacuumed and mopped the floors before looking through my other quilted items for replacement displays.
 Our little phone table was the perfect spot for THIS project from the other day...

The small bookcase where I store my kitchen storage containers now has a little window display on top...

...and I spent a good five minutes just smiling at the vase of pink gerberas and chrysanthemums which grace the top of our large bookcase.

I filled a very large bag with books to donate before scrubbing my old cook book shelving, re-packing it with the health and cookbooks I intended keeping, and created a nice pile of favourites to browse through over the weekend for fresh menu ideas. 
I especially love Jamie Oliver's new Everyday Super Food...

The dusting and sorting continued into the office and across my fabric stash. 
Everything is ordered the way I like it now - a Lecien shelf, a Tilda shelf, a fat quarter shelf, random yardage shelf, ideas and notions shelf.
Maybe I've never told youbefore, but I'm truly OCD about visual order. Could be why I tidy, sort and de-clutter more than the average gal...?

I also bathed Merri, cleaned out her 'bedroom', and freshened the living room a little...

She spends most of the day outside but comes in for a nap each afternoon to her bedroom, snuggled up to her favourite toy, Teddy, and my old slippers...

I'm so pleased this was done a few days ago because yesterday we relaxed for Mr E's birthday (although he did fix the lawn mower, mow the grass, and give the Jeep an oil change) and today I've woken with this spring cold so the only things on my agenda this afternoon will be browsing through a pile of old and new magazines (a favourite pastime of mine) and the finishing stitches to a couple of hand sewing projects...

 You see, when I was tidying the other day I set aside a number of fabric pairs that 'caught my eye' for home decorating. These were one such set...

I thought they'd make a simple, yet pretty, cushion cover for the living room.
After fusing some scrap cotton quilt wadding behind the floral fat quarter I began hand quilting around the bouquet sprays with Perle 12 thread. It only needs another hour before it's ready to be finished on my sewing machine...

 The other bit of hand sewing I'll finish today is a new design for The Stitchery Club next month...

But, I'd better go now and make a large jug of veggie juice and cut up a plate of fresh Vitamin C rich fruit so I can flush this bug from my system. You see, Mr E and I are off to the football tomorrow night, hopefully to see our team win their semi-final match,  and I intend to be fighting fit by then.
It was another of his birthday gifts and must be enjoyed after all...

Have a wonderful day,


  1. Enjoy the football all wrapped up warm. You sure are a great cleaner and tidier - I think you put me to shame! Ha! Merri looks so cute in her bed and happy too. Enjoy your juicing and get better quick!

  2. You have inspired me girl! I was intending to have a bit of a spring clean tomorrow depending on my energy levels but now I am going to do it regardless lol. Are you sure you do not have hay fever? It can be just as horrid as a cold. A some FES nasal spray with eucalyptus. It is only saline, no medications in it so it won't have side affects. This helps wash away pollens from the nasal passages and is also good to help unblock the nose. Also, paw paw ointment dabbed inside your nostrils is also good. Now, back to stitching... I am loving your beautiful stitcheries and have only purchased one month of your club so far. Although I do not like having to print everything up myself, I am certainly going to make an exception next year and subscribe to your club for the year. Thanks for putting a smile on my face with each post.

  3. It all looks wonderful Jenny! Hope you recover from your cold very soon! Christine x

  4. I think you could do with the rest that the cold is making you take after all of that tidying and cleaning! It all looks lovely. I do hope you are soon feeling much better. Hugs. xx

  5. Spring cleaning always makes the house seem new somehow Hope you feel better soon xx

  6. Jenny, I sure hope that your cold disappears quickly; a cold is just an annoyance that occurs to most of us. Your house looks delightful. I enjoyed all of your photos. Feel better soon and enjoy the football game!

  7. Hope you feel better soon Jenny. xx

  8. What a lot of cleaning you did! I should do the same, but since I share my house, it's very disheartening to even look at what needs to be done. I love the hint of next month's stitchery. Those purple flowers are going to find a home in my CQ, I know! They may not be purple, though. =) Does Merri get in there by herself? Or needs lifting? Football as in soccer? I hope you are having a lovely day, in spite of the cold.

  9. First off Healing Energy to stave off that nasty cold bug. Your home is always so neat and clean and your organized spaces are amazing. Merri is a very lucky girl to have found you and Mr. E. Healing Energy and Non-Filtered Apple Cider Vinegar...

  10. Sorry to hear about the cold but you seem to be doing everything right. I hope you knock it right out! Stay warm, you might even bring Merri into bed with you to help. Bits is my constant companion but she only weighs 5 pounds. Sorry I have been out of contact, my health has taken a turn for the worse. This month has been pretty bad. We are going on that train trip I had mentioned earlier. We leave in about 3 weeks. We will be staying at B&B's the entire time we are in New England. Our 35th anniversary is this Sunday. I pray I will be up to celebrating with Jim.

  11. I always love catching up on your blog with my morning cuppa on Saturdays. You are an inspiration to many.

  12. Hope you feel better soon. I love the photos of your streamlined home. Neat and pretty!

  13. So love to see your fresh and tidy home, dear girl. Always makes me feel so welcomed. I hope I didn't give you my cold.....I thought I disinfected my emails before I sent them....feel better, hon!

  14. It's so nice to make a project with such a perfect place to use it and your little runner looks so nice on your phone stand. And what a lovely feeling to have the house tidy and be able to relax and enjoy it. I hope your cold is short lived.

  15. It is nice to see how you live with your patchwork things, I think every quilter should have their work in use.

  16. I hope you feel better soon. It always feels so nice when the house has been scrubbed and decluttered. Yet I never seem motivated to do it as often as I should. ;)

  17. Would you like to come and sort my house out, Jenny? Although I did clean up my sewing room today. I had to start a new project, yes, had to! There wasn't any room to move. I think there were 3 or 4 projects I'm working on and quilt show things as our quilt show is coming up fast and everything had been put in there. But it's all nice and tidy now! I hope your cold goes away quickly. Hugs, Christine xx


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