Monday, November 16, 2015

Ideas from my HSWH particpants...

In case you haven't been for a visit to the participating girl's blogs (over there in the sidebar under the *homemade stitched with heartstrings* button) I'll show you what a few of them have been creating as inspiration for your gift making this Christmas...

Agueda has used some of my Vintage Kitchen blocks (free patterns here) as the feature on a set of pot holders and she has shared a tutorial so you can make them too!
Visit Agueda's *homemade stitched with heartstrings* tutorial HERE...

Clever Shez has shared a tutorial for making her yummy"Cookies In A Jar" over HERE...

Sharon has a number of ideas on her blog, but I especially love the tea pot sewing kit!
Scroll down her blog HERE for plenty of project links...

Esther has some fantastic cross stitch freebies for you to download and make!
Isn't this a cutie pin cushion? You can scroll down HERE to enjoy her generosity...

Susan has shared a very simple and pretty tutorial for bath salts.
Oh, I am relaxing just thinking of a good soak in THESE...

It's a bright and sunny (and very hot) Monday morning here, so I'm going to get my household chores finished early and then head to the sewing room and prepare some hand stitching to do in the air conditioned living room.

Now that's what I'd call 'chilling out'...

have a lovely day,


  1. Thanks, Jenny! Love the teapot and the pin cushion. The cookie mix is great for the non-stitchers. I am up late watching a long rain-delayed NASCAR race and was checking your blog. I love catching your new posts before heading for my bed.

  2. Gracias por unirnos en proyectos tan bonitos. Disfruta del calor. Aquí tenemos sol todos los dias, pero con el aire helado. Besos.

  3. Lots of lovely ideas there Jenny xx

  4. Some lovely ideas again Jenny, thanks for the mention, the teapot is one of my favourites :-) I love the cookie mixes in a jar but I never gifted them before, it would be a great teacher present for Josh to give this year! x

  5. What wonderful fun. I had checked a couple of those links and found the terrific teapot sewing kit. Searching for a teapot now! Thanks for highlighting my epsom bath salts. My funny bone was tickled by the pincushion message. I have plans for a tutorial for a sock snowman soon. It's so easy, and so adorable!

  6. Those hot pads from Agueda are brilliant - love them! Well, I love all of these! Thanks Jenny and friends!!


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