Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Beaded jug covers...

Over the past month I have been methodically giving each room in our home a 'deep clean' and part of this 'refreshing' is to wash and rotate all the decorative quilts, table runners, doilies and cushion covers. So my spring linens are now ironed and folded away for another season, and the summer things have made their way out of the darkness and into the bright sunshine of this tropical house.

Whilst browsing through the linen cupboard I discovered that a bead had come loose from one of my jug covers. This cover is quite special to me because it's one of my very first designs (2009) and was inspired by memories of Nana, her life and her tiny simple home...

I'll repair this today and perhaps re-secure the other beads in place just to be safe. After all, that's exactly what Nana would have done - "a stitch in time saves nine, Jennifer"...

I love jug covers, and they are quite useful in this bug-lovin' tropical climate we've grown to love.
Occasionally I find the odd one in a thrift/charity store, but only once have I seen a new jug cover for sale in a gift shop (the blue beaded one below)...

In 2012 I shared THIS tutorial for making your own beaded jug covers from old crochet doilies...

...and I still use that cover today!
In fact, it drapes beautifully across a white jug my friend Michelle May gifted me many years ago.

 But what about using fabric doilies for jug covers?

Whilst rummaging through my big tub of vintage treasures the red and green of this simply stitched piece caught my eye - probably because the Christmas season is here. 
It was just 50c at a country market Mr E took me to earlier this year, and with a good supply of glass beads on hand that I'd inherited from our Blossom-girl when she lost interest in that particular craft, I had myself an idea to play with!

The doily already had tiny crochet edges perfect for attaching beads...

If you're going to make something similar choose a linen that has a crochet edge as it's very easy then to hide your thread, and choose a thread the same colour as the crochet.

If using stranded cotton you should probably use two or three strands, but I had some Presencia Perle 16 on hand which was a perfect colour match.

Turn your linen to the wrong side.
Choose a suitable edge to add a bead and weave your thread in from a little way to the right and bring it up just under where you want your bead to appear...

Make a couple of knots.
Weave the needle up to the edge of the crochet...

Thread your bead onto the needle, then bring the thread back down into the crochet edge.
The bead should have a little swing; don't pull it too close to the crochet.

Secure with a couple more knots, then weave the needle in and out of the crochet to the left of the bead.
Cut the thread.

Trim both edges of the thread so that they are 'just' hidden in the crochet.

I'm sewing a red/green sequence around my doily...

This will become a cover for the teaspoon mug which sits on the kitchen bench...

 This sort of project uses what's already on hand and would also make a lovely gift for *home made stitched with heartstrings*!

Only 28 more beads to sew in place.
I guess you know what I'll be doing this afternoon, right?

Have a wonderful day,


  1. That is such a good idea Jenny. It looks lovely and is practical as well.

  2. Such a charming and practical idea. Love it's 'old world' simplicity.

  3. Another brilliant idea to reuse things and make things more homey. Hope you don't lose any beads.

  4. How pretty is your Christmassy vintage treasure. Must go op shop hunting.

  5. Es muy bonito, y muy apropiado para hacer unos cuantos y regalar. Muchos besos.

  6. Jenny, those are beautiful! I wish I knew how to crochet edgings on things like that and baby blankets!

  7. Great idea, I love your embroidered ones!

  8. Jenny, I have recently picked up some bead supplies at a garage sale and have been playing with ideas on how to use them. I think that adding them as an embellishment to doilies is a fabulous idea! Both of my Grandmothers used to crochet such beautiful doilies; my mother and I have all sorts of sizes and colors adorning our household. I will be adding a few beads to a few of them. Thank you for sharing another fantastic idea! Have a wonderful creative idea!

  9. I never heard of jug covers until you talked about them in 2012. I think they are pretty and as soon as I can find a use for one, I will be sure to make one as pretty as yours!

  10. Nice Jenny - all mine are lacy but a good idea to use an embroidered pice too. Thank you. xx

  11. I have never heard of such a thing! Brilliant!!!!! I need to make one for my dad - he keeps a sugar bowl on the table and it has no lid, so I cut a small square out of a plastic cup (for the spoon handle to stick out of) and popped it upside down on the sugar bowl. Your beaded jug covers are so much more elegant!!!

  12. What fun, Jenny! Even if one doesn't have the bugs, it would be great. Outside in the summer, there are plenty of bugs here. I'm used to the desert where there are few of them, so it's taken some getting used to, and I don't think of things like this. Thanks for the idea!

  13. Those jug covers are so lovely...Now I can dig through my totes and find my grandmothers (dad's side) and make one or two from her stash that I got...Thank you for the ideas...

  14. I love how you are using what you have on hand. The red and green beads are perfect for this red and green stitched doily. These doilies would make a lovely giftt when combined with a sweet little jug or mug or creamer.

  15. Gosh , those jug covers look great. Super idea!

  16. These are beautiful! I think I'll make "glass covers" for my daughter & and grandson. They are always putting a piece of paper over their glasses to keep out the Asian beetles and the flies. These would look much better!

  17. Jenny you just reminded me of my grandmother. I loved her to pieces, she used to make these and I think I still may have one hidden away somewhere. I just joined your stitchery club and now I'm off to make a few jug covers. You really have given me the incentive I needed. Thank you.
    Warm hugs,


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