Monday, February 22, 2016

The sleeping holiday...

Home again, home again, jiggety jig.
On arriving home after our weekend away in Cairns, hubby and I realised we had been far more exhausted than we'd previously thought because we hadn't done any of the touristy stuff - in fact we slept more than anything else.

Our suite had a balcony overlooking the ocean and when we arrived late Saturday the tide was on the way out. We've been here a dozen times before so didn't mind the muddy view of the ocean floor; we just sat and watched in silence, our breath slowing as our shoulders relaxed, and then we laughed because we suddenly became very aware of just how hot and humid it was (much like home)...

Our suite was up on the seventh floor so we had a good view along the marina both day and night. The flowers below our balcony added bright and welcoming colour to the predominantly blue and green landscape...

Those who don't live in the tropics are often surprised to learn that we cannot swim in the ocean here or in Townsville (where we live) for around 7 months of the year due to the abundance of deadly Box Jellyfish and Irukanji. The waters are too warm which attracts the harmful sea creatures.
This year alone the number of Irukanji found washed up on the shore has tripled from last season. 

It's very tempting to run for the ocean with the heat so intense and the ocean so blue up and down the coast, but you take a big risk if you do. Fortunately our motel had a huge swimming pool so we took advantage of it in the early mornings, content to just watch the big blue sea from there.

On Sunday for my birthday lunch Mr E drove us north to Port Douglas and on the way we stopped at Ellis Beach to photograph the yachts. If we'd had a picnic packed we would have spent hours there and gone no further...

We stood under the trees for shade...

...and discovered others had been there before us.
Wonder where they ended up? Shame these old wellies were ten sizes too big!

Back to the motel that afternoon we slept and slept until sunset...

...then silently watched the full moon rise.

We headed out for a long walk along the Marina past scores of restaurants and eateries, looking for one that caught my eye. Initially we had planned to dine at our favourite Thai street stall but after discovering it had closed down we settled on an Indian restaurant instead.
After another long walk in the sultry night air we arrived back at our motel with cool drinks, ice cream and plans for more sleep. 
Truly, we couldn't get over just how tired we were, so we didn't fight the need to put head to pillow but gave in to the rest our bodies craved.

Leaving hubby to keep sleeping, at dawn on Monday morning I sat with cup of tea in hand watching the tide roll in as the sun rose over the mountains...

It was quiet, overcast, and simply glorious.

A cruise ship came into view just as I was about to go inside so I snapped a few more photos. Hopefully the passengers will be staying long enough to enjoy this beautiful part of Australia the way we do...

Mr E woke, and we took one final swim in the pool before packing the Jeep, checking out, and heading to our favourite coffee shop, Zarraffas, before heading south to return home.
About midway between Cairns and Townsville we took a short detour to walk along Mission Beach, another of our favourite places to visit...

What a special two days we had together, a wonderful birthday gift from the man who holds my heart.

I should confess something though.
Remember I took crochet, stitching and reading with me?

Well, I did write down some ideas for The Notebook: Files in March...

...but nothing else was achieved during our Cairns stay.
Sleep was far more appealing.

However during the final 100 kilometres of our trip home, the part where I get really tired and struggle to stay awake at the best of times, I managed to make a start on the applique for a new Gentle Domesticity BOM block I'll share later this year...

 Morning tea from the bakery in Tully filled our tummies, and from there we didn't stop till home.
 Princess Sophie was at the gate waiting for us as we drove in, but Merri will stay at the kennels until I pick her up in the morning. I'll see Blossom, shop for groceries and catch up on Elefantz business tomorrow, whilst Mr E will head off to work at the car yard.
Life will return to regular routine.

Except for one thing.

We will be addressing our exhaustion and the reasons behind it by taking time to plan sensible and healthy boundaries around all our work commitments until we can find a better alternative. 
Sometimes we need a break from routine in order to see how out of balance life is, especially when we thought is was okay. 
Living and learning...

Have a brilliant week!


  1. Happy birthday Jenny!
    God bless you and your family

  2. It looks like you had a perfect weekend! Happy Birthday!

  3. I be reading Irukanji. I allways imagine the australians in the ocean every day of year. I was wrong. Thank you for your information: I learn, and i love to learn. I think Irukandji is so tiny, he need be dangerous for survive :) .
    Your travel is beautiful photos. A little paradise. I hope you are Happy and unstressed. Hugs. Bless you.

  4. Thanks for sharing your wonderful vacation! Great photo's!
    "A change in bed and plate...and something to do with even just a short while " part of a Dutch saying is quite appropriate.
    It's nice to have handwork options while away!
    Does one ever get used to the heat?
    Just like a Canadian living in The Netherlands, I'm often asked "you must be used to the cold?" No, not really, we just put op with it and keep on going.
    Maybe a change in life's tempo, like the Spanish and Mexicans, include a Siesta in the daily routine! They think we're nuts if we maintain our tempo if we're on vacation there!
    Enjoy the search for answers.
    Looking forward to the next gentle Domesticity! I'm actually caught up on this BOM!
    Take care,

  5. Wow so much fun
    Looks like a perfect weekend
    Love you x

  6. Thank you for sharing your wonderful week-end away with us! We love to see the photos of places thousands of miles away and try to picture ourselves there in all that hot sun when, here at home (UK) we have had dull skies & rain for weeks & weeks. But there is a silver lining, it will mean no hose-pipe ban this coming summer, so we are blessed! May the refreshment of your birthday break last you for many days to come. x

  7. Good Morning Jenny! Thank you for sharing your spectacular weekend with us! It truly is beautiful. I love everything about the oceans. Having lived in the Midwest the first half of my life and here in Southern Oregon pretty much the second half, the Oregon Coast is my favorite place to visit but any coastal drive is such a breathtaking experience. I would easily just agree to walk up and down and drive up and down beautiful coastal roads like the one that you shared in a heartbeat. I am so glad that you and Mr. E received much needed rest and relaxation, plus just the company of one another on a pleasant trip ( so special ). Have a fantastic creative day!

  8. Beautiful weekend, and much needed refreshment, I'm sure. We all try to balance things, don't we? We are in the midst of elder care issues and hours of care, daily. We try to go for walks both for exercise and for decompression, but opportunities are few. Praying for His strength to minister until issues are resolved for alternate care.

  9. Such gorgeous pics, hon. Question - with those tiny jellyfish, do the birds that dive for fish ever get stung? I can't remember who the blogger was, that her and hubby both died from that several years ago. So scary.
    I'm so glad you got some rest, and hope you both find some balance to keep you well.

  10. Beautiful photos Jenny, and rest. glorious rest!

  11. Oh Jenny, sounds like a glorious get-away, and I'm glad you listened to what your bodies both needed... no doubt your minds would have needed that rest, too! Just love your photos... glad you had a lovely birthday, dear friend! Much love! Vikki xoxoxo

  12. Thankfully you and Mr. E honored your need for rest. It is amazing how our bodies tell us just what they need. Lovely photos of a land and ocean I have never visited. I never go in the ocean water and with such interesting and painful sea creatures I am quite glad not to experience them. May you have a wonderful year of this birthday dear...

  13. Just looking at your photos was very relaxing. I love watching birds in the sand and mud at the beach. What a lovely holiday you had, and it sounds like good food, too. I'm so glad you got away.

  14. Sounds like a wonderful relaxing break that you both needed. Good on you taking time to rethink your lifestyle as your health and relationship are the most important things. Beautiful pics, ugly gumboots. and I love your toes hehehe.

  15. HI Jenny, so nice to meet you. I found you on Craftsy, and wondered how to reach you and tell you I find your work absolutely delightful! I'm glad for your time away....some times we need to fill up the reservoir inside of us. Glad you were able to do that. Just wanted to say hello, love your beautiful creativity. I have found beautiful people often create beautiful things.
    Have a blessed day!
    I'm on Craftsy too (Ribbonwood Cottage)

  16. Happy Birthday! Wow that water looked so inviting and beautiful. I never knew that you couldn't swim during certain times because of harmful critters. That's no fun.

  17. A belated Happy Birthday Jenny. It sounds as though the rest was just what you needed. xx

  18. I was so looking forward to pictures of your get-away -- they are beautiful!! So glad you had a restful trip. Happy Birthday late!!

  19. This was all so lovely. Sometimes you have to let go and let rest come.

  20. Lovely post. Sounds like you had a well-deserved and restful get-away.

  21. Sleep - a natural healer and the body's way of telling us to stop

  22. What a lovely post with some great photos.
    I didn't know you couldn't swim all year, what a shame. I was hoping to get some swimming done later this year when we visit the east coast of Australia. Cairns is one of the places on the route so thanks for giving me a preview.
    You must have needed that break Jenny!

  23. Beautiful pictures from what looks like a wonderful trip. I have been thinking about how to change our schedules to put real rest as a more important part of them. Thanks for sharing all you do in your blog posts, you are an inspiration.


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