Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A new week...

Mothers Day at home was lovely and relaxed. Blossom dropped over after lunch and stayed for the afternoon so her and I and Mr E kicked back on the couch to chat and watch some Midsomer with cool drinks and a delight in just being together. 
Look what she gave me. I've been waiting five years for a bottle of Vera Wang Princess, and aren't the earrings perfect too?!

Mr E also made a fuss by giving me a beautiful bouquet of pink flowers...

Monday morning came and as Mr E walked out the front door he made me promise to take things easy and continue allowing my sciatic nerve to heal. Truly, I never knew nerve pain could be so horrid. 
I've found that as well as sitting very straight in a firm supportive chair the pain is also eased by walking and periods of standing, so I did a lot of cooking through the day as kitchen time is happy time.

I roasted a pumpkin and its seeds in Morrocan spices for salads this week...

 Baked Mr E's favourite cake (Date, Ginger, Banana, Cacao and Pumpkin)...

...and made big pots of Chicken Korma and Spicy Lentil Dhal to serve on rice for dinner.
I made sure to cook enough for a couple of meals plus extra dhal to take to Blossom's later today...

Blossom is now in her third trimester and is following the doctor's orders and resting as much as possible. She still has some health issues which leave her exhausted and in a lot of pain much of the time, so being able to cook something extra for her and her DB once a week makes me feel as though I'm helping in some small way. Blossom is such a delight to my life and I know her own little girl will be just as precious to her.

The mailman arrived yesterday with my "A Year in the Garden" quilt back from Dawn who did the machine quilting for me. She's such a blessing! 
Originally I was going to finish this quilt top with ties and hand-quilting but now a few of my fingers are experiencing the effects of osteo-arthritis so large areas of hand quilting must be avoided.

The binding strips are ready to be folded, pressed and sewn down...
...so after I visit Blossom this morning and gather some fresh veggies from the grocer I'll finish the quilt, make a big pumpkin and haloumi salad to serve with some steak I'm marinating steak for dinner, and THEN I may just kick back and read one of my favourite English magazines with a big pot of Prince of Wales tea. The British mags arrive two months late in Australia but I don't mind...

Do you have something special to do this week?
I hope every day is simply wonderful for you!



  1. Sure hope that the sciatica responds well to your routine; you're quite busy in spite of it! Praying that the Lord will ease it, and that He will be with Blossom, too. Hugs to you!

  2. I am amazed at how much you are able to be doing in spite of terrible Sciatica pain. Your meals look and sound really delicious. Gorgeous quilt that you are binding and finishing. Healing Energy Dear...for you and for Blossom and Baby.

  3. Wow, if that is what you call 'kicking back' - I really don't know what to say :)! You are a whirlwind for sure. Take time out for your magazines - enjoy the rest - and let your sciatic nerve heal. I know the feeling!

  4. So lovely to know you had such a nice Mothers Day shared with blossom. Some yummy cooking there and your gifts are gorgeous. Have you been to the Chiropractor for your sciatica? Sometimes we just need to keep going despite the pain but it does get tough at times and we need to pace ourselves so we don't fall in a heap. Take care. Angel hugs.

  5. Good Morning Jenny! Such delightful special gifts you received for Mothers Day. I can tell from your words that you are going to treasure each and every one of them! I sort of giggle to myself when I read about your cooking adventures, especially knowing how much you love to do it and why you love to do it, but today I had this image of you just gleefully dancing from counter to counter to gather supplies and begin preparing and cooking everything! It is such a blessing that you get such fulfillment in achieving taking care of your home and family. It truly shows in how you share the delights and it truly is all inspiring!! The little bit of the quilt I could see is such a pretty pink it made me remember a linen tablecloth that one of my Grandmothers used, but hers had a lot of green leaves also. Anyway...you helped a memory pop into my brain which is always appreciated!

    I just am a talker....once again everything that you shared is spectacular and such an inspiration to me! Thank you dear Jenny. Have a fantastic creative day!

  6. Sorry to read that you have sciatica Jenny - I know just how painful it can be! My Dr recommended walking in a swimming pool and it really does help so if you get a chance, do try it out. xx

  7. Yes, but nothing I want to talk about, LOL. Your mother's day sounds lovely, and I'm so glad you got your perfume. Next time I'm in a dept. store, I'll have to smell it and then I'll know what you smell like. =) The flowers were also gorgeous, as are the earrings. What a lovely cooking day you had. A very blessed time for you, waiting with Blossom for the advent of her baby.

  8. My husband deals with similar pain but he looks for ways to take care and keep moving the best he can as you do. I am working on my Year in the Garden embroideries. I like the fabrics you put yours together with. I am working on my third block so it will be a while before I complete it.

  9. The sneaky peaks of the completed quilt look very pretty! Loved reading your blog post today with all the photo's and cooking info. Thinking of dear Blossom and her being on bed rest. Praying for your sciatica.


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