Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Block 5 Gentle Domesticity BOM...

The quote I've stitched around this design means a lot.
It reminds me that everyday life is ordinary, and within each ordinary day can be found simple joys if we just stop for a bit and take time to look for them.

I wonder how many lovely things we miss when we rush from here to there, or absorb our minds in things of no true consequence?  

Did we stop to hear the birds singing to each other from the treetops as we walked outside to check the mailbox?
Did we fail to appreciate the gentle breeze that blew through our hair as we climbed from our car and hurried into the grocery store?
Did we notice the weary, yet sweetly satisfied sigh of the young mother holding her new baby close to her chest while she waited in line at the checkout behind us?
Did we wake beside our precious husband and thank God for the soft rise and fall of his chest as he sleeps, assuring us of another day together?
Did we lovingly press his freshly washed shirt and hold it to our cheek, remembering "I love you" moments we've shared and are still to share?
Did we take off our shoes and stand in the grass to feel the sensation of cool green blades and moist earth under our feet?

Did we....?
Did we....?

I'd love for you to add your own 'did we?' in the comments below. 
Let's remind each other of the simple joys found in an ordinary life because I don't want to miss any of them.
Do you?

It's free until June 4th.



Ondrea said...

Another beautiful block. Strangely enough, I quite enjoy hanging the washing out on the line in the sunshine and love the smell of it after it has been hanging out in the air. My mind seems to drift while out there. LOL, I don't iron anything but patchwork. Do we enjoy silence? I crave for a few minutes of silence and I note that many people cannot tolerate it. They need to keep busy, their mind always full. I, however, like to find peace within rather from outside stimulation.Thanks for another beautiful post.

Michelle said...

I find being around my four year old son helps me see more and I use my senses more. I too love the smell of washing just off the line. I am also enjoying the slowness of cross stitching.

Little Quiltsong said...

Oh this is one of my favorite blocks. I love pictures with wash lines. I didn't have a wash line for years and got used to dryers - I love starting my wash early and having everything done by noon - washed, dried, folded and put away; but in our new place we now have a wash line and I've enjoyed hanging out the wash in the early morning hours when all is quiet and peaceful - before the rush of the day starts. I love to see the neighbors wash flapping in the wind - it is just homey I guess. Also, we usually eat breakfast shortly after 5am - and I have so enjoyed hearing the early morning bird songs and will open my front door and peek out to see where they might be sitting - I just can't get enough of their cheery sounds.

Line said...

Thanks Jenny. Can I translate your "did we"in french and share it with my friends on my Facebook page?

Anonymous said...

This is, by far, my favorite block of this series! Did we: Say a little thank you for having good jobs, as we entered to go to work, even though it would be nice to have this day at home. Did I: Take the time to stoke the friendly cat, who comes to greet me, as I made my way to the house. Did I? - Thank you so much for the reminder to take a little time, each day, many times a day, to appreciate all we have and the beauty in our lives! - Diane from Minnesota, USA.

Little Penpen said...

Love this! Did I take the time to enjoy my elderly daddy? Since my mom passed and we moved back home, I am 'getting to know' my daddy like never before. So thankful for this time!

Anonymous said...

Did we take a moment to tell our Savior how much we appreciate all the chances we have to forgive and be forgiven? I love this stitchery, and it reminds me so much of all those did-we moments in every single day, opportunities to be grateful just to be here, breathing and enjoying life. I stood on my front porch this morning in the sunshine with a cool breeze blowing, looking at the blue sky with just a few white puffs very slowly moving by, birds singing in the background, and took a moment just to breathe and be glad I'm here. So often I forget to do that. Thanks for another great thought-provoking post, Jenny.

Brenda said...

Good Morning Jenny! Did we stop for those few moments extra and sit down to tell our beloved spouse a special little tale of the day! I truly enjoy doing this with my husband because it usually leads to the two of us sitting together for an hour or more just talking and discussing whatever we desire. Plus, we usually sit outside on the front porch listening to the birds and the whispering breeze, the running stream off to the side and in the evenings the frogs singing their songs. It truly is a magnificent time for us. Thank you for sharing everyone. Have a fantastic creative day!

Susan said...

Did we thank God for another day when we woke up this morning?
Did we thank God for the food we had to eat today?
Did we thank God for clean water to drink and bathe in?
Did we thank God we are not homeless?
Did we thank God for our families?


Tuppence said...

Muchas gracias Jenny por el nuevo bloque , precioso ¡¡

Kathleen said...

Oh I love this one! . . . but I think I've said that about the others too :)
Thank you.

Kathleen said...

Jenny, I have a question if you don't mind. I looked at your tutorial for preparing a rosedaisy alphabet letter. My question is, do you always trace your designs directly to the fabric as in the tutorial? Or do you sometimes make a transfer?
And by the way, you have so many great and free tips for embroidery. And I thank you for them. But you know, if you ever compiled them into a book, I'd certainly buy it!!
Thank you.

Lin said...

Beautiful post Jenny and I love the block. We have nightingales singing at the moment and it is lovely to stop and listen when I should be hanging out the washing. xx

Annabel said...

Did we feel the sun on our face and notice the flowers in the garden? Today there is sun after the rain.
Gratitude and simple things and slowing down all speak to me right now. Love

Baa. xxx said...

Beautiful! Thanks so much for another gorgeous pattern.

Guida said...

thank you for the lovely pattern and the words. Guida

Águeda said...

When I was little, my mother and I climbed onto a terrace to hang clothes. I enjoyed playing with color clips. When we are young, we do not know appreciate the work of mothers. That is the great "we did" for me.
Thank you for the beautifull pattern. And, tahnk you for the beautiful words. Hugs.

shirley flavell said...

Lovely block and lovely words Jenny.

Christine M said...

Thank you for sharing this with us Jenny. I love this block. Wonderful post. xxx

Jenny of Elefantz said...

You may indeed, Line. x