Thursday, June 23, 2016

Making time, cherishing moments...

I remember when my first baby arrived.
My expectations of what life would be like as an 18 year old mother were overturned rather quickly.
No longer independent, I was now one half of a pair, a twosome who for quite a long time would cling to each other out of sheer love, powerful love.

Another six babies later and Blossom was born.
Her daddy and I had believed we were having a boy so her birth was a joyous ' surprise party' when the midwife announced a wee little girl had entered our world. 

Twenty two years later and that precious girl, the baby of our family, is awaiting her own introduction to motherhood, to that same powerful love which wraps itself around hearts. When she and this soon-to-be-born baby girl find each other's eyes, when her tiny fingers wrap around Blossom's, life will change wonderfully for our youngest child.

Yesterday, after a visit to the doctor for her now weekly checkups, I took my Blossom-girl out for brunch. Time together, mother and daughter, just the the two us.

The cafe was white, calm, afresh with blooms that made us smile in delight...

The food was delicious...

...but the best thing was being together, taking a moment in time to stop and celebrate our relationship, the ties that bind her life with mine, the memories we share and the hopes yet to unfold before us.

Blossom is recovering well from the pneumonia but must take things very easy until her lungs are clear and all sign of infection gone. Our brunch was the perfect gentle outing for such a time as this.

Is there someone in your life you need to gather close and share a special moment with?
Don't wait. Memory moments like yesterday with my girl can give so much more than you realise - to both of you. 

Have a blessed day,


  1. Glad to hear Blossom is slowly getting better, my thoughts and prayers are with you both and of course your family. Take care, Guida.

  2. Time together is indeed precious. Savor these moments and memories dear. Nice calm brunch cafe for spending time together.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful time spent together, Jenny. Glad Blossom is feeling a bit better. xx

  4. Oh memories....the most wonderful of things. They keep us warm in our old age!

  5. I'm so pleased Blossom is healing and a special treat with Mum can only have helped xx

  6. Happy to hear Blossom is on the mend. What a lovely post full of sentiment and love. Thank you, Jenny!

  7. Such a lovely post. Sad that sometimes people need to be reminded to tend to their relationships. Your time with Blossom has a lovely and serene feel.
    xx, Carol

  8. Sew nice to have special time together... Great Blossom is getting stronger before the birth...

  9. Good Morning Jenny! Such a special post. How brilliantly special that you and Blossom had this Mother Daughter time together to hold as a memory and a point to hold your relationship strong and true with love and devotion. I have quite a few people who I love to share these type of special times with and recently my step Daughter was visiting and we had several special times that connected us and made wonderful memories and got our relationship on an even tighter road. Thank you for sharing and I am so glad to hear that Blossom is healing and getting stronger! Have a fantastic creative day!

  10. I too remember spending special times with my daughter before her baby was born. Having daughters and grandchildren is truly wonderful. I have yet to experience that with my son.
    So glad Blossom is getting better and has her special mum with her.

  11. That sounds so delightful, and I loved seeing the pictures of the flowers and that food - oh, if only I could reach in and grab it! I'm so glad you two get to do these things. I never got to do them with my mother, but I've done some similar things with my boys. I think a daughter would be just a little different. =)

  12. What a lovely way to spend the afternoon. It is nice to hear that you two are making such precious memories.

  13. This is a beautiful post. I hope Blossom tucks it away in her baby book for her little girl to read one day.

  14. Agree a beautiful post Jenny, the cafe pics just gorgeous, beautiful fresh flowers and food and such a special time for you and Blossom, good to hear she is recovering well, patience now resting up til baby arrives, then more lovely family memories, so special, wish Blossom all the best and yesterday would have been perfect feel good therapy for her. I had a great feel good moment today when in a bargain shop seeing a tiny 3 year old girl in stroller and on oxygen, English was not her Mum's first language and I helped her understand how to use a product then had an idea I would like to purchase a little something bright and cheerful for her daughter so saw the perfect toy a bright yellow fluffy duck hand puppet (our 6 year old granddaughter's favourite toy play with Pa for a few years and continuing), anyway asked the Mum if it was ok to give it to her and her daughter's face transformed into the most gorgeous bright smile and she brought the puppet to her mouth and gave it a couple of kisses, the delight was such a great feeling for myself as well, a reminder how good it is to do little things to brighten others lives. I'm off to the Quilt and Craft Show tomorrow so will enjoy lots of eye candy for sure. All the best for Blossom and yourself, thank you for all you generously share, Judithann :-}

  15. bonjour Jenny, c'est vrai qu'il faut prendre le temps de savourer les bons moments présents avec les personnes que l'on apprécie, vous avez dû passer un agréable moment ensemble, et bientôt la joie d'une nouvelle vie, c'est que du bonheur ! bon week end en famille, Hugs


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